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23 Deeply-Discounted Things You'll Want To Buy From The Asos Outlet

Cocoon jackets, Swarovski earrings, and skeleton tights galore.

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Hello there, dear internet dwellers! I come bearing good news: Asos has an outlet on their website that, until now, I knew nothing about.

Consider the outlet to be like a super clearance section, featuring clothing, shoes, and accessories that are up to 70% off — the savings are genuinely great, as evident in the handy dandy list below. The featured products include both Asos brand AND designer brand goodies (think Ted Baker, Moschino, the works).


Check out some of our favorite finds, below. Happy Shopping!

2. Skinny jeans with rip detailing on both knees. And YES, Grandma, they come like this!

"Did you get those for 50% off?" —my grandmother, every time I wear jeans with holes in them.

Price: $48 (originally $69). Sizes: 18-26


18. A wool blend cocoon coat designed to turn you into a butterfly. I don't know how, but it does.

Maybe this is what Hilary Duff was singing about in "Metamorphosis."

Price: $79 (originally $146). Sizes: XS-L

19. Skinny jeans you'll never have time to wash. Why? Because you'll be wearing them literally every day.


21. A rock 'n' roll tee basically begging to be worn with a pair of badass leather pants.

22. A gold plated Ted Baker bracelet with a truly a-bow-able design.


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