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19 Amazingly Delicious Sweets Subscription Boxes To Sign Up For ASAP

Imagine a McGuire-era Aaron Carter singing "I Want Candy."

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1. Treatsie has you complete a "taste profile" to guarantee you'll never get an artisan sweet you don't like.

"You are in for a treat(sie)" —this reference will be revealed at the bottom of this article. (If you don't already know it.)

What you'll get: Four artisan sweets in each box! Last month's box included a Seattle Chocolates pink bubbly truffle bar and a Shotwell Candy Co. classic Tennessee toffee, for example.

Price: $19.95+ per box, or $16.92 per box with annual billing.


3. Lush Bites delivers cookies straight to your door. But are you gluten-free? Good. Because these are gluten-free!

What you'll get: Six or twelve gluten-free cookies, ranging from your everyday sugar cookie to gourmet flavors like matcha green tea.

Price: $19.99+ per month.

4. MiamMiam Box curates tasty French snacks...and no, it's not just a box of croissants and baguettes.

*It should be noted that I would not mind receiving such a box.

What you'll get: A box of French snacks, including products that haven't been introduced outside of France yet.

Price: $11+ per month.

5. My Baker's Box is perfect for people who love the idea of baking, but need a little motivation to actually do it.

@bethjawn / Via, / Via @megbakespa

I'm just gonna be totally transparent here — I'm talking about myself.

What you'll get: Each box contains five to eight products (many of which you can reuse) that help you bake two different recipes.

Price: $18.95+ per month.

6. Mexicrate basically delivers pure joy in the form of Mexican candies and sweets.

What you'll get: An assortment of 10-15 Mexican candies; MexiCrate has an inventory of over 150 different treats, so you get to try something new every month.

Price: $5.99+ per month.

Take 15% off your order with the code MEXI15.


7. Cookies Every Night sends you enough cookies for...every night of the month. Just pour yourself a glass of milk.

What you'll get: You get a cookie for every day of the month, with unique indie flavors ranging from chocolate gingersnap to espresso shortbread. You'll also get your basic goodies, like a solid chocolate chip.

Price: $44+ per box (3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions available).

8. Dylan's Candy Bar will send you a sampling of their signature sweets every month. This is the kind of bar my life needs.

What you'll get: An assortment of Dylan's Candy Bar signatures, including full-sized chocolate bars, gigantic lollipops, and delicious gummies.

Price: $36.33+ per box (3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions available).

9. Mystery Chocolate Box donates two meals to charity per box, because chocolate and charity should go hand-in-hand.

What you'll get: Three chocolate bars with the outer wrappers removed; the chocolates you try will truly be a mystery, but past flavors have included dark chocolate with honey and milk chocolate with crisped rice and bananas.

Price: $17.95+ per box (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and12-month subscriptions available).

10. Sleek Treat delivers low-carb treats that aren't jam-packed with sugar, BUT are still delicious!, http://@d.urbanskies

What you'll get: Up to eight delicious and nutritious snacks that are low in carbs, but are also totally satisfying for your sweet tooth.

Price: $34.99+ per month.


11. The Cravory fulfills cravings by sending you freshly-baked, unique cookies. I am salivating.

The ones above are lemon bar and birthday cake cookies.

What you'll get: A box of six cookies in flavors that you may have never tried before. Hello, cheery piña colada and raspberry Oreo cheesecake cookies.

Price: $10.95+ per box (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions available).

13. Peggy Jean's Pies settles the debate once and for all: pie is better than cake, okay?

Please don't argue with me, my opinion is the right one.

What you'll get: Six different pies baked into a mason jar, with flavors ranging from chocolate pecan pie to mixed berry. AND you get six tiny forks. Tied with a ribbon.

Price: $33+ per month.

14. Ma-Ka-Rohn lets you customize your own box of macarons, with flavors ranging from blueberry pie to Fruity Pebbles.

What you'll get: A box of macarons with flavors that you get to choose yourself. In addition to the flavors listed above, they also have toasted marshmallow, tiramisu, Cadbury egg, heaven, etc.

Price: $12.59+ per box (weekly and monthly subscriptions available).


15. EsianMall believes that life is better with snacks and fandom gear, like Pokémon keychains.

What you'll get: A bunch of goodies from all over Asia, PLUS a "geeky" accessory — t-shirts, home goods, etc., from your favorite pop culture fandom.

Price: $12.95+ per month.

17. Skoshbox turns you into a Japanese snack connoisseur. Hello, green tea Kit Kats and Hello Kitty Pocky., @nanaka816 / Via

What you'll get: An assortment of Japanese treats, including things like sweet potato cookies and honey dried umeboshi.

Price: $12+ per month (monthly, 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions available).

18. Quin doesn't believe in garbage candy; their hand-crafted treats use real ingredients, like Oregon-grown fruit.

What you'll get: An assortment of signature Quin candies, including treats like blackberry and tangerine gumdrops, pinot noir lollipops, and vanilla bean caramels, all hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.

Price: $26.66 per box (3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions available).

19. Give Me Iceland provides Icelandic snacks. (The Northern Lights and a hot springs pass is unfortunately not included.)

I guess that would be a hard thing to send though so...understandable.

What you'll get: Up to eight treats that are locally made in Iceland, including sundried seaweed and gourmet caramel popcorn. Who needs a plane ticket?

Price: $59.90+ per month.