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41 Of The Best Last Minute Gifts Under $25

The title of my eventual autobiography is "Waited Until Last Second: The Stories of Me".

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

🎁 Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th! 🎁

1. A star projector to transform everything β€” their car! their bedroom! their bathroom! β€” into what looks like a galaxy far, far away. This is a gift for children and adults alike; I'm sure you'll sound off in the comments if you disagree.,

Promising review: "I love it! It works great and lights my whole room up with a great red galaxy β€” worth the money I have to buy four more for my daughter's room." β€”A. Handy

Get it from Amazon for $9.98.

2. A copy of Humans by Brandon Stanton, a tangible companion to the beloved Humans of New York Instagram account. This hardcover is chock-full of gorgeous imagery and everyday people from around the globe divulging their most personal stories.

a reviewer holding a copy of the book

Promising review: "This is a skillfully presented collection of short stories accompanied by photos of those who live them. The author has a knack for providing deeply personal glimpses into the lives of others without it feeling abrupt. No matter your experience, in this book you will find others all over the world whose stories you can appreciate, if not wholly relate to. The format is perfect for bite-sized reads before bed or marathon reads. In today's world this book manages to bring us all a bit closer together. This is probably the best self care you can get for the price." –Nikki Trost

Get it from Amazon for $17.50.

3. A National Geographic geode kit complete with 10 geodes and a 16-page learning guide to spark their interest in earth science (just typing that out gave me high school flashbacks... *shivers*). This STEM-approved present is fun, educational, and totally interactive.,

Promising review: "My 9-year-old niece gets these every year for Christmas. It is a new gift every time! She loves to put on safety glasses and swing that hammer! The geodes are always beautiful. She also loves the element of surprise! This is a wonderful gift that will engage even kids who are not into the sciences. Every year she takes pieces to share with her class. She also loves to give pieces away as little gifts or mementos. Nat Geo never disappoints!" β€”Kristin D.

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (goggles are included).

4. A calligraphy guide book for anyone looking to improve their penmanship and eventually create their own Etsy shop. These easy-to-follow instructions will turn their doodles and scribbles into a work of legible art. Da Vinci? We (we in this context = me and my eyebrows) don't know him.

the book

Promising review: "I LOVE this book!! I’ve wanted to improve my penmanship and learn modern calligraphy and lettering for a looooong time. I thought I’d give this book a try and I’m so confident in my lettering now. I’m excited to create my own projects and show off my new skills." β€”KHenderson

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

5. A 50-pack of The Office stickers including their favorite characters and quotes from the series they have literally memorized line-for-line. A personal favorite: "The worst thing about prison was the Dementors."

the stickers

Promising review: "These stickers are great! They are great to stick anywhere to show your love of The Office! I personally put them on my laptop, water bottle, and coffee mug. I must say I don't know how they will deal with being put through the dishwasher, but they have held up on the coffee mug during hand washing. Overall a great set of stickers for yourself or to send as a gift." β€”J. Ryan Wise

Get a pack of 50 from Amazon for $7.99.

6. Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda β€” because don't ~throw away your shot~ at giving them the perfect present. They'll definitely be ~satisfied~ upon receiving this. There's a ~million things [they] haven't done~ and reading this is one of them. I'll stop now. I realize it's gotten out of hand. GOD I love Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Promising review: "This book is a thing of beauty! I ordered it early and it β€” literally β€” just arrived at my front door. Giddy with excitement, I pulled back the packaging tab and inside was this glorious tome. The design is exquisite, the words flow as beautifully as the pictures from page to page: lyrics, insights, and anecdotes galore β€” nothing has been overlooked." β€”Germaine Henderson

Get it from Amazon for $23.69.

7. A Taylors of Harrogate box packed with 48 tea bags for the Kermit (*insert Kermit drinking tea meme here*) of your friend group. This includes six varieties: English breakfast, decaffeinated breakfast, earl grey, organic peppermint, organic chamomile, lemon and orange, green tea with jasmine, and pure assam.

the tea box

Promising review: "*in Oprah voice* I LOVE THIS TEA! Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine has quickly become one of my favorite boxed teas. I'm so happy I found this tea and will continue to drink it unless they change it somehow." β€”Kay

Get it from Amazon for $11.49.

