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    27 Pieces Of Clothing From Target That Only Look Expensive

    "I actually paid less than $5,000 for this coat." —Me, shocking everyone.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A silky t-shirt for both casual let's-go-to-the-movies-days and fancier let's-go-out-to-dinner situations.

    Price: $24.99 / Sizes: 0X-4X / Available in two colors.

    Sizes XXS-XXL also available for $22.99.

    2. High-rise jeggings available in short, regular, and long lengths. My short legs are ecstatic right now.

    Promising review: "These are my new favorite jeans. I'm totally ordering a back-up pair! The fit is great! I wore them all day while running around doing errands, and they didn't stretch out AND I didn't have to pull them up throughout the day." —CSquaredAZ

    Price: $29.99 / Sizes: 00 Short—18 Long

    3. A chenille cocoon sweater that'll turn you into a beautiful butterfly. Mother nature, folks.

    Promising review: "I am in love with this! I already told my husband that I need to get a backup of this, just in case this one ever gets ruined — I love it that much. It's definitely worth the money. Buy it, you won't regret it!" —Christine

    Price: $29.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in three colors.

    4. A long sleeve top perfect for layering. You can put that $hit under or over anything.

    Price: $17.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in three colors.

    5. A puffer coat because baby it's cold outside, but your jacket should be keeping you toasty and warm.

    Promising review: "I wanted an affordable and warm puffer jacket for my winter wardrobe, and this fits the bill. For the price and the quality, this is a great purchase: it's lightweight, true to size, and made well." —LadyJane

    Price: $59.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL

    6. Lightweight leggings currently disguising themselves as sweatpants. They needed a change.

    Promising review: "These sweatpants are awesome! The blue color is great, and I get compliments whenever I wear these. They are soft, stretchy, and so comfortable. An absolute must-buy!" —Candice

    Price: $19.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in two colors.

    7. A twill blazer that makes the word "classic" immediately come to mind. This is such a timeless piece.

    Promising review: "This is my go-to jacket for work! The material is comfortable and moves well with the body, plus it's easy to wash." —Kat

    Price: $34.99 / Sizes: 2-18 / Available in three colors.

    8. A mesh babydoll top not intended for people with poor vision. This'll have you seeing spots.

    Price: $16.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in two colors.

    9. A wrap dress in a gorgeous burgundy color that no one will believe you bought at Target. No one.

    Price: $29.99 / Sizes: 0X-4X

    Sizes XS-XXL also available for $27.99.

    10. A leopard print coat known for being disobedient. It's ferocious. You won't be able to tame it.

    Promising review: "This is a stylish finishing touch to any outfit! This coat has a very classic vintage cut that is spectacular IMO. I have so many neutrals, and this is my favorite way to complete any outfit. I could not love this more!" —Sammymn

    Price: $59.99 / Sizes: S-XXL

    Sizes 0X-4X available in a similar style for $69.99.

    11. Sequin tops that scream "IT'S THE HOLIDAY SEASON. WEAR MORE SPARKLE, DAMMIT."

    Price: $27.99 / Sizes: 0X-5X / Available in two colors.

    12. A ruffle plaid shirt with a misleading name. This is not a potato chip. It is not made from an edible material.

    Price: $24.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL

    Sizes 0X-4X available for $27.99.

    13. A sherpa zip-up hoodie in a dusty rose color. It's super cozy, despite the misleading name. (This has no thorns.)

    Price: $24.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL

    14. High-waisted leggings with pockets (!!!) that won't tell the world what color underwear you're wearing.

    Promising review: "I workout about five or six days a week, and these are AWESOME! They stay put, I love the side pockets, and they look very flattering on my legs. I've already purchased two pairs, and will probably be buying more." —NikkiHona

    Price: $29.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in two colors.

    15. A flutter shoulder dress that is appropriately-named: it'll definitely make your heart flutter.

    Promising review: "I purchased this dress for a work event, and did not expect all the many compliments this frock would garner. It has a nice cut, is well made, and the print itself is on par with those from European fashion houses. This is an exceptional value for a piece that travels well, has an exceptional fit, and is in step with all the current trends." —seaside

    Price: $34.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in four colors.

    Sizes 0X-4X available for $25.88 (originally $36.99).

    16. A button-up blouse with a star and moon pattern. Your love for this top will never wane.

    Price: $22.99 / Sizes: 0X-4X

    Sizes XS-XXL available for $19.99.

    17. Black skinny jeans made from a stretchy denim AKA your legs won't feel like they're trapped in Azkaban prison.

    Promising review: "These Denizen curvy skinny jeans are by far my favorite jeans! They're stretchy, but still hold their shape. Plus, they're comfortable and soft!" —Butterfly1

    Price: $27.99 / Sizes: 4 Short-12 Long

    18. A military-inspired blazer you can throw on over any outfit. This screams "No Susan, I did not just roll out of bed."

    Promising review: "I'm in love with this blazer! Nice quality, comfortable, and really cool!" —K8

    Price: $39.99 / Sizes: S-L

    Sizes 0X-4X available for $44.99.

    19. A fit and flare dress guaranteed to become your next go-to LBD. Say hello to your new wardrobe staple.,

    Promising review: "This is a very flattering dress, and I get so many compliments when I wear it! The material is great and washes well, plus it fits true to size." —Claud

    Price: $29.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in three colors.

    20. A plaid blouse so cute, you might even say it's a-bow-able.

    Price: $27.99 / Sizes: 0X-4X

    21. A velvet skirt known for peer pressuring wearers into spinning and twirling around in circles.,

    Promising review: "This skirt is GORGEOUS. This material is so lush, and is much richer-looking than the price would suggest." —Sheruldean

    Price: $22.99 / Sizes: XXS-XXL / Available in two colors.

    Sizes 0X-4X available for $24.99.

    22. A turtleneck sweater to keep your neck nice and toasty. What scarf? Who needs 'em?,

    Promising review: "This a great everyday turtleneck. I love the grey one so much, I plan on buying more colors." —Bubbles

    Price: $17.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in six colors.

    Sizes 0X-4X available for $19.99.

    23. An open back jumpsuit that'll definitely ~jump~ into your shopping cart. No doubt.,

    Price: $34.99 / Sizes: XS-XL

    24. A graphic sweatshirt for anyone who's in love and doesn't care who knows it. Why hide your feelings?

    Price: $21.99 / Sizes: 1X-3X

    25. A chenille mockneck dress so cozy, you'll feel like your wearing your softest, most comfortable sweater.

    Price: $29.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL / Available in two colors.

    26. A crew neck pullover with colorblock detailing. Warning: you'll want to wear this every single day.

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful sweater! It's soft, the colors are extremely flattering, and it looks a lot more expensive than it is." —PurelyMe

    Price: $17.99 / Sizes: XS-XXL

    27. Velvet leggings for days with short breaks between I-have-to-go-food-shopping and I'm-meeting-my-friend-for-lunch.

    Price: $14.99 / Sizes: 0X-4X

    Target is life, Target is joy.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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