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    This Belgian Waffle Maker Will MAKE You Make Time For Breakfast


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    I've always been bitter about television scene breakfasts: Main characters will have entire gourmet buffets spread before them just to squeak out an annoying "I'm not hungry" as they pop a single grape into their mouth.

    20th Century Fox

    Meanwhile, this would be me (^^^^) if I were ever presented with homemade waffles before work. I just love waffles so much.

    My love of waffles = often overshadowed by how much effort I thought they required. But surprise! Last year I purchased an Oster Belgian waffle maker, and my breakfast game has since taken a turn for the better.

    This no-frills gadget powers on as soon as it's plugged in, fully heating up within mere seconds. And not only does it make melt-in-your-mouth waffles every πŸ‘ darn πŸ‘ time πŸ‘, but cleanup is also a total breeze!

    Just wait until the nonstick pans cool down to wipe away any excess batter (and be sure to season the pans with oil pre-batter for best results). Plus, this is designed with cool-touch handles so that you can check on your waffles every so often (just open the lid) without fear of burning yourself.

    All you have to do is pour in some batter, let it sizzle, and BAM! Your Belgian breakfast is now served and you were even able to Instagram scroll while it made itself.

    This waffle maker is equipped with two buttons: red for power and green for ready. The green button will light up when your waffle is done, meaning you won't have to clumsily stick toothpicks inside to determine whether or not it's fully cooked. Phew.

    Plus, you can adjust the temperature to customize how your waffle comes out. Raise the temp if you prefer crispy, lower it if you prefer fluffy.

    And you don't have to stop at waffles! Get adventurous and use this to make everything from omelettes and quesadillas to hash browns and chicken and waffles. The options are endless.,

    Have I tried to do it? No. But it's possible!

    Plus, I'm not the only one who has googly eyes over this Oster waffle maker β€” just take a gander at all the reviewers who love it just as much as I do.


    "MMMMMM....waffles! I love this waffle machine. It is very easy to clean and use, and I hardly have to grease the pans in order for my waffles to not stick. They cook thoroughly and excess rarely spills out or burns through the sides. I've even made hash browns in this!" –DeliaGee

    "Man when they say non-stick, they are NOT KIDDING. I've had this for over a year now and I've never been through any sort of 'cleaning process' with it yet. I've made waffles, brownies (which I TOTALLY recommend), and cake .Works amazing and I love it!" β€”Molly M.

    "We've had this waffle maker for about a year now and it is the best waffle maker we've ever had. It's small enough that storage isn't an issue, it's nonstick surface works great. The lighter or darker setting on top works perfect for getting the crunchiness that I like and the softer waffles that my husband likes." β€”Emily Burgess

    BREAKFAST IS WAITING! Get this waffle maker from Amazon for $17.88.

    Me, you, THE WORLD getting ready for their Saturday AM waffles:

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