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    24 NYC Food Spots That People In The BuzzFeed NY Office Are Obsessed With

    The employees at BuzzFeed NY have spoken.

    New York City is home to an overwhelming amount of restaurants, which is not ideal for the indecisive eater who doesn't feel like devoting hours of their time to Yelp.

    So if you're planning a trip to NYC or just moved here and don't know where to go, then here it is — all of the food spots that BuzzFeed NY swears by.

    1. Maiella LIC

    2. B&H Dairy

    3. Xi’an Famous Foods

    4. Sugar Freak

    5. Tofu Tofu

    6. My Cuban Spot

    7. D'Antan

    8. Taverna Kyclades

    9. Watawa Sushi

    10. Lido Harlem

    11. Five Senses

    12. Cornerstone Cafe

    13. Jeepney

    14. ATOBOY

    15. Daily Provisions

    16. The Commodore

    17. Barbounia

    18. Lilia

    19. Sunday in Brooklyn

    20. Saraghina

    21. Claro

    22. The Fat Radish

    23. Treadwell Park

    24. Westville

    Me, telling anyone and everyone about how good the sushi at Watawa is:

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