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    31 Of The Best Places To Buy A Bikini Online

    Why wear real clothes when you can wear a bikini, am I right?

    1. Asos is a gift to planet earth because of their FANTASTIC return policy. Not sure about your size? Just order several of 'em...

    2. Swimsuits For All will make you want to book a Tahitian vacation RIGHT THIS SECOND, thanks to their go-to basic pieces and bold prints alike.

    3. Check out AMI Clubwear if you're about to book a weekend in Miami. They have bright colors, bold prints, and fun styles, galore.

    4. Forever 21 is great if you love trendy swimwear, but don't want to shell out a ton of hard-earned $$$ on it. You haven't won the lottery quite yet, you know?

    5. Head to Nordstrom Rack and be prepared to say "HOW DO I CHOOSE?" They carry everything from push-up bandeaus to triangle sets.

    6. Aerie lets you play matchmaker with their awesome variety of mix-and-match options. Want to pair a triangle top and hipster bottom? You 👏 do 👏 that 👏.

    7. Read reviews (aka my life savers) on Amazon to determine which bikini sets best suit your needs.

    8. H&M stocks an affordable mix of balconette tops, cheeky bottoms, and everything else you've saved to your "summer style" Pinterest board.

    9. Utah-based, family-owned Albion Fit designs swimwear so gorgeous, you'll be swooning before you know it. *proceeds to swoon*

    10. Tobi may make your wallet cry ugly tears of joy. Why? First time customers get — drumroll please — 50% off their first order.

    11. Nordstrom has a filter that lets you shop by body type — athletic, hourglass, large bust, pear shape, small bust, and so on.

    12. If you love retro, kitschy clothing, then ModCloth is your go-to destination for all I-need-a-new-bikini situations.

    13. UK-based