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    20 Of The Coolest Things You Can Get On Uncommon Goods

    Including a fruit tap, collapsible water bottles, a candle that burns for 60 hours (!!!!!!!!), and more!

    1. A keg tapping kit designed to have everyone cheering, "Fruit STAND! Fruit STAND!"

    2. A unicorn bowl guaranteed to make your midnight cereal binge seem 1000% more magical.

    3. A fire escape shelf to transform your tiny abode into a chic, city-slicking Pinterest board.

    4. A scratching pad used by renowned ECM (Electronic Cat Music) DJs from around the globe.

    5. Mason jar herb gardens to turn your black thumb green. Your food will thank you for it.

    6. A Frankenstein-inspired switch plate that'll make you shout, "IT'S ALIVE!!" every time you turn on a light.

    7. A hand-carved side table you'll lovingly refer to as "Horton." He can hear a lot of things.

    8. A collapsable water bottle that won't take up your entire bag. Space is sacred, okay?

    9. A doormat featuring Larry the Llama, a down-to-earth dude who just wants a whole llama love.

    10. Fortune cookie slippers that are semi-annoying; they're always trying to give you advice and pieces of wisdom.

    11. Himalayan salt shot glasses that are so gorgeous, you'll almost forget that they're masking tequila.

    12. An avocado tree starter kit for anyone who would like to guac and roll for the rest of their life.

    13. Deep sea sand art that's so mesmerizing, you'll lie and tell everyone you stole it from a museum.

    14. A coiled beeswax candle that burns for 60 hours. Let me repeat, this candle burns for 60 hours.

    15. A prism light for anyone who would rather eat a bag of Skittles than actually go to the end of a rainbow.

    16. Pint glasses guaranteed to help you make the perfect Bloody Mary.

    17. A mushroom ravioli kit for anyone who would eventually like to open up a Batali-approved restaurant.

    18. Dog and No. Two pencil socks your feet will be thanking you for. Why? They're both 2 doggone cute.

    19. A keepsake book that allows a mother and daughter to exchange up to 40 letters.

    20. A desktop skee ball game to bring the best part of an arcade straight to your home.

    THIS is why! How did you even get there, Veronica???