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    31 Pieces Of Clothing That Are Perfect For A Holiday Party

    Warning: sequins ahead.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A plaid blazer jacket available in several neutral hues *and* the below red, ideal for adding a splash of holiday-approved color to the ensemble you wear eight days of the week: jeans, black booties, black sleeved top.

    Reviewer wearing the red tartan style blazer

    2. A sleeved mini dress if the aesthetic you're aiming for this NYE is "disco ball chic" and I mean that in the least offensive way possible. Wearing this sparkly number whilst shouting the countdown at your TV screen = good fortune for the year ahead. It's science.

    model wearing the dress

    3. A ribbed knit tunic that screams cozy holiday style thanks to an oversized, ultra-comfortable style — one that can be worn as a minidress with booties *or* a plain old sweater with leggings.

    4. A feather-adorned pajama set ideal for late-night cookies and early mornings spent watching your family open gifts despite them telling you that they "really didn't want anything" this year. Too bad! I hope they enjoy the candle.

    model wearing the pajama set

    5. A tiered bell-sleeve top that's wonderful for daytime office parties which, in my humble opinion, are also the best parties. Free bagels in the conference room and complimentary pizza for lunch? *And* I don't have to show up after hours of working to mingle with colleagues? Bliss.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing denim jeans and a yellow blouse

    6. A sequin dress with the words "New Year's Eve" embedded in the fabric itself. Plans? Not made. Excitement? Not felt. 2022 goals? Not met. But alas — at least you'll ring in 2023 wearing a lovely 'fit that requires Instagram documentation.

    model wearing the dress

    7. A satin bodysuit so stunning that I almost feel the urge to...dress up? And give my leggings a break? I'm sure the moment is fleeting but for now, that's enough for me to hit the "add to cart" button.

    8. A self-tie romper featuring swaths of velvet and satin to rival the chic Parisian fashion bloggers who have somewhat successfully convinced you that your life would be exponentially better if you lived in Paris.

    model wearing the romper

    9. A maxi dress available in 59 hues and fabrics (including the below emerald green velvet). TLDR: This tried-and-true wrap silhouette is the perfect ensemble for any occasion — for both the holiday season and wedding season, the latter of which my body shivered at the thought.

    reviewer wearing the dress

    10. A bodycon skirt that's best described as a "swath of shimmering champagne that will leave dinner guests and any/all passersby feeling breathless and compelled to give you a compliment."

    model wearing the skirt

    11. A cowl neck midi because what I'm thankful for this November 24 is simple ensembles that look fabulous, don't cost a small fortune, and can be re-worn to the slew of events I have unfortunately been invited to for the next 1.5 months.

    reviewer wearing the dress

    12. A ribbed sweater dress made from a soft, comfortable material that doesn't feel stifling. If the fabric and silhouette aren't enough to win you over, let me present my closing argument: pockets.

    13. A bodycon pencil dress that looks so. damn. chic. And while the importance of owning the perfect LBD is no secret, it's likely you've had the same one for...decades (#guilty). I believe it's time we both level up.

    reviewer wearing the black midi dress

    14. A swanky spaghetti-strap cami likely the muse behind Rihanna crooning ~where have you been all my life~. If you've thrown your entire wardrobe onto the ground in pursuit of a decent top, this bb will be here to save the day.

    15. A pleated faux-leather skirt equipped with built-in shorts so you can brave windy winter nights and holiday commutes without worrying about potential Monroe moments.

    reviewer wearing the black skirt

    16. An off-shoulder blouse featuring a wrap waist and voluminous sleeves for THE party top of your dreams. Purchase this now with the mindset that you'll be wearing it to every single semi-fancy dinner date henceforth.

    17. A ruffle hem midi that is. the. best. thing you'll purchase ahead of the holiday season. Dare I say, I'll...actually look forward to too-long dinners with annoying family members? Just for an excuse to wear the below?

    reviewer wearing the dress

    18. A pair of relaxed wide leg pants featuring the winter fabric of choice: velvet. These are high-waisted, rival your leggings for coziness, and can be paired with a matching crop top.

    19. A one-shoulder top best accessorized with mistletoe, the scent of balsam, several holiday dishes, and a mug of eggnog that you will not drink because you find the taste revolting... despite your best efforts to like it.

    reviewer wearing the red top

    20. An elegant split-hem midi that may ruin the best part of the wedding you're at: cocktail hour. Eating calamari will be consistently interrupted by the dozens of compliments you'll have to accept.

    21. A supportive underwire bodysuit capable of making the word ~swanky~ come immediately to mind. Essentially, an addition like this to your wardrobe has the same energy as popping champagne or munching on caviar.

    22. A mock-neck bodysuit bound to be on constant rotation this holiday season. While this piece of clothing may not wear Uggs or guzzle down peppermint mocha drinks from *insert overpriced coffee chain here*, it still remains the perfect basic.

    reviewer wearing the bodysuit

    23. An oversized knitted sweater vest for making the word "crisp" come to mind. Turtleneck weather is back, pets, and what better way to accessorize the holidays than with the below? I'll be taking five. Thanks.

    24. A faux suede mini skirt serving Big Holiday Energy. Your outfit will have basically attained a Pinterest level of perfection — just add some boots and a bodysuit. Glass of sparkling rosé in hand is optional but highly encouraged.

    25. A short slouchy cardigan practically begging to be added to your holiday wardrobe. This easy breezy layer is made from a cozy knit that is equal parts comfortable and stylish — simply drape it over anything in your wardrobe for a kick of warmth.

    model wearing the slouchy gray cardigan

    26. A sleeved off-shoulder bodycon because you may have been invited to a champagne-sipping event, but your budget is more like the $2 beer special. This number looks expensive but is actually quite affordable.

    27. High-waisted leggings guaranteed to make you feel trendier than thou strutting to the kid's table of the family party, despite your many years on this earth. Pair 'em with a simple top to make it look as if you weren't out until the wee hours of the morning.

    Reviewer wearing faux leather leggings

    28. A satin midi skirt voted "most likely to be worn by royalty." A delicious silky gold fabric coupled with a mid-thigh slit? I'm salivating. This is basically champagne and caviar converted into clothing form.

    29. A snazzy cropped sweater if you want to feel dressed up — sans uncomfortable, always-on-the-verge-of-ripping black tights. Pull on your favorite jeans, add some feathers via this cozy violet top, and voilà! You are dinner ready.

    model wearing a sweater

    30. A lantern sleeve mini voted most likely to be worn by royalty because yes, absolutely, a Disney Princess would wear the below if their kingdoms were real and thriving at present.

    31. An adjustable strap satin slip about to become your official holiday uniform. If high school friend group A, college friend group B, and distant family C don't have any guests in common (and if you time your Insta feed correctly), no one will know about your outfit repetition.

    reviewer wearing the blue slip dress

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.