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    Rent The Runway Is Having A Sale And Suddenly, Blair Waldorf Will Be Jealous Of Your Closet

    We can wear Gucci sunglasses *and* save up to $159 per month. That's all.

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    If you watched Gossip Girl for fashion inspo and not the weak on-screen chemistry (#hottake Serena and Dan were dryer than plain toast), I'm thrilled to share some news: Rent the Runway is offering 40% off their new memberships for two months. That's up to $159 in savings, aka Blair's wardrobe is just a click away.

    The CW

    If you don't feel like reading through the entirety of the post and just want to activate the discount right NOW, simply enter promo code BUZZFEEDXRTR at checkout to receive 40% off. You're willkommen.

    By now, you may know that RTR is a subscription-based service that delivers designer pieces to your doorstep at a more affordable rate (trial plans start as low as $69/per month). Each membership includes dry cleaning and two-day shipping and returns, which means you won't have to shop or do laundry all ๐Ÿ‘ month ๐Ÿ‘ long ๐Ÿ‘ .

    Rent the Runway

    I would splurge on this subscription just to avoid rummaging through the contents of my hamper, tbqh.

    Rent the flor et. al top here ($325 retail) and the Lululemon leggings here ($118 retail).

    But here's what's fresh! RTR just launched two brand spankin' new memberships โ€” the first allows up to eight rentals with two shipments per month, the second allows up to 16 rentals with four shipments per month.

    reviewer wearing black midi coat
    Rent the Runway

    The eight-item plan typically costs $135/per month and the 16-item plan costs $199/per month!

    However, BuzzFeed's exclusive code (just enter BUZZFEEDXRTR at checkout) means you'll save 40% off the first two monthly shipments of either plan.

    For those who are terrible math, I had my colleague double check the following calculations for us because I too am useless when it comes to basic subtraction: the eight-item rental would cost $88.70 per month and the 16-item rental would cost $130.74 (psst, these prices include taxes).

    Rent the J. Crew coat here ($350 retail).

    The cost may seem steep upfront, but it's truly worth it when you consider the following: 1. no more shelling out big bucks for occasion dresses that will be worn once, 2. you can experiment with bold patterns and silhouettes you wouldn't have had tried out otherwise, and 3. this is *way* more sustainable than purchasing fast fashion that won't last through two wash cycles (and everything is delivered via reusable garment bags). / Via @renttherunway, Rent the Runway

    You also have the option to outright buy the items you love at a super steep discount. For example, I found love in the Marissa Webb jumpsuit featured above; the retail price is $498 and I was able to purchase it for ~$85.

    I've come to regard the RTR app as a sample sale at my fingertips. No frustrating lines. No rummaging through racks of clothing.

    Plus, the styles and designer choices are endless (say hello to an arsenal of 7,000+ brands), but I suppose I can highlight a few key players: Staud, rag & bone, Cynthia Rowley, Tory Burch, Vince Camuto, Zadig & Voltaire, Diane von Furstenberg, and I'm out of breath now so I can't go on but you get the IDEA!

    reviewer wearing V-neck black and green sleeved wrap top
    Rent the Runway

    10/10 I would sell my soul for the DVF wrap top ($298 retail value) worn by a reviewer above.

    Anyhow, let's recap before I officially bid you adieu: You can score 40% off the first two months of your 8- or 16-item Rent the Runway membership! Simply enter promo code BUZZFEEDXRTR at checkout for immediate access to thousands of designer items โ€” all at a fraction of the cost.


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