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34 Of The Best Formal Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

Need a dress? Look no further.

1. A mermaid gown that will help you feel like the royalty you are. Diamond-encrusted crown sadly not included.

Promising review: "OMG! This dress is AMAZING β€” it's a great fit and looks stunning. I cant wait to wear it with full shoes and accessories!" β€”Sheena

Price: $39.99 / Sizes: S-XXL / Also available in burgundy, blue, and purple.

2. A vintage-inspired dress referenced by Fergie in her hit song, "Glamorous."

Kind of.

Promising Review: "This dress was a huge hit at my Christmas Eve party. I tried it on and it was comfortable, flattering, sexy, and not too revealing. I'm a curvy little gal who's short; I wore it with black tights, black suede slouchy boots, and a leather bracelet for an expensive, rocker chick look. I'm a mom of two and could chase them all night, but still had my mojo. It was a great feeling." β€”Alison

Price: $44.20 / Sizes: 0-14

3. A fishtail bandage dress guaranteed to make you want to revisit prom photos for all of eternity.

"When I went to prom, I had the most beautiful dress..." β€”me to my great-great-grandkids.

Promising review: "HOLY COW! This could not be more perfect. It fits wonderfully at every angle, I can wear a strapless bra if I want, and I don't even need Spanx!" β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $99 / Sizes: XSβ€”XXL

4. A luxurious gown that will make you crash a bunch of fancy occasions just so you can wear it more than once.

*starts going to random weddings every weekend, wearing the same dress over and over again*

Promising Review: "I wore this dress for a masquerade ball and it exceeded my expectations! I wasn't looking to spend a fortune on a dress, but wanted something eye catching β€” and this dress was perfect!" β€”Heidi

Price: $48.99 / Sizes: 2/4-20/22 / Also available in black, gold, navy, green, and silver.

5. A chiffon gown with a gradient design that looks like the work of a professional painter.

Promising Review: "This dress exceeded my expectations; it is beautiful in the picture, but absolutely stunning in person. The quality was great, I got tons of compliments, and the fit was excellent! I would order from them again." β€”Denise Nerby

Price: $69.99 / Sizes:2-18 / Also available in gray.

6. An elegant mermaid-style dress that's not exactly something Ariel would wear.

Slightly less revealing than the "seashells only" look, but equally as sexy.

Promising Review: "I cannot tell you enough how perfect this dress was for an event I went to! I ordered a size up and it fit perfectly. For the price, you cannot go wrong β€” plus, it came quickly!" β€”Sara Grigsby

Price: $75.99 / Sizes: 2-16 / Also available in mint green, burgundy, blue, silver, and yellow.

7. A v-neck tulle gown designed by fairies that live in a magical forest. Obviously.

Promising review: "This dress is stunning! It fits perfectly, all the beading and sequins came firmly attached, and it arrived much sooner than expected. If you're on the fence about getting this dress, do it β€” it easily looks like it could cost $200-$300 dollars. I'm so excited to wear this at my prom!" β€”Beth V.

Price: $66.99 / Sizes: 2-16 / Also available in pink, navy, and black.

8. A tulle gown that will have people asking you crazy things like, "did you lose a glass slipper?"

Ya know, because you'll look like Cinderella.

Promising review: "I got this dress for my daughter's prom; she spent the whole night getting compliments. Everyone wanted to take pictures of her dress!" β€”KRM

Price: $69-$80.99 / Sizes: 2-26, plus it can be custom made to your measurements / Available in 26 colors.

9. Fringed dresses stolen directly from Zelda Fitzgerald's closet. Shhh, don't tell.

Promising Review: "I was incredibly impressed with the quality of this dress, especially considering the price. It's well-beaded and heavy, and it hangs perfectly. It also isn't too tight and I got plenty of compliments all night. Great buy!" β€” Paige

Price: $48.99 / Sizes: 2-20 / Also available in black, navy, beige, and green.

10. A one-shoulder dress that's ruched at the waist and comes in seven million different colors.

Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. But it does come in a lot of colors.

Promising Review: "This dress is absolutely amazing; I'm really impressed with the quality and fit. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cost-effective bridesmaid dress. I'm a super happy customer!" β€”Blessed

Price: $29.99 / Sizes: 4-16 / Also available in 14 other colors.

11. An off-the-shoulder lace dress guaranteed to become your closet staple for any heel-requiring occasion.

Promising Review: "This is one of the most comfortable and elegant dresses I've ever owned. The top layer is all lace and there's a cotton fabric underneath, which makes the dress so comfortable." β€”diws143

Price: $24.99 / Sizes: S-3X / Also available in green, pink, dark purple, light purple, red, and blue.

