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29 Beauty Product Shops On Etsy That You’ll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

A cruelty-free foray into a world of beauty. One that is not Sephora. This post was updated in March 2018.

1. Clean Faced Cosmetics lets you create a customized tinted moisturizer — just send in a pic to get your exact shade.

2. Eldridge Organics is an organic bath and beauty company that uses the "best ingredients nature has to offer."

3. Just Pure Minerals Shop strives to ensure that every makeup aficionado can get the exact shade they need.

4. Parlo Cosmetics guarantees you'll actually shave your legs. Why? They sell a pink lemonade-scented shave cream.

5. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics provides organic and effective alternatives to your everyday makeup staples.

6. The Parlor Apothecary is a dream come true for anyone who thinks they were born in the wrong era. #2018sucks

7. Dirty Girl Beauty sells mascara and eyeliner that won't itch your eyes. Contact wearers, rejoice!

8. Aromi features lipsticks so pretty that they'll make you kiss your reflection in the mirror. Not creepy or anything.

9. Glory Boon is a shop designed to give you the perfect flush. Say HELLO to these gorgeous mineral blushes.

10. With Simplicity uses high-quality ingredients to create handmade products. Sayonara mass production.

11. Pretty Powders believes that makeup can provide your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Mostly the latter.

12. Vyana Plant Beauty use plant-based ingredients in all their products. They are the herbivores of the makeup world, basically.

13. Fat and the Moon takes mundane activities (like showering, ugh) and turns them into rituals you won't want to skip.

14. Fig and Moss creates products that will turn your bathroom into a florist's dream workshop.

15. Urban Oreganics ensures that each customer is given a product with ingredients that are actually good for them.

16. Skin Food By AB creates products that look good enough to eat. Although you probably shouldn't.

17. Moonrise Creek creates products that treat your skin with love. Not to be confused with Wes Anderson's Moonsrise Kingdom.

18. Urb Apothecary connects you with your "Other Mother" — Mother Earth. Did you think I was talking about the one from Coraline?

19. Cookie Dough Deco designs makeup brushes that are infused with magic, pixie dust, unicorn hairs, and other fantastical things.

20. Face Candy Couture will make your face look even sweeter.

21. Khakis Bomb Balm is your destination shop for great skin. Plus, I really enjoy saying the shop name out loud.

22. Mother Earth Beauty Bar is honestly the only kind of bar I want to go to.

23. Little Stuff 4 U will become your go-to shop for all mineral-based makeup. Hello, "Peachy Keen" eyeshadow.

24. Urban Eco Beauty will make your skin crave honey and yell "Bzzzzz." See below for deetz as to why.

25. RAW Beauty LLC believes that natural beauty products shouldn't cost the entire Baudelaire fortune.