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23 Products That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life

Without the homework.

1. BuzzFeed's Tasty cookbook that comes with ~delicious~ recipes you can personalize.

2. A pop-culture cheat sheet that lets friends like Ice Cube, Nic Cage, and Chewbacca explain basic grammar.

3. A book, written by blogger Aimee Song, that teaches you how to brand yourself via social media.

4. A starter kit for people who have always *wanted* to play the ukulele...but never actually learned.

5. A contouring kit for beginners that instructs mere mortals and wannabe beauty gurus how to do their makeup.

6. A sushi-making kit that will will revolutionize your I-can't-eat-out-anymore home-cooked dinners.

7. A sewing kit with instructions because you should know how to sew that button back onto your jacket, dammit.

8. A homebrewing kit that lets you make your very own craft beer.

9. Diagram glasses to help you make the perfect gin and tonic.

10. A not-so-naughty knots guide that'll help you survive the wild (because of the zombie apocalypse).

11. A gorgeously designed game that sharpens your logic with Japanese puzzles.

12. An app that not only teaches you a new language, but helps you think in that language.

13. A card game of impunding doom (if you don't come up with something witty in less than 90 seconds).

14. A crystal growing kit that includes a poster that teaches you the nitty-gritty of crystal science.

15. A puzzle ball that'll hopefully save you from having any Aleppo moments.

16. A computer kit that actually lets you build a living, breathing, Wifi-using computer.

17. A trivia game that's guaranteed to fill your brain with random, potentially useful facts.

18. A test kit that identifies your bloody blood type.

19. A glow-in-the-dark globe to get you better acquainted with constellations.

20. A music kit that tests your technical skills through the construction of three miniature synths.

21. A stock exchange app that teaches you how to make smarter financial investments.

22. A cutting board that will let you know which sharp utensil you should be using at any given moment.

23. And a potato peeler to teach you that — sometimes — cool gadgets make annoying tasks so much better.

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