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    21 Of The Best Pairs Of Leggings You Can Get On Amazon

    Including opaque leggings that won't tell the world, "HELLO! I'M WEARING BRIGHT PINK UNDERWEAR TODAY!"

    1. Jersey leggings perfect for both running errands (ugh) and lounging around your room (yay). Versatility, folks.

    2. High-waisted leggings that are comparable to products from pricier brands, but are significantly more affordable. Praise be.

    3. Opaque ankle leggings that won't yell "SHE'S WEARING POLKA DOT GRANNY PANTIES!" to the entire world.

    4. Moisture-wicking leggings known for their awesome workout playlists. "Starry Eyed" by Ellie Goulding is on there, obviously.

    5. Athletic leggings perfect for any and every workout. These bad boys have almost 6,000 (!!!!) reviews.

    6. Cropped leggings with ballerina-inspired laces. Like J-Lo, you'll want to dance the night away...but only whilst wearing these.

    7. Galaxy print leggings designed for intergalactic travel. You'll definitely want to make space for these in your suitcase.

    8. High-waisted stirrup leggings sure to ~stir up~ your wardrobe. These babies have four way stretch and are super soft.

    9. Ankle leggings with a tiny compartment similar to Gretchen Wiener's hair — it can hide your biggest secrets. (Well, your phone and keys.)

    10. High-waisted leggings featuring cool mesh cutouts. Because athleisure, but make it chic.

    11. Knit leggings currently disguising themselves as work pants. They just needed a break from the limelight. Avoiding the paparazzi and such.

    12. Colorblock leggings for people who want to be bright! Bold! Taking risks! Standing out! Living their best life!

    13. Striped leggings to trick everyone into thinking you play sports! Even if you, like me, don't know the difference between football and baseball.

    14. Buttery soft leggings available in a bunch of fun, vibrant patterns. Will you want them all? Probably.

    15. Mesh-paneled leggings you'll basically live in for the rest of your days. *waves a tearful goodbye to the jeans that will no longer be of use*

    16. High-waisted ruffle hem leggings that scream "I AM A TRENDY YOUNG PROFESSIONAL, HEAR ME ROAR." Or something like that.

    17. Training leggings made with a lightweight, DRI-fit fabric to keep you cool — even when your spin class instructor is showing no mercy.

    18. Moto-inspired leggings you can lie to everyone about. Just say you're wearing jeans! Your friends will believe you!

    19. Yoga leggings complete with a leg warmer-inspired design. Okay so...AM I A PRINCIPAL DANCER YET? NO? Fair enough.

    20. High-waisted faux leather leggings that everyone will be complimenting you on, whether friend or faux.

    21. Ankle leggings with a drawstring tie AKA you'll be able to adjust the waistband to your liking.

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