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    51 Stocking Stuffers Under $10 That That Are Actually Useful

    Because all we want for the holidays = stuff we'd probably buy anyway.

    1. A vegan Acure brightening scrub made with argan extract and chlorella gentle enough to exfoliate acne-prone skin without causing further inflammation or redness. It'll also be an absolute 🌟 superstar 🌟 at fading scars and brightening their skin.

    2. A tiny knife sharpener because that knife of theirs can barely slice through bread, let alone a steak. This features two sharpening options (coarse and fine), and is designed with a non-slip base to ensure that it stays put whilst in use.

    3. Soapstone stones to keep their whiskey on the rocks ice cold without any water dilution, which traditionally happens when one dumps ice cubes into their glass.

    4. A Gumby dog toy guaranteed to make your four-legged best friend a very happy boy. Reviewers swear that their pets loves this chew toy an immeasurable amount!

    5. A coconut sugar Handmade Heroes lip scrub to prep their pout for bold lipstick. This will give 'em smooth, moisturized lips free of any flakes from extreme dryness.

    6. A grooming glove that let them pet their pup or cat while also helping them get rid of the excess fur that would otherwise shed and be laid to rest all over their apartment. It even stimulates skin oils, promotes a softer and shinier coat, and can be thrown into the wash when it needs a deep clean itself.

    7. A Lily England rose gold hair brush cleverly designed with an ergonomic handle (READ: no more tired wrists) and gentle flexible bristles that glide through any hair type whether wet or dry, ridding your mane of knots with no painful tugging necessary.

    8. A simple sterling silver chain they'll be able to customize with their favorite pendant. If you're looking for a no-frills gifts that they'll definitely appreciate, then this 👏 is 👏 it 👏.

    9. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets to quickly remove all that funky, gross, probably-starting-to-smell build-up in their favorite water bottle. These are biodegradable, chlorine-free, and require absolutely NO effort or scrubbing, but will make their water bottle look as if they've just brought it home from the store.

    10. A flight flap that is deceivingly strong despite the fact that it's as thin as a piece of paper. For the frequent flier in your life, this easily molds into the seat in front of them or can remain upright on the tray table, holding everything from their Kindle to their iPhone perfectly in place.

    11. An Anker wireless charger that one assumes could cost upwards of several trillion dollars, but is surprisingly less than $10. This gives battery power/life to your device (think everything from AirPods to Galaxy phones) and even works through tough external cases!

    12. A passport case complete with card, boarding pass, and pen slots for anyone who loves to travel and has an Instagram account that is the envy of their friend group...but is also extremely disorganized. Stop aimlessly throwing important documents into your purse, friend. It won't end well.

    13. An Ecotools makeup cleaner because YES, they need to deep clean your brushes. Not only are makeup tools a breeding ground for bacteria (and a pimple apocalypse waiting to happen), but applying foundation with a brush covered in built-up foundation? Not ideal. This will become one of those gifts they didn't even *realize* that they were in desperate need of.

    14. A luxurious Dove body polish that enlists the help of crushed macadamia and rice milk for skin smoother than a baby's behind — and unlike most exfoliators, this formula won't leave their complexion feeling dried out the moment they step out of the shower.

    15. A gluten- and cruelty-free Essence mascara with a clump-free, smudge-proof formula here to up your lash game like whoa. Just a few swipes of this will have everyone asking your the most coveted compliment-in-the-form-of-a-question: are those your real lashes?

    16. Adhesive cable clips to help keep their home office clutter-free. These will prevent alllllll of their cords from tangling with one another, eventually becoming a spider web mess that they'll never be able to fix. Emphasis on the never.

    17. A desktop heater so that their coffee remains hot to the last drop, because having to sip on lukewarm beverages that are supposed to be warming your soul in the morning = a bad start to the day.

    18. A rosewater Mario Badescu facial spray with so many uses, it's hard to keep track of 'em all! This can set and refresh makeup, give foundation a dewy appearance, add refreshing hydration to dull-looking skin, and help keep breakouts at bay. And the scent? Freakin' divine.

