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    21 Cool And Inexpensive Glasses That'll Change Up Your Look

    You've been wearing those frames for 10+ years. The time to replace them has come.

    1. Square-shaped frames that should really start negotiating for PTO now considering you'll likely wear them every darn day. These marzipan tortoise babies are destined to become your new favorite frames. Ever.

    the brown tortoise frames

    2. Round, full-rim acetate frames featuring blue detailing you'll want to wear from now until forever. An awfully long time, but I promise you'll never get sick of wearing these.

    3. Lightweight glasses exuding major "I cost a ton of money" vibes. Luckily, they don't — the frames start at $19.95 and prescription lens add-ons start at an additional $30.85. Go ahead and sing "Glamorous" by Fergie with full confidence.

    model wearing the black and gold glasses

    4. Classic frames available in five neutral colors that will never clash with your outfit. Let's get a round of applause for glasses that don't make getting dressed feel like an even bigger chore.

    5. Prescription eyeglasses designed with a straight browline and square angles for a retro look. Ooh-wee-ooh, dare we say you'll look just like Buddy Holly.

    the glasses in brown, black, and light brown

    6. Nonprescription computer glasses that block the pesky blue light seeping in from your monitor (blue light = the potential culprit behind your mid-afternoon headaches made worse by nonstop Excel sheets and "per my last email" responses).

    7. Round frames available in two awesome styles: a translucent ~crystal~ color and a classic tortoise print, both of which are equally fantastic. I wish you luck as you attempt to choose just one.

    8. Trapezoid-shaped frames that are the only math I want to think about in 2020. These beauties are super timeless and lightweight, plus the EyeBuyDirect site will help you measure your pupillary distance (in case you don't already know it).

    BuzzFeed staffer wearing black and silver eyeglasses

    9. Metal frames with some impressive lens offerings: You can get blue light, 100% UV protection, anti-reflective coating, and anti-scratch coating. The world is your oyster.

    the black frames

    10. Cat-eye glasses so gorgeous, you'll actually *want* to give your contacts a break. The scratch-resistant lenses! The one year warranty! The retro look! Excuse me whilst I drool.

    11. Rectangle frames about to become the new ~little black dress~ of your glasses game. These are the epitome of a perfect basic.

    the black frames

    12. Full-rimmed frames with a classic style that makes these *the* perfect eyeglasses for everyday wear.

    13. Keyhole bridge round lenses that make the word "library" come to mind. Plus, they're available in wide, medium, and extra narrow sizes, aka the perfect fit is all but guaranteed.

    the brown and black glasses in three different sizes

    14. Square eyeglasses you can snag in three neutral colors, plus a very timely orange hue. Select two-day shipping and BAM! Your Halloween movie marathon will feel complete thanks to these new frames.

    15. Wayfarer frames so bookish, you'll basically feel like Velma Dinkley every time you slip 'em on. Feel confident knowing the Scooby gang would literally not have functioned without you.

    model wearing the black square eyeglasses

    16. Rectangle eyeglasses if you're on the hunt for a basic, no-frills style. These babies are it. The long, hard search is over.

    the black frames

    17. Cat-eye glasses with the uncanny ability to turn a wrinkled white tee and ripped denim ensemble into one worthy of a post on the 'gram. Basically, these will make you look effortless chic — no matter what you're wearing or how greasy your hair is.

    the pink and black cat eye frames

    18. Full-rim frames crafted with a durable acetate for anyone who is *ahem* rough on their glasses. If you're the kind of person who throws their frames into their purse with no case, these are for you.

    19. Simple wire frames serving some major Adam from Beetlejuice energy and I will die on this hill. *"Banana Boat (Day-O)" plays softly in the background*

    the black wire frame eyeglasses

    20. Wayframe eyeglasses that check all of the boxes: they're trendy, ultra lightweight, super comfortable, *and* affordable. What's not to love?

    21. Square glasses to add a pop of color to your all-black outfit. Combine the below red hue with the fact that these babies cost ~$10 and w-o-w, have you got yourself a winner.

    the red glasses

    Me @ all of these beautiful frames:

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