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    19 Amazingly Delicious Sweets Subscription Boxes To Sign Up For ASAP

    Imagine a McGuire-era Aaron Carter singing "I Want Candy."

    Before we get into it...

    1. Treatsie has you complete a "taste profile" to guarantee you'll never get an artisan sweet you don't like.

    2. Snack Fever offers tasty Korean sweets and treats that will make you drool upon arrival.

    3. Lush Bites delivers cookies straight to your door. But are you gluten-free? Good. Because these are gluten-free!

    4. MiamMiam Box curates tasty French snacks...and no, it's not just a box of croissants and baguettes.

    5. My Baker's Box is perfect for people who love the idea of baking, but need a little motivation to actually do it.

    6. Mexicrate basically delivers pure joy in the form of Mexican candies and sweets.

    7. Cookies Every Night sends you enough cookies for...every night of the month. Just pour yourself a glass of milk.

    8. Dylan's Candy Bar will send you a sampling of their signature sweets every month. This is the kind of bar my life needs.

    9. Mystery Chocolate Box donates two meals to charity per box, because chocolate and charity should go hand-in-hand.

    10. Sleek Treat delivers low-carb treats that aren't jam-packed with sugar, BUT are still delicious!

    11. The Cravory fulfills cravings by sending you freshly-baked, unique cookies. I am salivating.

    12. Vegan Bento delivers tasty Japanese treats straight to your door. And (drumroll please) they're vegan!

    13. Peggy Jean's Pies settles the debate once and for all: pie is better than cake, okay?

    14. Ma-Ka-Rohn lets you customize your own box of macarons, with flavors ranging from blueberry pie to Fruity Pebbles.

    15. EsianMall believes that life is better with snacks and fandom gear, like Pokémon keychains.

    16. Foodez Box helps you live out your Pinterest travel board through food. Every box is based on a different county or region.

    17. Skoshbox turns you into a Japanese snack connoisseur. Hello, green tea Kit Kats and Hello Kitty Pocky.

    18. Quin doesn't believe in garbage candy; their hand-crafted treats use real ingredients, like Oregon-grown fruit.

    19. Give Me Iceland provides Icelandic snacks. (The Northern Lights and a hot springs pass is unfortunately not included.)

    It's from The Witches! Anjelica Huston at her best!