    19. A dishwasher-safe handheld scraper that will get all the burnt-up food crisps permanently off their very expensive cookware set. (It also is great at removing gum and stickers, because we love a product that boasts versatility.)

    20. An overflow drain cover for the Lush bath bomb aficionado who has yet to own a luxurious tub. They'll get that clawfoot one day, but for now this cover will add extra inches of water to their soak.

    21. Silicone brushes that are an absolute necessity for every skincare aficionado out there. This lets them slather on that thick mud mask without a) getting their hands covered in said mud mask, and b) prevents them from picking up (and wasting) excess product which means money saved.

    22. A twist-to-dispense click pen that will wipe away built-up gunk (a result of lotion, soap, etc.) to reveal a brighter, more breathtaking surface to all of their jewelry.

    23. A clay bear they can place in everything from brown sugar and baked goods (to keep soft and maintain moisture) OR to spices and salts (to keep everything dry and crispy).

    24. A no-tie lacing system that is durable, adjustable, and conforms to their foot for a personalized feel. Raise your hand if your shoelace has ever come undone while walking from Point A to Point B, resulting in you falling flat on your face! With these laces, that'll no longer be a problem.

    25. A Maybelline lip palette here to deliver shine, shine, shine — all without any of the sticky residue we usually associate with glosses. Give them the gift of experimenting with eight different hues with just one product!

    26. A Dash mini waffle maker so adorable, it *may* inspire them to replace that morning cereal bar with an actual sit-down breakfast.

    27. A handheld milk frother that makes it easy to whip up their very own, typically very expensive drink at home. This stainless steel whisk truly has so many darn uses: Let your mouth water at the thought of cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, matcha, milk shakes, and more.

    28. A NYX setting spray to finish off their complexion. Humidity, sweat, tears: it's all irrelevant when they've topped their foundation with this magic stuff, which works to mattify makeup and prevent it from turning into a greasy mess.

    29. A wall-mounted bottle opener for the new apartment renter who barely remembers to buy toilet paper. A beer bottle opener = one of those obvious things that they'll never really think to buy, but absolutely need.

    30. A C.O. Bigelow night balm because beauty sleep is not a drill. This eight-hour recovery shea butter formula simply needs to be applied before hitting the hay — and by the time they're pressing snooze on their iPhone alarm, their lips will be totally moisturized.

    31. Playing cards featuring gorgeous HP-inspired illustrations: the Sorting Hat, Hedwig, and Scabbers. **takes deep breath** There's also Fawkes, the Nimbus 2000, a Hungarian horntail dragon, the Knight Bus, and so much more!

    32. A before-you-go Poo-Pourri toilet spray formulated with a concentrated blend of essential oils that will neutralize... funky bathroom odors. Yes, the kind that they cause. This is the kind of ~white elephant~ gift that they'll genuinely be happy to have received.

    33. A scalp massager that will make them feel as if they're getting a professional shampoo from the ritziest salon in town. This is designed to stimulate their scalp and improve circulation, which is said to lead to speedier hair growth. (This is especially great to know if they got a two-inch trim last year and SURPRISE it's only grown one centimeter since.)

    34. A 12-pack of Celavi sheet masks available in formulas including aloe vera, acai berry, tea tree, ginseng, and seaweed to name a few. The best part? You can hypothetically gift this *one* order to 12 different people! Stocking stuffers for less than $1 each? we stan.

    35. A wine stain remover for when their red, red wine refuses to stay close to them and instead decides to spill on their favorite TJ Maxx blanket. Tell them not to worry — it can be saved with just a spritz of this cleanser.

    36. A Hair Dance powder dry shampoo especially great at vacuuming up grease and adding body sans any leftover chalky white residue. Pro tip: Tell them to add some into their roots before bed, and that they'll wake up with a completely refreshed scalp that looks like it was shampooed five minutes ago (...as opposed to five days ago).

    37. A matte Maybelline SuperStay liquid lipstick they can apply right before boarding an international flight — and it will still look great when they wake up on another continent. This magic stuff has a staying power of up to 16 hours, which means it must be the byproduct of some sort of sorcery. I know.