8. A supremely cozy pom pom blanket they'll genuinely use all πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ time πŸ‘. Their movie nights and Netflix binges will be improved by about 1000%, and it'll all be thanks to y-o-u.


Promising review: "My husband, dog and I all really love this blanket. The color is as pictured and as soft as described. The pompoms are sewn on really well and I don't think they will fall off. I have already washed this a couple of times and it has come out good as new. The material does not mat in the wash and drier and quality is outstanding." β€”ShortcakeBun

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in 15 colors and five sizes).

9. A large duck chew toy that reviewers (myself included) rave about for its durability. This 'lil guy is truly the gift that keeps on giving because you won't have to replace it after a mere few days β€” my Frenchie has been chewing on the same one for ~5 months now and it's still going strong.*,

*My French Bulldog and the light of my life, Rockie, is not really into playing with chew toys (he prefers napping) but THIS DUCK! I was shocked when I first bought it because he immediately loved it so much!

Promising review: "My English Mastiff (and the biggest baby ever) loves his ducky. He has ripped up other toys, but not his beloved duck. He has had it for a few months now and brings it everywhere around the house with him, even sleeps snuggled up with it. I don't know why dogs seem to love this toy so much, but I would highly recommend purchasing." β€”Kristen

Get one from Amazon for $7.90.

10. A lace peplum top here to β€” and I cannot believe I'm about to say this β€” make them...want to not wear sweats for the day?! This hunk of lace is so gorgeous, they may even start dressing up for Zoom meetings.

reviewer wearing black lace high-neck top

Promising review: "This is one of my best purchases on Amazon! Cute top, great price, and fits as expected. Plus, it's easy to zip and not tight in the bust area or arm." β€”LVL1920

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 10 colors).

11. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey to take their taste buds on an all-expenses-paid adventure. This all-natural honey, chili pepper, and vinegar mixture add the perfect touch of spicy and sweet to any meal, aka so long bland and boring dinners that looked more appealing when the YouTube chef made it.


This Paleo-friendly, gluten-free condiment is truly the cherry on top of any meal.

Promising review: "I'm in love with this! My entire family (with the exception of my husband, who doesn't like spice) reaches for this bottle of Mike's many times a week. We've tried it on biscuits, cornbread, fried chicken, bacon (AMAZING), and more. Mike's offers just the right kick of heat to balance the delicious sweetness of the honey. I plan on keeping this in my pantry." β€”MichiganTraveler

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

To learn more, check out "I Tried This Spicy Honey And It Changed How I Eat Every Meal."

12. NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque uses an impressive formula of bamboo stem cells, smart keratin, and an antioxidant-rich oil blend to enrich each strand with some much-needed TLC. Why not give them the gift of ~splitting up~ with split-ends?

hand holding jar of mask / Via @naturelabtokyo

Promising review: "This stuff is fantastic! I have fine hair so I'm always nervous about it being weighed down or looking greasy. This didn't do that at all! My hair was starting to show damage from coloring and styling and after just one use, it looks soooo much better! I'll be buying this again for sure." β€”DolceSoprano

Get it from Amazon for $16.

13. Etude House Air Masks for fun, effective skincare that won't cost them a small fortune; they'll receive a 13-pack containing natural ingredients within different formulas (pearl to brighten, manuka honey to moisturize, tea tree to soothe, etc). Plus! These babies won't leave their skin feeling sticky, a common problem when it comes to sheet masks.

Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

You'll get 13 formulas: collagen (to moisturize), pomegranate (to glow), strawberry (to brighten), snail (to smooth and firm), Manuka honey (to moisturize), lemon (to energize), ceramide (to deeply moisturize), green tea (to calm), aloe (to hydrate), tea tree (to moisturize and clear), hyaluronic acid (to hydrate), peal (to brighten), and damask rose (to recharge).

