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The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on Disney Princess products, makeup organizers, natural deodorants, and more!

1. Up to 50% off Disney Princess products.

2. 68% off a two-piece makeup organizer.

3. 61% off a faux leather backpack.

4. 39% off Capture Your Style.

5. 24% off all-natural lavender pit paste.

6. 20% off Colgate toothbrushes.

Get the first pack here and the second pack here.

7. 72% off a 10-piece makeup brush set and holder.

8. Save $2.50 on L'Oreal PAris voluminous mascara.

Get this mascara here.

9. Save $30 on spring cleaning and handyman services.

10. 25% off a Yes To Carrots intense hydration night cream.

11. 32% off a Hamilton deep fryer.

12. Up to 50% off popular fiction books.

13. 29% off a Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired flying machine.

14. 63% off a four-pack of low rise briefs.

15. Up to 50% off select scientific explorer kits.

16. 60% off a crescent moon necklace.

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