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Here Are The Best Style Gifts To Give In 2020

Cozy beanies, chunky sneakers, quality denim, and so much more for all the fashionable folk in your life.

🎁 Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!) 🎁

1. Chelsea boots that also would have been dubbed ~ringarde~ had they starred in Emily in Paris. Yes, they're very basic — but in the best way possible. Presenting their new wear-everyday shoe.

2. A knee-length sweater coat they'll start to drape on over every single outfit...every single day. Not only will this keep them warm, but it can truly make a plain white tee and black leggings look chic.

model wearing the brown midi-length jacket

3. An extra cozy bralette or undies crafted with premium MicroModal fabric, which is actually three times softer than cotton. Brace your cheeks for comfort *plus* refresh your intimates drawer with basic colors and glow-in-the dark prints alike.

4. A velvet dress so luxe, it'll look like you just spent the entirety of several paychecks on this one designer item; but surprise! You didn't. This gorgeous number is surprisingly way more affordable than they'll assume.

reviewer wearing the blue velvet dress

5. A two-piece loungewear set to take care of those annoying ~but what will I wear this weekend~ internal debates. This is the perfect Saturday attire! Saturday in this context = a day-long date with Netflix.

6. A pair of blue-light glasses so they can accessorize *and* block the pesky blue light seeping in from their monitor (blue light = the potential culprit behind your mid-afternoon headaches made worse by nonstop Excel sheets and "per my last email" responses).

Reviewer wearing the gold-rimmed blue light glasses

7. A pair of Madewell curvy jeans specifically designed for hourglass figures sick and tired of having to wear a belt. Each pair is thoughtfully crafted with a longer rise, slightly more narrow waist, and a hint of extra room at the hip and thighs to highlight your assets — no more gaping waistbands or having to go up a size to get the perfect fit for your legs and booty.

8. An oversized sherpa coat so soft, they'll basically feel as if they're wearing a combination of their favorite blanket and most cuddly teddy bear.

model wearing the brown teddy coat

9. Midi hoops crafted with gold vermeil (sterling silver layered with18-karat gold) that comes with a two-year warranty. Folks, say hello to the *only* accessory they'll want on their earlobes ever again.

model wearing gold hoop earrings

10. Thigh high boots that are the perfect compromise: they look ultra dressy but manage to be unbelievably comfortable, ergo they can look chic *and* put-together without having to wobble around on stilts.

11. A slightly off-shoulder top for the person who aspires to wear more color but alas, likely never will. Say bonjour to your newest favorite go-to in all the land.

reviewer wearing the black off-shoulder top

12. A gift card to Rent the Runway, a subscription-based service that delivers designer pieces to their doorstep. Each membership includes dry cleaning and two-day shipping and returns, which means they won't have to shop or do laundry all 👏 month 👏 long 👏. And the best part? Gift cards can be emailed digitally. Last minute prezzies are a headache no longer.

13. Adidas lace-up sneakers dubbed the ~Cloudfoam Pure~ because of how downright comfortable they are. Not only do these look fantastic (man I love athleisure), but they genuinely feel like walking on a cloud.

reviewer wearing grey and white sneakers with white laces

14. Crew socks that are like a warm hug for their feet, because who says toes don't deserve a good snuggle? Plus, these will do a good job at keeping their hooves feeling warm without making 'em sweaty...which is no small feat.

15. A pair of innovative leggings designed with a skirt, that way they'll look as if they coordinated an outfit and intended to look fancy-ish; In reality, all they'll have done is shimmied into a pair of leggings.

model wearing black leggings with skirt over it

16. A cult-favorite Orolay parka to help them thrive through even the most frigid of winters; this is designed with a cozy sherpa-lined hoodie, deep pockets to keep their hands nice and toasty, and the perfect midi length to make sure their ~assets~ are covered.

17. A button cuff turtleneck sweater perfect for layering under blazers and cardigans (hello cold weather, how quickly you've returned), but it can just as easily be worn on its lonesome.

model wearing gray turtleneck sweater

18. Seamed ponte knit leggings to end their quest for the perfect leggings. This is it, kiddos. These are designed with two functioning back pockets, they're super high-rise (no underwear appearances), plus they're available in short, regular, and long lengths.

