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29 Beauty Product Shops On Etsy That You’ll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

A cruelty-free foray into a world of beauty. One that is not Sephora. This post was updated in March 2018.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Clean Faced Cosmetics lets you create a customized tinted moisturizer — just send in a pic to get your exact shade.,

Based in: East Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pricing: $10+.

Why it's cool: Clean-Faced Cosmetics sells 100% vegan products, and get this — if you live in the Grand Rapids area, the shop owner will hand deliver your order. Shipping is for squares, amirite?

What they carry: Full range of makeup and skincare, including a rose hip lip balm.

Get the tinted moisturizer with SPF for $20 and the pH-balanced toner for $15.

2. Eldridge Organics is an organic bath and beauty company that uses the "best ingredients nature has to offer.",

Based in: Lexington Park, Maryland.

Pricing: $6+.

Why it's cool: Eldridge Organics believes in herbcrafting and creating products that nourish the body. No chemical gunk involved.

What they carry: A full range of makeup and skincare, plus an insect repellant that doesn't smell repellant.

Get the lip stain for $10 and the deodorant for $10.

3. Just Pure Minerals Shop strives to ensure that every makeup aficionado can get the exact shade they need.,

Based in: Boise, Idaho.

Pricing: $3.49+.

Why it's cool: Just Pure Minerals offers inexpensive samples of their makeup, so you don't waste money on stuff you don't end up liking. Huzzah!

What they carry: A full range of makeup.

Get four mineral makeup samples for $4.99 and the eye shadow for $6.95.

4. Parlo Cosmetics guarantees you'll actually shave your legs. Why? They sell a pink lemonade-scented shave cream.,

Based in: Vero Beach South, Florida.

Pricing: $2+.

Why it's cool: Parlo Cosmetics is run by a work-from-home mom of three who sells luxe-looking products that don't cost a million dollars.

What they carry: A full range of makeup, skincare, and bath products.

Get the shaving cream for $7 and the eye shadow for $5.

5. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics provides organic and effective alternatives to your everyday makeup staples.,

Based in: Canberra, Australia.

Pricing: $2.34+.

Why it's cool: Dirty Hippie uses eco-friendly packaging for all their products. Have questions about any of their products? Feel free to email Danni, their in-house "Green Witch" and specialist.

What they carry: A full range of makeup, skincare, and haircare.

Get the concealer for $14.07 and the translucent finishing veil for $2.34+.

6. The Parlor Apothecary is a dream come true for anyone who thinks they were born in the wrong era. #2018sucks

Based in: Malibu, California.

Pricing: $5+.

Why it's cool: The Parlor Apothecary offers fragrances and skincare in Victorian-style packaging. Excuse me while I spritz myself with the above perfume and pretend I'm in a black-and-white film.

What they carry: A full range of skincare and perfume, plus fancy perfume bottle decanters.

Get the perfume for $32.

7. Dirty Girl Beauty sells mascara and eyeliner that won't itch your eyes. Contact wearers, rejoice!,

Based in: North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pricing: $5+.

Why they're cool: Dirty Girl Beauty is dedicated to transforming your bathroom into a daily 10-minute vacation by creating luxury products and scents that don't cost a fortune.

What they carry: A full range of makeup, skincare, and bath products, including a chocolate shaving mousse.

Get the mascara for $10 and the eyeliner gel for $10.

8. Aromi features lipsticks so pretty that they'll make you kiss your reflection in the mirror. Not creepy or anything.,

Based in: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pricing: $5+.

Why it's cool: Aromi was started by Hannah Follis — a chemist who spent 10 years perfecting her formulas before selling them on Etsy.

What they carry: Lipsticks and perfumes, including a metallic liquid lipstick.

Get the first lipstick for $17 and the second lipstick for $17.

9. Glory Boon is a shop designed to give you the perfect flush. Say HELLO to these gorgeous mineral blushes.

Based in: Bethel, Connecticut.

Pricing: $3.99+.

Why it's cool: Glory Boon creates healthy, organic products with packaging that you'll never want to throw out.

What they carry: Full range of makeup and skin care, including an acai berry facial cream.

Get this mineral blue for $15.

10. With Simplicity uses high-quality ingredients to create handmade products. Sayonara mass production.,

Based in: Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Pricing: $2+.

Why it's cool: With Simplicity started when shop owner Irina began creating toxin-free and effective products for her family. The next step? Creating toxin-free and effective BEAUTY products. Rejoice.

What they carry: A full range of makeup, skincare, and bath products, including a face wash for acne-prone skin.

Get the liquid foundation for $28 and the mascara for $19.