12. A sequined dress designed to look like pure gold...but is thankfully not as expensive. Phew.

Promising Review: "When I first saw this dress, I couldn't believe it was so inexpensive β€” I almost thought it was too good to be true. I ordered the rose gold color, and it came in the mail within a week and blew me away. This dress easily looks to be about $200-$300, with beautiful sequins and overall style. I'm also a fairly curvy woman and fit amazingly. I will definitely be ordering from this seller again." β€”destinyarcher13

Price: $48.99 / Sizes: 2-16 / Also available in red, silver, and black.

13. A bandage number that will have everyone singing "Lady in Reeeeeeed."

Promising Review: "Ladies, this dress is stunning! The quality is exceptional and it was packaged nicely. I highly recommend this purchase." β€”Christine

Price: $55.80 / Sizes: S-L/ Also available in black, blue, pink, green, white, wine, yellow, sky blue, and orange.

14. A midi dress with lace overlay and a scalloped hemline.

Promising Review: "I wore this dress to a wedding and got many compliments. The color is beautiful and the fit is so flattering on my apple-shaped body. I love it and am thinking of getting the black one β€”I highly recommend this dress!" β€”Susan

Price: $34.99 / Sizes: 14-26 / Also available in red and black.

15. An evening dress that will flatter just about every~body~.

YES! Bridal dresses that don't cost the entire Baudelaire fortune!!

Promising Review: "This dress is beautiful β€” I am so going to buy from this company again if I am ever in another wedding! After promptly getting it in the mail, I still can't figure out why this dress is so affordable; this same quality dress would cost close to $200 at David's Bridal." β€”Nathan Dean

Price: $29.99-$39.99 / Sizes: 4-16 / Also available in black, purple, blue, red, gray, and white.

16. A sequined dress guaranteed to make you sparkle even more than you already do.

Promising Review: "Absolutely loved this dress. It was a perfect fit and I received plenty of compliments on the quality and style. The dress wasn't too tight and hangs just right!" β€”Luckycharm2ps

Price: $33 / Sizes: XS-L

17. A retro dress that will accentuate your waist and flatter the bejeezus out of your figure.

Promising Review: "I absolutely love this dress. The quality of the material and the 'finish' of the sewing is first-class. The dress is also forgiving around the hips area and I actually DON'T have to wear spandex to achieve that hour-glass shape. I normally wear a size 12/14 in dresses, but instead of buying the large, I bought a medium. This is a knock-out!" β€”Sweet Chi

Price: $33.99 / Sizes: S-3X / Also available in polka dot, red, light orange, and navy.

18. A long gown with a slit that lets you expose a little leg and take some KILLER photos.

*see above*

Promising Review: "My girlfriend and I absolutely love this gown β€” it's a sexy, beautiful color and a great fit. We are planning to order this in other colors. If you believe in turning heads and dropping jaws, this is a must for your wardrobe." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $19.99 / Sizes: S-XXL / Also available in apricot, black, and navy blue.

19. A formal gown that may have been stolen from the closets of royalty. No big deal.

Any recent thefts reported at Buckingham Palace? If so, let them know their missing item is being sold on Amazon.

Promising Review: "Everyone loved the train on the dress. Great value β€” I saw a similar dress for $400 at a dress shop. I also ordered and received this dress in just three days." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $36β€”$79 / Sizes: 2-16 / Also available in burgundy, ivory, navy, red, and royal blue.

20. A ball gown for anyone who's ever wanted to wear a ball gown, but never had the chance.


Promising review: "This is a gorgeous, well-made dress! The material feels really expensive and comfortable, plus it fits me super well because I sent my measurements to the seller." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $67.50+ / Sizes: 2-24 (also can be customized to your measurements) / Available in 26 colors.

21. A knee-length dress that'll make your curves say va va voom.

Promising Review: "I was a little apprehensive about ordering this dress, but the reviews (and the price!) were so good so I took the chance. I'm so glad I did! It fits like a dream and looks elegant and classy. I'm tall and thin, but I have wide hips so it's hard to find a dress that's a good fit; this one did the trick." β€”Lily

Price: $22.99 / Sizes: S-XL / Also available in black and burgundy.

22. A strapless number for anyone who doesn't mind being the center of attention.

Promising review: "This is a great dress, especially for the price! Everyone loved it! It fit just right and the fabric is very forgiving." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $28.99+ / Sizes: XS-L / Also available in pink.

23. A Grecian-style dress that is the lovechild of Aphrodite and Athena.

Wisdom and beauty FTW.

