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    24 Strange Gifts That'll Make Them Say "This Is So Weird, I Love It!"

    Who wouldn't want to receive a plush E. coli?

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    1. A coloring book sprinkled with quotes from renowned philosophers. Regarding the gloom that is our universe, mostly.

    2. Tree ornaments to adorn your evergreen with the common cold, a brain cell, the kissing disease, and E. coli.

    3. ...or a plush E. coli they could snuggle with at night.

    4. A dinosaur lunch box that is a carnivore. This means that your PB&J sandwiches will no longer suffice, mom.

    5. A day-to-day 2018 calendar filled with awkward family photos that have certainly never seen the light of Instagram.

    6. A chicken purse that loves to travel. It crosses the road at least 80 times a day.

    7. A finger puppet for the person who asked Santa for a dog. They didn't specify that it had to be alive, did they?

    8. A bookmark that give a whole new meaning to murder mysteries. Boom boom chh.

    9. A coin purse for anyone who likes big, furry corgi butts...and they just can't lie about it.

    10. Beard baubles because why deck the halls when you can deck out your facial hair instead?

    11. Laptop decals modeled after an assortment of not-at-all-creepy dolls. So fun!

    12. Or a shower curtain featuring a Gene Kelly–obsessed sloth. It just wants to sing in the rain, okay?


    14. A coloring book to honor corporate America's hardest-working employees: the dinosaurs.

    15. A glitter ornament that is the height of tree fashion. If you didn't know that, then you need to ketchup on the trends.

    16. Temporary tattoos for the person who may only Poe-tentially get a real one. These are great for those too nervous to commit.

    17. A yodeling pickle with the voice of Fergie and Jesus. But there have been some Auto-Tune rumors going around...

    18. A cheese grater so good, it might just be holy. Will leave you saying, "Cheese-us! What a nifty invention!"

    19. An "American Gothic"–inspired throw pillow to rest your head. Nothing weird about this. Nothing at all.

    20. A book already being hailed as the Romeo and Juliet of this century.

    21. A lump of coal for all the terrible, naughty people in your life.

    22. Ice tongs with mittens because even *they* get cold sometimes. Sadly, North Face doesn't come in tong sizes.

    23. A laptop sticker to stare back at you as you work. It's a pretty chill dude.

    24. A plush pillow known to make buyers do crazy things like scream "I LOVE BREAD!!" Basically turns you into Oprah.

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