Promising review: "These sheet masks are so light and thin, but so effective with their essence. The essence isn't sticky at all and there's so much of it which you can apply to your neck, hands, knees, etc. for deep moisturizing. These don't have any irritating ingredients that can trigger sensitive skin and acne. I highly recommend these sheet masks β€” I stock up on them, honestly." β€”Yasmine V.

Get a pack of 13 from Amazon for $14.50.

To learn more about why my BuzzFeed Shopping colleague loves this, check out her review in "These Etude House Sheet Masks Are My Absolute Favorite Skincare Product."

14. A Dobby figurine that one reviewer is using in lieu of Elf on the Shelf this year and in the words of Ron himself, ~brilliant~. This little guy has bendable limbs and can be comfortably placed in any nook or cranny throughout their home.,

Promising review: "We didn’t have an Elf on a Shelf, we had a Dobby on the Potty or where ever else we could think to put him! Love this little guy! Posable, cute, well-made." β€”Alicia M.

Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

Editor's Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

15. A portable cool mist humidifier they can stash in your car for a blast of ~aromatherapy~ whilst driving to the grocery store. If that seems excessive (which it doesn't), know that this can literally be placed anywhere β€” a bathroom, a bedroom, a closet, a WFH desk, etcetera.

the blue car humidifier

This even has an auto shut-off feature and can be swapped between seven different lighting options!

Promising review: "I love this. I use it in my car when I'm doing my Grubhub orders and it's amazing. I also sit it beside my 10-month-old when she is stuffy. The LED lights are awesome and it's definitely worth the price." β€”Neena

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

16. Stainless-steel cuff links personalized with their initial which means *wipes away eyebrow sweat* they won't even suspect that you waited until last minute to purchase their gift.

A reviewer's pair of the silver tone cufflinks in the letter A, with a rounded shape, outside lip around the engraving

Promising review: "My mom wanted to get my brother cuff links for Christmas. We looked everywhere for initial or monogrammed. She is 95 and on a budget but wanted something nice. These were perfect. Well-made, quality material. They were both pleased with the cuff links" β€”Jean A. Kirby

Get them from Amazon for $9.99 (available in all 26 letters).

17. Silicone nonstick molds so they can make donuts and bagels to their hearts content. "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime" except you teach via gifting these molds and the fish is actually a carb circle.,

Promising review: "This silicone pan is great! I had been wanting to try making baked donuts and didn’t realize how easy it is! Pan is easy to use, clean and the donuts came out of pan easily and without breaking/sticking to the pan." β€”Tyler

Get it from Amazon for $7.49.

18. An Airbnb virtual experience so they can travel the 🌎 through their own laptops β€” they can learn how to make authentic Mexican tacos, visit an animal sanctuary (READ: piglets), trot through an Irish village, and so much more.


And this is truly the ultimate last minute gift. You can literally click "purchase" and within three seconds, their gift is ready. Just email them the confirmation!

Book an Airbnb virtual experience here.

19. Kiss nail adhesives for the person who'd rather do one million push-ups than wait for lacquer to dry. With these, you just peel, press on, and that is it: no more sitting in salon chairs, no more bed sheet marks because the polish never properly dried. Reviewers swear they also last for at least three weeks β€” I think that says enough.

reviewer wearing red press-on nails

This kit comes with 30 different nail sizes and six accent nails to accommodate different nail sizes, and removal is a breeze β€” just soak your nails in polish remover for about a minute before gently peeling off the adhesive.

Promising review: "OMG! These are great! I did not believe they would last as long as gels or acrylic nails, but they did. I put them on in less than five minutes and wore them for over two weeks. They are thinner than acrylics and look really natural." β€”Kelly Berner

Get this set from Amazon for $5.97.

20. A copy of Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything, a fantastical (and morbidly funny) glimpse into the history of medicine. I'll just leave you with this: leeches.

the book
Workman Publishing

Promising review: "Entertaining, witty, and chock full of the kinds of facts I personally love to share at parties. Ranging from coffee enemas to putting leeches on your tonsils, this book explores the fascinating and often pseudoscientific lengths people have gone to cure the incurable." β€”Map

Get it from Amazon for $14.49.

