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    31 Pieces Of Clothing Under $25 That You'll Actually Want To Wear

    Turtleneck dresses, scoopneck tops, duster cardigans, velvet bodysuits, lovely leggings, and SO MUCH MORE.

    1. A turtleneck top that I sincerely feel bad for because I know that you will wear it every single day. The poor thing will never get a break or some well-earned PTO.

    2. Scoop neck t-shirts made from a super soft material (100% supima cotton) that will stay soft — even after being thrown in the wash 907 times.

    3. A vintage-inspired tea dress complete with a belt to cinch at your waist. HELLO, HOURGLASS FIGURE! Lookin' great, as per usual!

    4. A turtleneck dress with lace detailing you'll want to pair with some denim and riding boots. All of that = the perfect outfit.

    5. High-waisted leggings that are comparable to products from pricier brands, but are significantly more affordable. Praise be.

    6. A cropped velvet top capable of looking slightly more dressy than your average white tee. Going out for dinner (for the 907th time this week, I might add)? Wear this!

    7. A split-neck tunic that can be worn underneath a blazer (super business meeting appropriate), and for happy hour drinks after walk? You can wear this on its lonesome.

    8. High-rise skinny jeans you shouldn't even fold and put away. Just leave them crumpled on the floor. You'll be wearing them again tomorrow, anyhow.

    9. A corduroy mini skirt to fool the world into thinking that you're super stylish and trendy, even if you're... not. I hope I haven't offended you.

    10. A cropped sweater with a gorgeous lace-up back. Will friends ask to borrow it? Yes. Should you let them? Nope. Tell 'em to get their own, dammit.

    11. An asymmetric duster cardigan that is the kind of article of clothing your sibling will likely want to steal — so just try to keep it safe!

    12. High-waisted corduroy leggings perfect for running errands (the worst) or lounging around the house and doing absolutely nothing (the best). Psst, these babies aren't see-through at all!

    13. A high-waisted midi skirt designed for excessive twirling. Now get your phone out, pal, because it is time for a BOOMERANG.

    14. A lightweight racerback tank top made from a moisture-wicking fabric, AKA it won't make you feel even sweatier than you already are.

    15. An off-the-shoulder velvet bodysuit you can pair with some high-waisted jeans, booties, and BAM! You are ready for a night out on the town.

    16. High-waisted skinny jeans that cut right at the ankle, meaning they won't bunch up and look awkward around your low-top sneakers.

    17. A ruffle top perfect for the office. This pretty little ruffled thing will make your boring cubicle seem like style heaven.

    18. A crewneck dress with pockets (!!!!) that will basically feel like an extension of your coziest, most beloved sweatshirt. Just pair this with some over-the-knee boots to become the epitome of ~fashun~.

    19. A lightweight cropped sweater in a gorgeous baby blue color, because you know what? I'm ready to add some variety to all the boring neutral colors in my wardrobe.

    20. An open blazer to add some polish to your look. Have a stressful business meeting tomorrow AM? Consider yourself P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D.

    21. An animal print button-up top that — hold on. Do you hear that? I think... I think this top is actually calling my name...

    22. A long-sleeved t-shirt with the word "basic" written all over it. In National Treasure-approved invisible ink, of course.

    23. A flared velvet skater skirt trying to officially change its name. To what, you ask? "Sk8er" skirt.

    24. A lightweight v-neck tunic made from a super soft jersey material. This top = the definition of cozy, folks.

    25. Drawstring joggers featuring striped sides to make your ~lewk~ seem fashion-forward, sure. But the REAL winner here? You'll also be feeling ridiculously comfy.

    26. A cartoon graphic tee all of your friends will be asking to borrow. For your own good, please do not let them — we both know that you will never get it back.

    27. A midi skater dress that can be worn to that wedding you have to go to. Just add some heels, a clutch, some statement earrings, and you're done!

    28. A plaid poncho because why not feel like you're wearing a blanket all day long?

    29. A tiered tee so perfect for everyday wear, you might just shed a tier. "Welcome to the family," I say with watery eyes and a splotchy face.

    30. High-rise leggings designed with mock buttons AKA they'll look a lot sophisticated than they actually are. Leggings? To a fancy dinner? Sign me the HECK up.

    31. A high-waisted maxi skirt you'll want wear to karaoke. Song of choice? "Hand In My Pocket" by Alanis Morissette.

    Me, finding clothes that don't cost a small fortune:

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