11. Pretty Powders believes that makeup can provide your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Mostly the latter.,

Based in: Cranbrook, United Kingdom.

Pricing: $1.25+.

Why it's cool: Pretty Powders creates powder makeup that actually helps cover your skin's imperfections. I am currently waving goodbye to my liquid foundation.

What they carry: A full range of mineral-based makeup, including a mineral bronzer that'll make it look like you've recently seen the sun.

Get the concealer for $7.53 and the eyeshadow for $6.28.

12. Vyana Plant Beauty use plant-based ingredients in all their products. They are the herbivores of the makeup world, basically.,

Based in: Örebro, Sweden.

Pricing: $4.50+.

Why it's cool: Vyanna Plant Beauty sells products that are basically the ultimate skinfood — makeup and hair treatments that won't negatively impact your ~natural~ beauty.

What they carry: A full range of makeup, skincare, and hair products, including a coffee balm for puffy eyes.

Get the face serum for $15.99 and the under-eye turmeric balm for $9.99.

13. Fat and the Moon takes mundane activities (like showering, ugh) and turns them into rituals you won't want to skip.,

Based in: Grass Valley, California.

Pricing: $5+.

Why it's cool: Fat and the Moon takes tasks you're already doing, like applying deodorant and using dry shampoo, and turns them into herbal treats. Why use spot treatment when you can use pimple mud?

What they carry: A full range of skincare and toiletries, plus a lapis-colored coal that will turn your eyes into a work of art.

Get the lavender and cocoa dry shampoo for $14 and the pimple mud for $12.

14. Fig and Moss creates products that will turn your bathroom into a florist's dream workshop.,

Based in: Placerville, California.

Pricing: $6+.

Why it's cool: Fig and Moss uses an herb garden to source all of their ingredients. There's a photo of the herb garden here.

What they carry: A full range of skin care, bath products, plus lip + cheek tints.

Get the lip and cheek tint for $16 and rose petal mist for $22.

15. Urban Oreganics ensures that each customer is given a product with ingredients that are actually good for them.,

Based in: Portland, Oregon.

Pricing: $12+.

Why it's cool: Urban Organics began when Emily, a devoted vegan, realized that what she putting on her body was just as important as what she was putting in her body.

What they carry: A full range of skincare, including a makeup remover that won't sting your eyes. Hallelujah.

Get the detox skin-clearing face mask for $26 and the multipurpose body butter, shaving butter, and hair mask for $26.

16. Skin Food By AB creates products that look good enough to eat. Although you probably shouldn't.,

Based in: Vandalia, Ohio.

Pricing: $1.50+.

Why it's cool: Skin Food By AB is inspired by food and it's related nutrients, meaning it is possible to combine your two greatest lovers; food and skincare.

What they carry: A full range of skincare and soaps, including an orange ginger soap that ~reminder~ is not edible.

Get the tomato lip balm for $8 and the patchouli scar-reducing lotion for $20.

17. Moonrise Creek creates products that treat your skin with love. Not to be confused with Wes Anderson's Moonsrise Kingdom.,

Based in: Grass Valley, California.

Pricing: $5+.

Why it's cool: Moonrise Creek packs rose petals and/or lavender buds with your purchase for a full ~aromatic journey~.

What they carry: A full range of makeup and skincare, including a blemish treatment that'll kick your pimple's ass.

Get the overnight face cream for $25 and the nourishing hair serum for $20.

18. Urb Apothecary connects you with your "Other Mother" — Mother Earth. Did you think I was talking about the one from Coraline?,

Based in: Santa Cruz, California.

Pricing: $4+.

Why it's cool: Urb Apothecary began as a "deep rooted fascination with the healing power of herbs and plants." If you can't go outside as often as you'd like, these products will connect you with nature.

What they carry: A full line of skincare, plus herbal lip balms.

Get the green tea serum for $9 and the cactus milk bath for $32.

19. Cookie Dough Deco designs makeup brushes that are infused with magic, pixie dust, unicorn hairs, and other fantastical things.,

Based in: Manchester, United Kingdom.

Pricing: $2.52+.

Why it's cool: Cookie Dough Deco literally sells unicorn-inspired foundation brushes. Need I say more?

What they carry: A full range of makeup brushes!

Get the mermaid fin brushes for $17.08+ and the black unicorn horn brushes for $25.14.

20. Face Candy Couture will make your face look even sweeter.,

Based in: San Jacinto, California.

Pricing: $9.99+.

Why it's cool: Face Candy Coutoure sells mineral shadows and lipsticks in varying shades of gorgeous. They don't have the shade you're envisioning? No worries, they can custom make one for you.

