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    27 Of The Coolest Things You Can Get On Uncommon Goods Right Now

    Including ostrich planters, DIY lip balm kits, coffee bean necklaces, and more!

    1. A color-it-in map duvet for when you get tired of holding the world in your hands. Sometimes you just want to sleep.

    2. A word search poster that lets you color in the names of US states you've already visited.

    3. A journal with prompts designed to get you started on your (highly anticipated) autobiography.

    4. A welcome mat that has seen London, France, and your underpants.

    5. A ceramic tray set perfect for soup and sandwich meals. It basically brings the magic of Panera Bread into your home.

    6. Gold dipped earrings for people who are sick of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Wear it on your ears, dammit!

    7. A jetpack backpack perfect for intergalactic travel. Airplanes? Rocket ships? So overrated.

    8. A DIY molten lip gloss kit for the aspiring Bonne Bell. You'll definitely give Lip Smacker a run for their money.

    9. A magnetic LED light you can attach to your clothing. Perfect for increasing visibility during late night walks and jogs.

    10. A decoder ring for anyone who would watch Spy Kids and think, "Now THAT'S the life I want to live."

    11. A birthday book personalized with front pages from New York Times from the year of your birth.

    12. Plush pals guaranteed to make the perfect gift for your pre-med student friend.

    13. A coffee bean that's ~bean~ dipped in 24K antique gold. Definitely more luxurious than your typical Starbucks drink.

    14. A beeswax candle inspired by the famous chocolate egg cream sold at Katz's deli in New York city.

    15. One-of-a-kind coasters made from reclaimed records. They'll spare your coffee table an achy breaky heart.

    16. An upcycled duffel bag perfect for weekend getaways. Best part? No one will mistake your bag for theirs.

    17. Recycled metal planters known for being unreliable. They're constantly sticking their heads in the sand. Ugh!

    18. Stackable measuring cups disguising themselves as a Mason Jar. Regardless, they'll look great on your kitchen counter.

    19. A merry serving bowl set you should not buy. It expects you to let it float gently down the stream... oar else.

    20. A handcrafted colander you'll definitely love berry much. You could say you'll love it [Strawberry Fields] forever.

    21. Jane Austen socks for turning your feet into literary prodigies. They'll start turning out poetry in no time.

    22. A draining caddy your utensils would be proud to live in. It's the equivalent of a mansion for your whisk, if you will.

    23. A hand-painted sangria pitcher that deserves to be displayed in a museum. Without a doubt. No question about it.

    In reference to #13...