21. I Dew Care Disco Kitten Glitter Peel-off Mask uses soothing oat extract and exfoliating gem powder to reveal a brighter, more illuminated complexion. And while the formula is high quality and fab, the kicker is the aesthetics: a silver chrome face product? Sign me u-p.


Promising review: "One of the best peel-off masks I have used. Scent is really light and pleasant, not overpowering. Skin definitely looks brighter and more radiant after use. Does not irritate my very sensitive skin, and it actually peels off very easily!!! There is probably enough for about 10 total applications. Will absolutely be purchasing again!" β€”Jennifer S.

Get it from Amazon for $23.

22. Out of Print toddler socks for the littlest bΓ©bΓ© in your circle. To be honest, this is more of a gift for yourself. I mean, their little feet! In these little library socks! It's the joy we need in 2020.

toddler library socks in yellow and pink

These even come in designs inspired by The Little Prince, Where the Wild Things Are, and more!

Promising review: "These socks are adorable! I bought them with a copy of the book for my nephew. The grips on the bottom are great and I love that the pairs can be mixed and matched together. I feel like they were a great deal and so cute. This brand have combined my love of books and socks and continues to be a source of gifts for others and myself." β€”Madeline Schultz

Get them from Amazon for $12 (available in seven styles).

23. LED curtain string lights for folks who prefer dim ~mood~ lighting while spending their Friday night bingeing more true crime shows.

reviewer photo of the string lights hung above a bed

These string lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Promising review: "These lights are perfect for what I was looking for. They give off a warm and cozy glow, and really add a nice touch of oomph to the room." β€”Nechama G.

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

24. A mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy because their WFH setup is boring at best. Browse through a 32-page mini booklet that chronicles this little dudes origins, add in some batteries, and feel sheer joy as it dances ever-so-gracefully next to their laptop.

the red toy

Promising review: "I opened the package and screamed for joy! As I placed the 9-volt battery my hands were trembling with what was going to happen next! As I turned on the wacky waving inflatable tube man I knew I have a friend for life. Someone you can really count on cheering you up when you are feeling down. He brought me such joy I started to cry with laughter and happiness." β€”Robert Wurstner

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

25. A mini cross-stitch kit for a hobby that *isn't* Netflix. This includes everything they need to start on one of four The Nightmare Before Christmas designs: a tiny 32-page book with instructions, three pieces of cotton cloth, an embroidery hoop, and embroidery thread.


Promising review: "OMG I love this set. It’s so cute to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. Easy to read and follow directions." β€”Kelly McQueen

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

26. A W&P Porter ceramic mug as gorgeous as it is useful (I mean this screams Pinterest board). This is reusable, has a protective silicone sleeve, and comes with a secure lid press which makes this the perfect companion for daily morning strolls.

the black mug

Promising review: "I love this portable ceramic mug! It's comfortable and cozy to hold because of the rubber lining that surrounds three-quarters of the ceramic. I like that the rubber also covers the bottom of the mug so that I can set it down on my desk without making a sound, but it's so nice to be able to sip from the ceramic at the top (if you take the lid off) because it feels like you're using a regular coffee mug (rather than a travel mug). It's incredibly convenient to be able to microwave it when you want to reheat your drink. All around I think it's worth the price." β€”elizabeth

Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in two sizes and seven colors).

27. A hiking logbook any nature buff would *love* to receive this holiday season. Packed with prompts that allow them to document each detail of each journey, this provides the ultimate way to encourage mindfulness β€” plus a keepsake they'll be able to re-read and reflect on.,

Promising review: "I recently joined the 52-Hike Challenge and I wanted to write down my experience each hike. This was the perfect journal for the challenge. I wish it had a section to put my pictures but I can always insert them or staple on the page. Something to look back later on when I finally completed 52 hikes!" β€”Margaux B.

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

28. A liquid-free, reusable rolling screen cleaner because it's about time they saw what their phone, laptop, and tablet looked like pre- permanent fingertips. A few quick swipes = no more smudges staring back at them whilst they attempt to binge the newest Netflix true crime series.

