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27 Pairs Of Leggings You Can Wear As Pants, Dammit

Repeat after me: Leggings are pants.

1. Opaque ankle leggings that won't yell "SHE'S WEARING POLKA DOT GRANNY PANTIES!" to the entire world.

2. High-rise leggings with a pleated design on the sides. These are great to wear when you're feeling blue.

3. Galaxy print leggings designed for intergalactic travel. You'll definitely want to make space for these in your suitcase.

4. Ankle leggings with a tiny compartment to hide your biggest secrets. (Well, your phone and keys, anyway.)

5. High-waisted leggings so perfect, they're said to have inspired the hit song "Can't Help Falling in Love."

6. Lace-up leggings trying to disguise themselves as pants. Although they're so comfy, they'll never fool you.

7. High-rise capri leggings that'll actually stay in place. Hooray for not interrupting your workout to adjust your waistband!

8. Camouflage leggings not intended for people who want to blend in. The product description is completely misleading.

9. Crisscross mesh leggings guaranteed to have all your friends asking, "where the heck did ya get those?"

10. Classic black jersey leggings that'll become your new LBL: Little Black Leggings.

11. Multi-colored leggings for the indecisive person who can never just choose one color, dammit.

12. Athletic leggings perfect for any and every workout. These bad boys have almost 6,000 (!!!!) reviews.

13. Ankle leggings known to leave their wearers feeling starry-eyed. I have no idea why.

14. Faux leather leggings you'll want to wear for a look that screams, "why yes, I am a trendsetting badass."

15. Seamless knit leggings so beautiful, it would probably feel weird to wear them. It's like they belong in a museum.

16. Splurge-worthy leggings you'll thank yourself for finally purchasing. I promise.

17. Mesh paneled leggings that once and for all prove that it is, in fact, easy being green.

18. Moto-inspired leggings you can lie to everyone about. Just say you're wearing jeans! Your friends will believe you!

19. Floral blush-colored leggings that require sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. They are SO high-maintenance.

20. Velvet leggings designed to become your go-to special occasion bottoms from now on. Your fancy pants, if you will.

21. High-waisted leggings made from a smooth, light-reflective fabric that'll make your legs look like they're shining.

22. Ridiculously comfy ankle leggings so soft, you'll probably want to sleep in them. Understandable.

23. Faux-leather leggings for days spent running errands and nights spent out on the town. Multi-functional at its finest, folks.

24. Splurge-worthy leggings with a drawstring waist and deep pockets. These have "athleisure" written all over them.

25. Mid-rise stretchy leggings perfect for anyone who is mad for plaid. Which I am, by the way.

26. Capri leggings with a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling like you're not drenched in your own sweat.

27. Buttery soft leggings available in a bunch of fun, vibrant patterns. Warning: you'll want them all.

Me, at the thought of wearing pants: