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    32 T-Shirt Dresses That Are Both Comfy And Cute

    Will I wear this plain black t-shirt dress three days in a row? Who knows! Maybe I will!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A comfy dress to make you break out into some Alanis Morissette. With this dress, you'll have at least one hand in your pocket.

    2. A ruffle hem dress perfect for mornings when you've overslept for class. Just add some sneakers, grab your backpack, and be on your merry (albeit late) way!

    3. A v-neck maxi dress that makes the phrase "easy and breezy" come to mind.

    4. A crewneck dress you will find yourself grabbing off the hanger over and over again. This is seriously the perfect little black (and comfy) dress.

    5. A swing dress in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. This thing is constantly giving me the ~cold~ shoulder.

    6. A gray marl t-shirt dress worthy of its own museum display. Would ya LOOK at that beautiful embroidered back!

    7. A t-shirt dress with a special hatred for the word "basic." It doesn't even wear Ugg boots! It doesn't own any floral scarves!

    8. A waffle knit swing dress that is a must-have for your chilly weather wardrobe. Some tights, some booties, and this dress = perfection.

    9. A striped t-shirt dress because the best time to wear a striped t-shirt dress is all the time, according to Sir Spongebob Squarepants.

    10. A contrast stitch t-shirt dress with an adjustable tie to cinch at your waist, you little Riverdale vixen!

    11. A sleeveless swing dress available in a banana bunch of neutral colors. Royal blue! Dark green! Mauve! Navy blue!

    12. A maxi dress with a lace-up design and a high slit that'll have everyone asking, "DAMN! Where on earth did you get that lovely number?"

    13. An open back sleeveless dress that will fit like it was made ~just~ for you, ya unique little snowflake. Why? It's available in petite, regular, and tall lengths!

    14. A button-up satin dress in a gorgeous rusty orange color symbolic of all the pumpkin spice you are about to consume. Goodbye, summer.

    15. A swing dress so affordable, it might cause you to have a cartoon character moment. You know, when a character sees something they like and then their heart sorta pops out?

    LIKE SO:

    16. A babydoll dress with an absolutely perfect style name. This thing is so adorable, it's totally worthy of a pet name. Baby. Baby doll. Baby cakes. Sweet cakes. Etc.

    17. A high-neck scuba dress perfect for a night out on the town. Just grab some heels and a clutch, chickadee, and you'll be all set.

    18. A mini dress that may trying playing peek-a-boo with your torso. A little immature, but hey — at least it looks good.

    19. A ribbed bodycon dress you should only purchase if you don't mind saying "thank you" about 100 times per night. The compliments ~may~ become overwhelming.

    20. A colorblock t-shirt dress that has "cool girl" written all over it. In Nicholas Cage-approved invisible ink, of course.

    21. A sleeveless v-neck dress made from a 👏 ridiculously soft 👏 jersey material that you will never want to take off.

    22. A plush turtleneck dress to prepare you (and your wardrobe) for all the chilly months ahead. I'm sorry, folks, but it'll soon be time to retire your denim shorts for the year...

    23. A mini t-shirt dress for anyone who wants to looked dressed up and Sharpay fabulous (HELLO, SEQUINS), but doesn't feel like wearing something super tight and constricting.

    24. A cotton t-shirt dress with an oversized silhouette ideal for fall activities. It's pretty, it's comfy, and you can eat as many apple cider doughnuts as you want without having to worry about a tight waistband.

    25. A crewneck t-shirt dress that was probably stolen from Sporty Spice's closet, but you didn't hear that from me...

    26. A straight-cut dress with 3/4-length sleeves because hey, even elbows get a little cold sometimes.

    27. A tie-dye maxi dress to give your wardrobe some boho flair. Vanessa from Gossip Girl, is that YOU?!

    28. A chambray shirt dress that is basically the elongated version of your favorite button-down. Now, how fast can you say "closet staple"?

    29. A maxi dress that will sadly become the only article of clothing you will ever want to wear. Your Instagram will suffer, but hey, that's life.

    30. A shift dress with mind-reading abilities. This top has answered all of your "I need the perfect black tee" prayers. It's affordable, soft, the perfect fit.

    31. A cotton t-shirt dress that has a teeny tiny pocket you can store all of your secrets in — and by secrets, I mean hair ties and bobby pins.

    32. A knotted t-shirt dress you will ~knot~ be able to ignore or forget about. It's too adorable and needs to be in your shopping cart...right now.

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