Promising review: "This little device removes the oil from your screen. Often, when you are 'cleaning' your screen by wiping it with a cloth, you are simply pushing around the oil into a thin enough layer to see through without noticing it as much. This device actually lifts the oil and removes it. My screen feels like new, which is great because I am picky about my devices. Also, this is much better than cleaning the screen with some kind of wipe since repeated cleaning with most wipes will damage the screen over time. Unbeknownst to me, my wife was cleaning her screen daily and now her screen collects oils far too quickly because she wore off the protective layer. With this product, you don't need to worry about that. Clean it as often as you want/need and you can continue to enjoy that pristine screen without fear of wearing the oleophobic layer off prematurely. I would highly recommend this to others." β€”Alex

Get it from Amazon for $19.95 (available in two sizes).

29. A dainty necklace that is the perfect in-between. This basic hunk of beauty is just the stuff when they want to fancy up a plain black dress but don’t want to wear anything too statement-y.

model wearing the necklace

Promising review: "The small delicate necklace looks like you’re wearing the real thing! No one will ever know and the price you just can’t beat! I’m getting some as gifts!" β€”Lori E.

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

30. A desktop tetherball kit to transport your childhood friend back to middle school gym class (but like, in a good way). This neat little gift comes with a tetherball pole and a 32-page illustrated mini book that discusses all the ~fun history~ behind the game. TBH this is very much the only sports gift I'd be happy to receive.

Promising review: "I got this for my boyfriend to keep in his office at work. He loves playing the real thing, so I knew he would love the mini tetherball. I was right, he did. On his downtime when he gets bored, he can now paw at this mini replica." β€”Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

31. Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum formulated with vitamin C and grapefruit extracts β€” with daily use, you'll be waving ~arrivederci~ to dullness, dark spots, and breakouts in a jiffy. Reviewers even swear that a little goes a long way, aka they won't have to throw money at a new bottle every month.

the clear bottle with a white dropper cap

Promising review: "This is the holy grail of serums for those who have troubled, acne-prone skin. I used to breakout BAD during my period and this has tamed my acne! Not only that, but it has lightened my old acne scars. I love this! A little goes a long way. I only use three drops to cover my face." β€”Love Cabello

Get it from Amazon for $22.

32. A handheld electric milk frother that makes it easy to whip up their very own, typically very expensive drink at home β€” and quickly. This stainless-steel whisk truly has so many darn uses: Let their mouth water at the thought of cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, matcha, milk shakes, and more. If they miss checking out new coffee shops, this gift is where it's at.

coffee in a mason jar with text "favorite milk frother"

It's battery operated β€” just run it in some soapy water for an easy cleaning!

Promising review: "Love this little thing! I have every thing you can think of at home for making coffee and espresso... Well I love the Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew with foam. I set out to make my own. Well I can now make cold foam thanks to this little tool. Love it!" β€”Gav's mama

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in five colors).

33. Spirits of Latin America: A Celebration of Culture & Cocktails, a recipe book jam-packed with 100 cocktail recipes that would receive an A+ on any report card. This highlights the grape-based spirits from Chile, Peru, and Bolivia to tequila-based concoctions in Mexico.,

Promising review: "This book couldn't have come at a better time. Now I have the recipes to attempt to make some of those amazing cocktails at home during quarantine! The photography also transports me to beautiful faraway lands, scratching my travel itch. I love this bar and everything about its staff, victuals, and libations. Congratulations Ivy, Shannon, and team for this stunning journey through the places that make your restaurant so special." β€”Emily Wade Adams

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

34. A BroadwayHD subscription if they hum show-tunes more than any Gaga or Bieber song. This service allows them to stream a slew of musicals, dramas, and Broadway classics β€” including the original Cats.

a sampling of the available musicals

Gift the monthly BroadwayHD subscription for $8.99/per month (or $99.99/per year).

35. A scratch paper art set because I don't miss the braces, but I do miss middle school art class. While these are intended for (*wrinkles nose in Winnifred Sanderson fashion*) children, they're also a fab de-stressor for adults as well.


