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    27 Pieces Of Furniture Under $200 That Will Make Over Your Space

    "Hey HGTV, can I have my own show now?" —me after buying a new chair.

    1. Kitchen bar stools because why not give your kitchen the vibe of your favorite happy hour spot, eh?

    2. A brass floor lamp sure to 🎶 light up your world like nobody else 🎶. Sorry, whoever One Direction was singing about. You've been replaced.

    3. A table complete with a removable tray so that you can bring your croissant- and wine-pairing from the kitchen to your living room, Miss Bougie.

    4. An adjustable swivel chair made from a lush velvet fabric that is the epitome of luxury. SO FREAKIN' FANCY.

    5. A TV stand you can use to display all of your DVDs because YES, people do still buy those. (I am one of those people...)

    6. A trundle day bed that calls for a freakin' SLEEPOVER.

    7. A pipe clothing rack for anyone with a whole lotta clothes, but not a whole lotta closet space. Display your favorite pieces on this thing and BAM! Your dresses become art.

    8. A four-tiered storage rack you can use to display photos, your favorite books, and all "my mom bought me this for my birthday and I have no idea why" knickknacks you own.

    9. An antique floor wine rack that is the kind of thing I aspire to own one day. A wine collector? Little old me? It's official. I will retire and be FANCY.

    10. A charcoal-colored tufted ottoman for feet that demand to be rested on luxury. This ottoman = fit for royalty.

    11. A rustic side table complete with a leather hammock (AHHH) that can be used to store whatever the heck you want.

    12. A vintage console table that looks like it was plucked from the library of some important figure in literature. Hemingway, was this yours?

    13. A white storage bench complete with wicker bins to hide socks, books, old receipts, random toys, and whatever other annoying eyesores you own.

    14. A dining chair that will give your kitchen a serious upgrade. New dining chairs + your old table = a brand new kitchen.

    15. A contemporary platform bed that looks pretty darn neutral (and dare I say BASIC), meaning it'll match whichever room you decide to dump it in.

    16. A bird-inspired side table you'll want to purchase with caution. It's been known to fly away. Also, this thing is obsessed with Twitter — it tweets 24/7.

    17. A television stand complete with an electric fireplace to add a much-needed dose of cozy to your next Netflix binge.

    18. A faux fur inflatable chair that looks like it was plucked from my middle school interior design dreams. So cozy, so freakin' cool.

    19. A three-piece bar table set perfect for anyone with a super tiny apartment. This provides seating for two without taking up about 2/3 of your living space.

    20. A gorgeous computer desk so inexpensive, your wallet may actually shed tears of pure, unadulterated joy as you hit that submit order button.

    21. A lightweight serving cart you'll be able to transport easily from room to room. Now, what will you be having? Whiskey on the rocks, perhaps?

    22. A height-adjustable chair that is like the chair-y on top of your perfect home office. You impressive professional, you.

    23. A coffee table with a somewhat misleading name. This can just as easily be a tea table, a water table, a hot chocolate table...

    24. A velvet armchair that guarantee you'll never go out on a Friday night ever again. A book? Some coffee? This chair? Nothing could be better.

    25. A console table with plenty of space for storage! Dishes, bowls, flatware sets, cookbooks, fiction books, vases... it'll all fit.

    26. A convertible sofa bed for when your Harry Potter movie marathon becomes an all night affair. Falling asleep in front of your living room TV? Not a problem.

    27. A metal frame, wood top dining table that does NOT come with that adorable chalkboard pictured in the background, unfortunately.

    Looking at my new space and realizing that I belong on HGTV like:

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