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    27 Products To Make Your Living Room The Cleanest It’s Ever Been

    The perfect space for Sunday night GOT awaits.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cleaning brush kit to draw out the dust hidden in plain sight... right under your nose. Literally. A few passes with these compact, handheld brushes and woosh! Perhaps now you won't be inhaling allergy mites with every breath you take.

    2. A velour ottoman that screams Pinterest chic thanks to lovely pastel hues and gold hairpin legs. But the best part? Storage. This is perfect for stowing away random chargers, papers, and other tchotchkes you simply don't know what to do with in your living room.

    3. A tub of screen wipes if Netflix marathons have ever been compromised by the thick layers of dust coating your TV. These are quick, easy to use, don't leave behind streaks, won't ruin expensive electronics, and reviewers swear they have an anti-static property to prevent accumulated gunk.

    reviewer using product to clean the tv

    4. A lint remover capable of picking up every speck of dust, dirt, and pet hair plastered onto your furniture. This means that you can get dressed, sit on your couch to drink your morning coffee, and leave the house with peace of mind knowing your outfit isn't covered with a layer of fur.

    5. A pack of microfiber cloths for a lint- and streak-free finish on glassware, windows, and yes, that includes light fixtures that have been permanently covered in a layer of dulling grime. The best part is you don't even need a cleaning solution! A bit of water combined with one of these cloths is all you'll need.

    review of window being cleaned

    6. A Pet House room-freshening spray or candle — because you love your pet but *boy oh boy* does their odor linger. Both products do a fantastic job at neutralizing any stench without irritating your doggo's nose in the process.

    the spray

    7. An Aunt Fannie's carpet refresher available in lemon and lavender scents, both of which are subtle enough to *not* cause nose wrinkling... but strong enough to neutralize odors of all variety (*cough* I'm looking at your pet).

    8. A reversible waterproof desk mat that cackles in the face of coffee rings. Plus, don't have a space large enough to accommodate a fancy WFH set-up? Same. Slap this bebe on your living room coffee table to at least give the *feeling* of typing away at a genuine office desk.

    9. A floating hidden bookshelf that scratches the itch of having your own at-home library (you'll have it one day, I promise). These sturdy shelves are great for anyone with limited storage but a *ton* of books, meaning no more scattered paperbacks littering your living room floor.

    Reviewer's six books seemingly floating from the wall with a small cactus on top

    10. A Puracy multi-purpose cleaner formulated with plant-based ingredients ideal for walls, coffee tables, hardwood floors, furniture, and everything in between. Choose between lemongrass or green tea and lime scents — regardless of your choice, rest assured your living room won't be overwhelmed with the smell of chemicals.

    the spray

    11. A faux wood electrical cord box that'll hide unsightly wires that cause heartache by just looking at them. The tangles! The never-ending tangles! They're more than I can personally handle, so I will be hiding them with this box: It's the more efficient tech equivalent of "the chair."

    12. Nontoxic leather conditioner with the power to ~rejuvenate~ everything from your favorite pair of boots to the very, very old couch you thrifted (you didn't realize how expensive furniture was until you submitted your security deposit and started scrolling through West Elm. Yikes!) This lifts years of stains in minutes.

    13. A jar of Museum Gel to keep the small desk you've shoehorned into the corner of your living room (aka your home office) in tip-top shape. This clear gel is great for ensuring monitor stands, mouse pads, supply organizers, and more stay in place — and if you have cats, I'm not sure how you've managed so long without this.

    14. An OXO duster purposely designed with a loonnnnnngg microfiber cloth and extender, which means the dust bunnies living rent-free under your sofa have just met their maker. One reviewer pulled an actual lip gloss tube (!!!!) from under their oven.

    reviewers red duster next to mound of stuff found under the oven

    15. A set of thick velvet slip covers for a brand new couch on a very, very small budget. It doesn't take a DIY genius to master these beauties — literally just ~slip~ them over sofa cushions for an immediate uptick to your living room decor. They also cover up old, impossible-to-remove stains.

    Reviewer before/after of their couch with the pink velvet slip added. The after pic shows couches that look brand new and completely different.

    16. An erase-a-hole putty that fills cracks in drywall, plaster, and wood faster than you can say "HGTV." Just follow the handy dandy guide below for a DIY repair that would a: impress even the great Joanna Gaines and b: won't take too much time or patience.

    a guide on how to use the stick

    17. A squeegee broom to quickly sweep up the water spills, potato chip crumbs, and stray strands that have quickly taken over your tiny apartment. An extendable handle and 100% natural rubber also make this an absolute beast for scooping up pet hair.

    18. A Katzco Furniture repair kit that lets you cover up scratches, scuffs, and discoloration on your Ikea furniture in a jiffy. This kit contains markers and wax sticks in a variety of hues that turn ~furniture repair~ into a task as simple as coloring in a coloring book.

    before, black wood with scuff marks and after, the same black wood with no scuff marks

    19. An adjustable duster brush because the amount of dust that can accumulate in narrow vents is *cough* genuinely disgusting. And don't worry, cleaning said crevices requires but a few minutes of your time and just a flick or two of the wrist.

    20. Vacuum storage bags for all the seasonal blankets that take up about 95% of your living room. These easily compress chunky sweaters and thick duvets to a fraction of their normal size, plus an anti-microbial material keeps funky-smelling mold and mildew away.

    21. A magic carpet spot cleaner over 29,000 devoted reviewers *swear* by for removing stubborn stains. Ever spilled whole glasses of red wine on a white carpet? Opened an old marker and ka-blam, there is now black ink on your couch? This cleaner knows said worries and gets rid of them in a jiffy.

    22. Insect traps for your plants, aka the likely culprits behind the flies, gnats, and various insects that very much showed up to your house without an invitation. Attach each sticky strip onto an included stake, stick 'em in your living room plant, and that's it! Just remove the trap when it's full of insects. Yum.

    23. An ultra thin electrical cover because the only outlet in your entire living room is covered by your couch. Say so long, farewell to wiggling furniture out in order to make room for bulky plugs: This cover is connected to a power strip that lets you charge six devices at a time.

    24. An adjustable desktop shelf unit so you can keep your WFH necessities within arm's reach. If your living room doubles as a home office, this storage solution is just what you need — and it's pretty darn aesthetically pleasing, to boot.

    the shelving unit in black

    25. A robot vacuum capable of reaching the areas of your home in which you wouldn't dare to venture — we're talking under the couch, baby! Dust bunnies are no match for this nifty gadget, which will clean all your floors whilst you lounge and binge yet another Netflix docu-series.

    Reviewer photo of their vacuum, showing how much dog fur it picked up

    26. A ring-bound journal to a) turn ticket stubs into a memento you'll cherish forever, and b) to prevent said ticket stubs from cluttering up every nook, cranny, and corner of your living space.

    27. A set of cable clip organizers if the phrases "absolute disaster" and "a mess of tangles" describe your work desk currently. These little doodads feature an adhesive back to keep everything in place, so simply fasten in chargers and rest assured that they will stay put.

    the cable clips

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