19. A knit sweater dress meant for great things. And when I say "meant for great things," I mean this will officially become their new go-to article of clothing when they don't know what else to wear during the holiday season (even if celebrations are taking place via Zoom this year).

reviewer wearing the olive green dress

20. High-waisted leggings, aka the bread and butter of any WFH wardrobe. These provide awesome compression, come in a variety of fab solids and prints, *plus* have over 7,000 positive reviews.

21. Form-fitting running shoes with a sock-like feel and slip-on construction perfect for when they're in a rush and on the ~run~. A bead-filled midsole provides a ton of cushioning and support.

the sneakers in green, orange, and white

22. A silky slip skirt available in a ton of different colors ranging from lime green to lipstick red. Should you ditch all of these available hues in favor of purchasing *yet another* piece of black clothing for them? Probably.

model wearing the black satin midi skirt

23. High-rise skinny jeans — aka perfection in denim form. These babies have a high elasticity rate for ultimate stretch, but still manage to look and feel like an authentic hunk of denim. None of that jeggings nonsense.

24. Over-the-knee tights designed to be the perfect stocking (😉) stuffer. The lace crown detailing gives 'em a little extra something, but the all-black hue means they can wear these beauties with pretty much anything.

model wearing the black tights

25. ...or a pair of tights crafted with subtle shimmer. Silver flecks make these feel a lot more festive while quality fabric makes for a comfy and stretchy layer.

model wearing the black tights with silver flecks

26. A button-down blouse really evoking notes of champagne and decadent truffles aka this baby is LUXE. Versatility, lovely stretch satin, and a timeless design make this a worthy splurge.

27. A pair of sherpa-lined slipper socks so magical, they were actually featured on Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017 which tells you...everything you need to know. You get socks. You get socks. Everybody get socks.

My feet in the socks, cuffed to show the sherpa lining with text to show it was 6 degrees fahrenheit at the time of the photo and saying "these slippers are the only things that actually keep my feet warm"

28. Vegan suede pointed loafers that exude major "I cost $150+" vibes, but alas — they do not. These versatile shoes actually cost $27 and are the blazer equivalent of footwear.

feet in black pointed loafers with vegan suede fabric

29. A velvet jacket so chic that I feel truly speechless. Where words fail, I'll let an emoji do the talking: 😍.

30. A lightweight jumpsuit about to become the pride of their closet. They'll need good luck explaining to the rest of your wardrobe why you favor this piece so much. "It's just so versatile..." —them.

31. A leather Fossil cross-body handbag guaranteed to be the *only* purse they tote around from here on out. From the detachable chain strap to the gorgeous deep red color, their eyes will involuntarily tear up as they rip open the gift wrapping on this.

the red purse

32. Splurge-worthy perforated sneakers made from quality Italian leather. Can't get them to Florence anytime soon? Eh, have them slip these gorgeous things on and take 'em for a walk around the apartment instead. It's almost the same thing.

33. A cashmere blend two-tone sweater for a luxe, splurge-worthy gift that will truly pay for itself in the long run. Between the funnel neck top and chic stripes, this is all but *destined* to become part of their daily uniform.

model wearing the maroon sweater and striped top

34. Matching sports bras and high-rise leggings available in 16 gorgeous colors and fits. For anyone who lives and breathes athleisure, I'm pretty sure the below outfits are definitive proof that soulmates exist.

35. A Herschel waist purse here to give fanny packs the respect they deserve. Sure, they may laugh when they open the package, but let me make one thing perfectly clear: They will love this. They will use it all the time. It stores everything they need with no aching shoulders required.

reviewer photo of the black hip pack

36. A pocket cardigan one can throw over any old top (cc: the old high school gym shirt they sleep in five nights a week) and voila! They're now chic enough for a supporting character role in The Devil Wears Prada.

37. Cherry red leather combat boots capable of making them feel like a total guitar-playing, rule-breaking rock and roll star every time they slip 'em on. Aesthetics aside, these quality shoes genuinely last forever and have a side zipper for easy access.

the cherry red leather shoes

38. A Baggu reusable tote available in several colors and designs; think striped and metallic to prints featuring dogs and grazing cows (the latter of which I am particularly fond of). These are durable, fold up into a tiny square, and will be ~toted~ around with every grocery trip they take.