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    31 Products That'll Switch Up Your Daily Routine (In A Good Way)

    A heatless curling tool for your hair, for example.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of four sophisticated wineglasses to make your less-than-$10 wine taste like it was sourced from Napa and aged for 10 centuries. "I'm getting some dry notes of expensive," you'll say.

    2. A veggie chopper that's amassed nearly 50k positive reviews, many of which refer to this gadget as "life-changing." Omelets with veggies? Pasta recipes that require "finely sliced" onion? Several tears will be spared; not just because of the onion things but because this will quite literally save you so. much. time.

    3. A Scotch-Brite toilet kit equipped with a handle, storage caddy, and five disposable cleaners to make porcelain throne upkeep as easy as one, two, three.

    model using white wand brush to clean toilet

    4. A lush double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set I am adding to my cart in the name of back to school shopping. Am I going back to school? No. But we are entering fall, ergo I plan on treating myself to cozy accessories to enhance allll my impending Halloween movie marathons.

    the off white faux fur duvet set on a bed

    5. An Esarora Ice Roller to help nix puffiness and swelling (did someone say "lymphatic drainage"?), as well as redness and inflammation caused by things like, say, an eyebrow wax. So in the wise words of a prophet: go ahead and ice, ice baby. 🧊

    6. A Dash portable blender if you're perpetually late and on-the-go. Just dump in your favorite ingredients, press the blend button while walking to your car, and you've got yourself a delicious breakfast. Plus, the compact design means no precious kitchen storage will be harmed.

    7. A raised rib draining mat if your kitchen is roughly the size of your thumb. This is a compact, three-tier design that easily triples in length when you have too many dishes to count — because those fancy draining racks are for people who have countertop space. And we? We don't have that.

    8. A Sabatino truffle honey if you, like me, would eat literal dog food if it were covered in truffle. This condiment elevates any at-home recipe from chicken sandwiches to charcuterie boards, the latter of which will fool your friends into thinking you're a food genius.

    the honey

    9. Magnetic spice jars to save space *and* clutter. So long will be the days of knocking over 30 spices in your kitchen cabinet in pursuit of red pepper flakes.

    10. A curling rod headband that's been hyped by the TikTok masses for delivering flawless waves — no hot tools or arm strength required. Simply wrap damp locks around the roller, fasten with the provided clip, and snooze the night away.

    11. A robot vacuum capable of reaching the areas of your home in which you wouldn't dare to venture — we're talking under the couch, baby! Dust bunnies are no match for this nifty gadget, which will clean all your floors whilst you lounge and binge yet another Netflix docu-series.

    Reviewer photo of their vacuum, showing how much dog fur it picked up

    12. A set of LED Under-cabinet lights to make any teeny kitchen feel more spacious, more inviting, and less like a dungeon made worse by bad fluorescence. You can even keep these on overnight to reduce the chance of ghost encounters on your way to grab a glass of water.

    kitchen with plain white stock cabinets with lights underneath them to make it look so much better

    13. An adjustable ~garbage can~ to toss the food wrappers, receipts, and heaven-knows-what-else that accumulates in your vehicle. Picture it now: a world in which your passenger seat isn't cluttered with coffee to-go cups.

    the black garbage bag attached to the back of the passenger seat

    14. A Chuckit! ball launcher to play fetch without having to, well, get your rump off your backyard patio furniture. If you've got a doggo with more energy than you after 10 cups of cold brew, this is a great way to play for long periods of time without overexerting yourself in the process.

    The launcher

    15. A dishwasher-safe silicone strainer to drain your favorite meal with total ease — and by favorite meal, I obviously mean pasta with a side of more pasta and a generous helping of mac n' cheese. Just clip this attachment on and voila, your work here is almost done.