What they carry: Highlighters and liquid lipsticks, including a shade called "Lavender Lust".

Get the rainbow highlighter for $17.99 and the pastel rainbow highlighter for $17.99.

21. Khakis Bomb Balm is your destination shop for great skin. Plus, I really enjoy saying the shop name out loud.,

Based in: Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Pricing: $3+.

Why it's cool: Khakis Bomb Balm was developed by an esthetician who believes blended shea butter and essential oils are naturally-occurring miracles for your skin.

What they carry: A full range of skincare and body products, including a tea trea and raw African shea butter healing salve.

Get the blueberry green tea cleansing cream for $20 and the brightening face serum for $26.

22. Mother Earth Beauty Bar is honestly the only kind of bar I want to go to.,

Based in: Grants Pass, Oregon.

Pricing: $2+.

Why it's cool: Mother Earth Beauty Bar uses all-natural ingredients that don't compromise the effectiveness or quality of their products.

What they carry: A full range of makeup and skincare, including an aloe-infused setting powder.

Get the chamomile rose facial scrub for $10 and the facial salve stick for $8.

23. Little Stuff 4 U will become your go-to shop for all mineral-based makeup. Hello, "Peachy Keen" eyeshadow.,

Based in: Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.

Pricing: $1+.

Why it's cool: Little Stuff 4 U began when Sandrah bought her first mineral makeup kit in 1997; it made her face itch. Her solution? To create her own mineral-based cosmetics. Minus all the crap.

What they carry: A full range of makeup and skincare, including a cherry wine eyeliner.

Get the mineral blush for $1+ and the lipstick for $3+.

24. Urban Eco Beauty will make your skin crave honey and yell "Bzzzzz." See below for deetz as to why.,

Based in: Asheville, North Carolina.

Pricing: $9+.

Why it's cool: Urban Eco Beauty frequently uses bee venom in their ingredients, hence the "honey" and "bzz" comment above.

What they carry: A full range of makeup, skincare, body products, and haircare.

Get the lash booster for $17.50 and the bee venom lip gloss for $12.50.

25. RAW Beauty LLC believes that natural beauty products shouldn't cost the entire Baudelaire fortune.,

Based in: Shawnee, Kansas.

Pricing: $2.25+.

Why it's cool: Raw Beauty LLC is dedicated to give you the best skin possible without sacrificing good-for-you ingredients.

What they carry: A full range of makeup and skincare, including an anti-aging primer.

Get the liquid foundation for $8+ and the concealer stick for $7.

26. Ginger and Waldo uses subtle scents that aren't overwhelming or underwhelming. They're just whelming.*,

*That is a 10 Things I Hate About You reference.

Based in: Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Pricing: $2.91+.

Why it's cool: Ginger and Waldo knows that hypersensitivity to fragrances is a thing, which is why they formulate products that are ideal for sensitive skin.

What they carry: A full range of skincare, including a delicious lip balm set with flavors like hibiscus.

Get the hand and body lotion for $4 and the chai tea lip balm for $3.50.

27. Eccentric Cosmetics uses particles from outer-space to create annoyingly gorgeous eyeshadows.,

Based in: Melbourne, Australia.

Pricing: $2.50+.

Why it's cool: Eccentric Cosmetics are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, plus they create "spell" eyeshadows. "Crucio" and "Obliviate," for example.

What they carry: Eyeshadows and lipsticks, including a metallic midnight blue liquid lipstick. Swoon.

Get the "Sea Spirit" eyeshadow for $3.50+ and the "False Astronomy" eyeshadow for $3.50+.

28. Lolita Cosmetics is guaranteed to make you love your pout even more.,

Based in: Astoria, New York.

Pricing: $11.99+.

Why it's cool: Lolita Cosmetics, started by couple Marc and Mandy, promises luxe shades that will last forever and not dry out your lips. My lips are crying with relief right now.

What they carry: Matte liquid lipsticks.

Get the "Ophelia" lipstick for $11.99 and the "Sultry" lipstick for $11.99.

29. Crush Cosmetics will have you lookin' and feeling great from your head to your toes.,

Pricing: $2+.

Why it's cool: Crush Cosmetics offers everything from eyeliner to nail polish, and sells affordable sample sized-items that guarantee you'll be totally satisfied with your purchase.

What they carry: A full line of makeup and perfumes, including a "Copper Rose" mineral eye shadow.

Get the eyeliner for $9.25 and the nail polish for $5.95.

*buys all the makeup* *now has to find a device that will apply it*


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