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    28 T-Shirt Dresses That Are Both Comfy And Cute

    Like wearing a t-shirt...but without having to put on pants.

    1. A comfy dress with POCKETS to keep your hands warm when there's a bit of a chill outside.

    2. A soft knit dress guaranteed to become your favorite LCBD: Little Comfy Black Dress.

    3. A tie-dye maxi dress you can easily personalize with a couple of accessories. Boho babes, unite!

    4. A maxi dress with a flare bottom you'll want to twirl around in all day long. Understandable.

    5. A simple dress made from the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives β€” cotton. 100% of it.

    6. A t-shirt dress with a metallic print at the hem that you've probably already added to your shopping cart.

    7. A long-sleeved dress begging to be worn with a scarf, cozy cardigan, and riding boots. A PSL on your arm is optional...

    8. A midi dress with a knotted front you may knot be able to untangle. Just a warning.

    9. A velvet dress you can dress up, down, and all around.

    10. A black dress with a seriously huge ego. Everyone just needs to stop complimenting it.

    11. A swing dress in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. It's always giving me the cold shoulder.

    12. A crew neck dress with corset detailing that cinches at the waist.

    13. A maxi dress you'll want to frolic through a field of flowers in β€” that's how flowy and comfortable it is.

    14. A jersey dress on a mission to Hulk-smash the patriarchy.

    15. A leopard print dress just prr-fect for any occasion. It'll really have you feline yourself.

    16. A band dress known to love karaoke. It's favorite song to sing is "I Wanna Be Sedated." I'm not sure why.

    17. A tee dress not meant for people who hate attention. This little number is guaranteed to turn heads.

    18. A tie-dye dress known for its laid-back attitude and obsession with the word "tubular."

    19. A T-shirt dress with a hemline that's asymmetric β€” boogie woogie woogie.

    20. A basic midi dress you'll wear for the next 705 years because a basic midi dress will never go out of style.

    21. A swing dress pictured below in the PERFECT fall hue. However, it's also available in 25 (!!!) other colors.

    22. A knotted dress with a serious game obsession. For example, it likes to play peek-a-boo with your torso.

    23. A striped dress, because the best time to wear a striped dress is all the time. According to SpongeBob, the philosopher.

    24. A vintage-inspired dress known to be very picky. It demands to be worn with cool sunnies and kickass earrings.

    25. A raspberry-colored dress with a little frill up its sleeve. It is such a little trickster.

    26. A T-shirt dress so comfy, it'll be hard not to take several naps while wearing it.

    27. A T-shirt dress with lace-up detailing for a super cool, super trendy look.

    28. An ombrΓ© dress inspired by the most popular hairstyles on my Pinterest home feed.

    I think you mean T-shirt DRESS time, fellas.