Promising review: "I bought these to help entertain children at a big dinner party, and they were a huge hit! Ages 3-10 loved them! You can use them easily to make a small, simple design or something more elaborate. The kids loved them and I will purchase again. Great purchase!" β€”Rachel Castlen

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

36. Mini macaron cases that look delicious enough to eat, but alas β€” no egg whites were used in the making of these teeny tiny containers. These are perfect for storing dainty items (think your favorite earrings) in a way that won't get lost in the shuffle of an overflowing jewelry box.

the macaron storage cases in different colors

Promising review: "These are so cute and just the right size for storing pills that I need to carry with me in my purse. I use two of them, and the different colors let me use one color for each type of medication so I can tell which one I've grabbed easily. I've used the others for carrying small amounts of medication while traveling. They don't seal well enough for liquids, but might also be useful for small necklaces and earrings." β€”Nini

Get a set of six from Amazon for $12.99.

37. An H. P. Lovecraft-inspired cookbook so they can whip up a creepy feast. Delectable dishes aside, each recipe is packed with ghoulishly funny text and gorgeous illustrations that make this the *only* book they'll want to display on their coffee table. Halloween = in their heart 365 days of the year.

the book

Promising review: "The cover is heavy and textured, and the gold is shiny. It's really an impressive-looking book. The recipes have awesome sketches, and are entertaining to read, as well. They're written in the style of H.P. Lovecraft. The recipes are also listed more plainly in the back of the book, as well, just in case the flowery language made it hard to understand the steps." β€”C.W.

Get it from Amazon for $17.95.

38. A silicone popcorn maker capable of making 15 cups of popcorn in under four minutes. They'll just have to add in some kernels, ~pop~ it in the microwave, and their movie marathon feast is now ready to be devoured.,

This popcorn maker is especially fantastic because it acts as a popcorn bowl itself. PLUS! It's collapsible! Which makes this easy to store if you have approximately zero space in your kitchen.

Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! I am throwing out my old popcorn maker because there is no need for it anymore. I cannot believe how easy it was to make perfect popcorn and use the same bowl to eat it out of. I've already told all of my friends to buy this!" β€”Cindy Suy

Get it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in 10 colors).

39. An ergonomic foot rest that basically *forces* them to improve their posture. Not only will this prevent slouching over their laptop, but it also helps alleviate the back and foot pain they'd experience as a result of said slouching.

reviewer using black foot rest under desk

Promising review: "When working from home, this really makes a difference. Keeps the back straight and helps prevent fatigue." β€”Benefits Lady

Get it from Amazon for $23.95.

40. A set of Kitsch spiral hair ties β€” and before you question whether these genuinely pass of as gifts, the answer is a unanimous yes. These coils won't dent their hair, won't feel constricting when worn on their wrist, plus who actually has enough hair ties? No one. Mine have a three-second window before they go missing forever., Amazon

Promising review: "Love these! They hold up the thickest hair without feeling too tight and causing headaches. They come out easily without snagging and they don't leave that dent in your hair if you wear them a long time. I'm so glad they came out with these!!" β€”Melissa French

Get a set of eight from Amazon for $7.99.

41. A compact Dash juicer because we demand OJ fresher than the prince of Bel-Air. This easy-to-use gadget holds up to 32 ounces of liquid and is equipped with adjustable pulp control, aka *they* can decide whether or not they want to eat orange bits between sips (#pulpisgross).

reviewer photo of blue and white juicer with lime juice inside

Promising review: "I make Key Lime Pie several times a year, and juicing dozens of limes by hand used to be such a chore, that it almost wasn't worth it to me anymore. This year I ordered the Dash Go Citrus Juicer, and it made juicing all those limes a breeze! Not only did it juice each lime dry (thus wasting less), but it saved my time (I'm talking hours) and my fingers. Once the carafe was full, I was able to measure it and pour the juice right into the mixing bowl with the other ingredients. I'm so glad I got this thing! It's nice that I can control the pulp, too." β€”Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in four colors).

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