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    The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Is Here And, My Stars, It's Great

    Time to snag everything from Kate Spade bags to Madewell tees — for up to 50% off. *begins to sweat*

    If you’re ready for your pulse to quicken, then I have a major announcement: Nordstrom, protector of free shipping and free returns, is having a truly fantastic sale.

    Hundreds of sale items are now up to 50% off (#wow), meaning you can score your entire spring/summer wardrobe at a fraction of the price. I mean, basic tees for less than $10? Pinch me.

    Now without further ado, here are some of our top picks from the sale:

    1. A Madewell V-neck tee made from a lightweight cotton material that won't cling to the sweaty crevices of your skin every time humidity decides to make an appearance.

    2. Low-cut socks that (thankfully) won't show over your low-top sneakers. You won't even have to match them up post-laundry because they'll never ever be exposed to the world.

    3. A button-front blouse you'll want to wear every single Friday. This is perfect for both end-of-week office meetings and beginning-of-the-weekend-drinks, the latter of which I am personally very excited for.

    4. Tidal flip flops designed with molded arch support, meaning they'll actually feel comfortable enough for day-long wear. These are perfect for everything from touring a new city to days spent at the beach.

    5. A striped tee you can hypothetically wear 365 days out of the year. Pair this with some go-to jewelry, your favorite denim jacket, underneath a sweater, etc. So many uses, so little money spent.

    6. A striped mini skirt made from a soft, stretchy denim that moves with your body. In other words? This pretty little thing won't ride up past your butt the second you take a step.

    7. High-rise skinny jeans because white denim season is HERE, and what better way to celebrate than with some...well...white denim. *throws confetti into the air* *"Celebration* plays in the background*

    8. A Kate Spade leather satchel available in a bunch of spring-ready hues. If your entire wardrobe is black (and you intend on keeping it that way), then this is the perfect accessory to add just a *hint* of color to any outfit.

    9. Aqua-colored Hunter rain boots because spring showers may be awful, but at least they give you an excuse to wear these beautiful babies — which are, by the way, packable. They're made from a lightweight, flexible material that allow you to roll 'em up into a fraction of the size.

    10. A Something Navy dotted dress featuring puffy sleeves and an A-line silhouette ideal for twirling. Does this call for a Boomerang on the 'gram? Absolutely.

    11. A Madewell wrap top bound to suffer the same fate as your favorite jeans or your most beloved bra. In other words, this WILL be worn all 👏 the 👏 time 👏.

    12. A racerback camisole top you'll be able to wear all 365 days a year. This defies the concept of ~seasonal dressing~ and is perfect for fall, winter, spring, AND summer. Just layer it with a blazer during the colder months!

    13. A BLANKNYC crepe jacket you can layer over any outfit, whether a cocktail dress or a wrinkled tee that you definitely did not sleep in last night hahahaha.

    14. A midi dress that'll have you humming 🎶 itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot dress 🎶 pretty much from the moment you slip it on until the late hour in which you finally take it off. Prepare for hatred from both your friends and your vocal chords.

    15. Topshop block-heel booties for just a hint of height — but thankfully not the kind that will hurt your feet after only .5 seconds of wear.

    16. A striped romper you can quickly throw on for that 7:30 dinner reservation you made. What time is it now? 8:08. Hurry it up.

    17. High-waisted linen-blend shorts you can layer over your bathing suit for a romantic stroll along the boardwalk. Nicholas Sparks? I think I've found the next costume for the main character in your novel-turned-film.

    18. A scoop back crop tee that hits right above your natural waist, meaning it won't awkwardly bunch up/wrinkle whenever you wear your favorite high-waisted denim.

    19. Drawstring shorts cozy enough to wear while lounging around at home, but fancy enough to dress up with some heels and your favorite jewelry.

    20. A Casetify phone case that signifies "Oui, I am a dog person" to anyone you meet. Do they care? Not really. But will crack a smile every time you look at your phone to see these darling bulldog staring up at you? Yes.

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