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27 Pieces Of Furniture So Gorgeous, They Should Get An Agent

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1. Accent tables inspired by the sunshine your body will soon be receiving because what time is it? SUMMERTIME!

It is officially summer the second it hits June. The season begins well before the 21st, okay?

Get a set of two from Amazon for $89.99 (available in three colors).

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4. A dinner table rumored to have just signed a deal with Victoria's Secret. Meet the newest angel, everybody!

"They really enjoy spending time together." —an anonymous source to TMZ, revealing that this table is currently seeing a member of Maroon 5.

Get it from Amazon for $538.67.


8. A swing chair credited with the rise of book sales. It's impossible to not feel the need 'ta read in this thing.

I imagine there is nothing better than a book and cup of coffee while swinging in this amazing freakin' chair.

Get it from Wayfair for $287.99 (down from $487).

9. An emotionally supportive TV console that understands your Netflix problem. It watched Stranger Things in a day, too.

It will never judge you for watching an entire series in a day, which is a very important quality to look for while furniture shopping.

Get it from Amazon for $140.39.


12. A modern sofa with a degree in law, known to defend clients who have been fired by employers for not going to work.

"It is unfair to fire my client for being too comfortable at home to show up for work." —this lawyer couch

Get it from Wayfair for $443.99 (down from $739).

13. A mirrored desk that was featured in Mulan's powerful ballad, "Reflection." It was there. Right next to the pond.


16. A corner desk you'll find when you search "home office of my dreams" on Pinterest. This'll pop up immediately.

I give you permission to work from home if your office looks like this. Just tell your boss that AnaMaria at BuzzFeed has approved your request.

Get it from Amazon for $86.94 (available in five colors).

19. A velvet armchair that doesn't spend enough time on leg day at the gym. Has fantastic upper-body strength, though.

The point is: buying this chair is like buying a personal bodyguard.

Get it from Amazon for $185+ (available in five colors).


20. A handcarved bed designed for a Princess (the one with the pea). Let's just say she hasn't counted sheep in a while.

"I'm pretty sure there's something under this mattress, possible a pea, but I DON'T CARE because this is the most beautiful bed I've ever seen and I now sleep like a baby." —The Princess

Get it from Anthropologie for $1,698+ (available in three colors).


25. A gorgeous bed stolen from Buckingham Palace. Pembroke Welsh Corgis and royal jewels sadly not included in price.

But! They can be purchased at an additional fee of 987 trillion pounds. Monthly installments available.

Get it from Wayfair for $352.99 (down from $1,029.99, available in eight colors).

26. A shadowbox table with a bottom shelf that could be used for books, magazines, remotes, etc.

Plus, this table contains two drawers with removable dividers. Hooray for organization!

Get it from Amazon for $142.87.

27. A bathroom vanity guaranteed to make you start washing your face with the same reckless abandon shown in the Neutrogena commercials.

I am convinced that the "let me splash my face with 70 gallons of water" Neutrogena commercials cause floods. Anyone else?

Get it from Amazon for $1,559.99.