Promising Review: "This is a beautiful dress! It does run small, so I suggest you order a size up. I love the Grecian style!" β€”Diann

Price: $49.99 / Sizes: 4-16 / Also available in 14 other colors.

24. A halter dress with lace overlay that looks WAY more expensive than it actually is.

Promising Review: "This dress is so beautiful! I wore it to my cousin's black tie optional wedding and it was perfect! It was very comfortable and the material was stretchy, so I could move around easily. I got several compliments on how beautiful it was, and I would definitely recommend this to a friend." β€”Kelly

Price: $23.98 / Sizes: S-XXL / Also available in green, black, blue, gold, purple, red, and pink.

25. A bodycon dress that'll fit your body like a glove. A fashion-forward, sexy glove.

Promising Review: "Love, love, love this dress β€” my new favorite. I will definitely be ordering more from this company!" β€”Duy Tran

Price: $15.99 / Sizes: Lβ€”4X / Also available in green and blue.

26. A formal dress for the person who would like their prom photos to accurately reflect the color of their soul.

Promising Review: "After fruitlessly browsing Rent the Runway for an upcoming black tie wedding, I took a chance and ordered this dress instead. The material feels much more high quality than a $50 dress, and the fabric has some 'heft' to it that moves really nicely when you walk. If you're on the fence about this dress, please go for it β€” especially for this price, it was a great deal!" β€”Betsy

Price: $43.99 / Sizes: S-3X

27. A beaded gown that Merriam-Webster would probably add as a visual to their definition of "elegant."

Promising Review: "Absolutely beautiful dress! The size ran a little small but, sizing issues aside, I highly recommend this dress, especially for the price. Order one size up and you should be fine!" β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $63.99/ Sizes: 2-16 / Also available in black, ivory, burgundy, and royal blue.

28. An evening dress you can wear to pretty much any fancy schmancy occasion.

Promising Review: "This dress is so classy, elegant, and fits like a dream. I can't wait to get a different color and have it on hand for other events. This is definitely a go-to option for black tie affairs! I got the size based on the bust and it fit great!" β€”Destiny Decker

Price: $39.99 / Sizes: 4-16 / Also available in blue, green, red, pink, yellow, light blue, black, white, and pink.

29. A maxi dress that will make you want to wear flowers in your hair and walk through a forest. Obviously.

Promising Review: "This dress is stunning! I needed a last minute dress to attend a wedding, so of course I checked on Amazon. I always read the reviews and I saw this dress got a 4.4 out of 5, which is awesome. The lace is super soft on top and the bottom is very flattering and flowy. Two thumbs way up!" β€”Laci

Price: $29.99 / Sizes: Sβ€”3X / Also available in black, green, and red.

30. A flapper dress for anyone who wishes they had been born in the the Roaring Twenties.

*raises hand*

Promising Review: "Love this dress! The fit was perfect and very flattering, plus I've seen similar dresses for over $100, and I got this one for $30. It is gorgeous in person, and I can't wait to wear it." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $38.99 / Sizes: S-2X / Also available in burgundy, green, navy, and gold.

31. A sleeveless halter dress that can easily be dressed up or down.

Promising Review: "I bought this dress for my college graduation and it couldn't have been more perfect! I ordered a size up because I have a booty and didn't want it to be super skin tight. I got so many compliments β€” it was a great purchase and I highly recommend it!" β€”Elyssa

Price: $31.90 / Sizes: 4-14 / Also available in coral, yellow, and white.

32. A cocktail dress with a unique design that looks like Kendall Jenner just wore it on the runway.

Promising Review: "This dress is beautiful and unique! I wore it to my friend's wedding a few weeks ago and got SO many compliments β€” one girl even asked if it the dress was made by some high-end designer. It isn't the most expensive material I have worn, but it worked out great. For the price I can't complain!" β€”Melissa K.

Price: $36.99 / Sizes: XS-XL / Also available in blue, green, purple, and red.

33. A v-neck dress that adds a frilly chiffon twist to the LBD.

Promising Review: "This dress is a stroke of genius. This dress is sexy, comfortable, and manages to appear body con, but can actually be worn comfortably with nothing underneath. There is a V-back as well, though, so if you want to wear a bra, keep that in mind. I cannot praise this dress enough β€” it's inexpensive, but does not look or feel it." β€”ThatsNotMyName

Price: $39.99 / Sizes: S-XL

34. A strapless mermaid dress designed to accentuate the heck outta your figure.

Promising Review: "I love this dress β€” it hugs you in all the right places! The material is top quality, nothing about this dress looks cheap, and it's absolutely stunning." β€”FABULOUS TASHA

Price: $58 / Sizes: XS-L / Also available in black, red, white, and yellow.

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