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    21 Products For Anyone Who Just Really Loves Lavender

    I'm already relaxed.

    1. A Mario Badescu facial spray infused with lavender and chamomile for a quick boost of hydration. Soothing aroma aside, this non-irritating formula is truly *chefs kiss* when it comes to combatting dryness.

    2. An artificial lavender plant for those of us who'd love to bring some greenery inside of their homes but — alas — weren't born with a natural green thumb.

    3. A bottle of lavender honey you'll want to keep stocked in your kitchen at all times. Add this to everything from teas and pastries to your morning yogurt for an extra dose of sweetness. Your taste buds? They're already thanking you.

    4. A Billie starter kit for a shave smoother than any baby's behind. This starter kit contains a colorful ergonomic handle (available in LAVENDER), two rust- and nickel-free razor blades, *and* a magnetic holder that will actually adhere to your shower wall.

    5. A bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Libre guaranteed to become your new go-to fragrance; a combination of French lavender essence, Moroccan orange blossom, and musk accord provide for a unique scent that feels all your own.

    6. A cotton pouch filled with dried flowers to leave every nook and cranny of your home as fragrant as possible. *opens linen closet* *is immediately hit with the calming scent of lavender*

    7. An alcohol-free Thayers witch hazel toner for tackling all of your skincare concerns at once: We're talking acne, redness, unevenness, and dullness. Plus, this lavender-infused wonder won't leave your skin feeling taut, is an expert at removing those pesky last traces of makeup, *and* smells delicious.

    8. A lavender-colored ribbed sweater, because this is equally as comfortable as your favorite sweater but *le gasp* about 10x more trendy. Who should start a style blog? You.

    9. A limited-edition Laneige sleeping mask, because keeping consistent dehydration at bay can be accomplished with just one step: Simply apply this hydrating lavender-scented product pre-ZZZs.

    10. A lavender hanging case made from a durable silicone material that will *truly* keep your AirPods case safe from nicks and scratches.

    11. A single wick candle to perfect your next at-home spa night. With a burn time of 33 hours and fragrant notes of lavender and soothing chamomile, you'll feel r-e-l-a-x-e-d as soon as this baby is lit.

    12. A throw blanket perfect for cuddling up with whilst indulging in yet another Netflix binge. This premium hunk of fleece = one of the coziest things you can possible own.

    13. A bag of Dr. Teal's epsom salt, because soothing sore muscles is as easy as one-two-bath. Candles and a glass of wine not required, but highly recommended.

    14. A splurge-worthy unisex Acqua Di Parma perfume meant to evoke feelings of #elegance. This luxurious blend of Bulgarian rose, Sicilian citrus fruits, lavender, and verbena make for a fresh scent that will become love at first spritz.

    15. A Love Home and Planet dry spray that is like a dry shampoo — but for your wardrobe. This lavender and argan oil formula works to freshen up worn clothes that aren't quite dirty enough to be thrown in the wash, but *do* need a little TLC.

    16. A Stila liquid shadow for a fantastic dose of ✨ sparkle ✨ that feels like luxury at first swipe. The formula itself is ultra blendable, lasts all day, and the shade options? Shimmery, stunning, and available in lavender.

    17. A Crosley record player designed with built-in stereo speakers, a headphone jack, *and* Bluetooth compatibility for streaming music directly from your phone.

    18. A bottle of This Works pillow spray infused with lavender, vetiver and chamomile to really help you ~unwind~ before bed. Consider this your one-stop-shop to forgetting about all of those unnecessary emails.

    19. An oversized sweater dress that was basically designed to be lived in. Supreme coziness aside, this sweater is also super stylish and bound to get you (at minimum) 1,000 compliments.

    20. An organic, vegetable-based Dr. Bronner's bar soap suitable for face, body, and hair. An organic blend of coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, and sea salt work in perfect harmony cleanse and soften your skin without making it super dry in the process.

    21. A bottle of The Laundress delicates wash for clothes dubbed as ~dry clean only~: This lavender-scented formula is safe to use on everything from lingerie to silk blouses.

    Me @ that pillow spray:

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