    16. A universal StopShroom so you can enjoy that so-pricey-it-hurts Lush bath bomb to the fullest knowing that your soak won't sneak back into the drain after *checks watch* three seconds. What's that I smell? Relaxation. And perhaps a hint of lavender.

    reviewer photo of the blue tub stopper in bath full of water

    17. A Bestool detangler brush that's especially fantastic for 3a to 4c hair: it's designed with eight flexible combs that turns detangling wet *or* dry hair into a pain-free process. So long, tearing out strands in the name of more defined curls! We've just streamlined that process forever.

    Reviewer's picture with frizzy curls and then defined curls

    18. An Oxo pour-over coffee maker lauded by reviewers for making the "perfect cup of coffee every time". This foolproof gadget is equipped with a dipper, an auto-drip water tank with printed measurements, and a lid to keep the water hot.

    19. An air-pressure wine bottle opener because I am an adult, I have consumed many a $7 red, and yet — there is nothing that makes my palms sweat faster than a manual corkscrew opener. The cork breaks in half about two-thirds of the time, and I just no longer have that level of patience. Give them the gift of stress-free Pinot. They'll truly thank you for it.

    20. An ingenious scrap collector with a wire rim that easily attaches to the edge of your countertop. Make post-cooking clean-up a true breeze by simply scraping those potato peels and random morsels of rice right into this silicone bin.

    the green bin attached to a kitchen countertop

    21. A set of three watering funnels that makes sure you water your plants, not the floor. This is effective, takes up no extra space, doesn't look like an eyesore, and gets a task (one that you constantly put off) out of the way.

    water being funneled into plant

    22. A sheet set made from a more breathable eucalyptus lyocell material; it also uses 96% less water to make and comes responsibly packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with zero waste. Not to mention there are !!! tags !!! that say which corner of the bed each side of the sheet belongs on. Oh, all the time I would have saved...

    23. A shower brush reviewers swear is *way* more efficient than the $1 mesh loofah you haven't replaced in, oh, let's not talk about how many years. This lathers beautifully, is easy to grip, provides gentle exfoliation, and doesn't become a breeding ground for bacteria thanks to its silicone design.

    reviewer using the shower brush

    24. A PanOxyl foaming wash that screeches "get out" to pesky pimples thanks to a hefty helping of benzoyl peroxide — this bottle contains a whopping 10%, to be exact. Consider acne good as gone when placing this maximum strength formula in your medicine cabinet.

    25. A shower curtain liner with mesh pockets for anyone done with cluttering the corners of their (very tiny) bathtub via an excess of shampoo bottles. You like one for volume and you like the other for strength; I get it. This makes it easy to store a ton of stuff without making your tub feel cluttered.

    26. A Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliator that stretches up to 50 inches, aka back scrubs will no longer require contortionist-worthy flexibility. Skin smoother than any baby's rear end is yours for the taking with this pink shower must-have.

    27. An exfoliating towel so you can tackle a word that strikes fear into your heart: backne. This effectively removes layers of dead skin that would otherwise lead to scarring — reviewers swear by using this in combo with Mario Badescu botanical body soap to make their back all but invincible to breakouts.

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma McAnaw wearing an open back dress

    28. A Pet House room-freshening spray or candle — because you love your pet but *boy oh boy* does their odor linger. Both products do a fantastic job at neutralizing any stench without irritating your doggo's nose in the process.

    the spray

    29. A reversible waterproof desk mat that cackles in the face of coffee rings. Plus, don't have a space large enough to accommodate a fancy WFH set-up? Same. Slap this bebe on your living room coffee table to at least give the *feeling* of typing away at a genuine office desk.

    30. A set of thick velvet slip covers for a brand new couch on a very, very small budget. It doesn't take a DIY genius to master these beauties — literally just ~slip~ them over sofa cushions for an immediate uptick to your living room decor. They also cover up old, impossible-to-remove stains.

    Reviewer before/after of their couch with the pink velvet slip added. The after pic shows couches that look brand new and completely different.

    31. A squeegee broom to quickly sweep up the water spills, potato chip crumbs, and stray strands that have quickly taken over your tiny apartment. An extendable handle and 100% natural rubber also make this an absolute beast for scooping up pet hair.

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