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    29 Stylish Things From Nordstrom You'll Want To Wear This Fall

    Get ready for some major ~apple picking attire~ inspo.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A corduroy blazer known for hanging out at Starbucks whilst reading poetry and brooding about life. In other words, this thing screams artsy.

    2. A wrap-style sheath dress you can wear to everything from the office to happy hour drinks. This LBD is so adventurous! It's always up for anything.

    3. High-waisted skinny jeans made from a cotton-infused denim. Meaning? These bad boys will conform to your body for a fit that was practically tailored to you.

    4. A twist hem tee sick and tired of being called basic. It hates pumpkin spice, it doesn't wear Uggs, and it doesn't believe in the whole "inspirational quote in your Insta bio" thing.

    5. A blush-colored wrap dress that is blush-colored for a reason. All those compliments! They really get to it!

    6. A sophisticated bucket bag you'll want to use every darn day. The other handbags in your closet will feel neglected, but hey. That's life!

    7. A comfy knit blazer made from the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives — 100% cotton, baby.

    8. Pointy-toe mules that probably live in Williamsburg and drink a ton of matcha. In other words, these things are trendy AF.

    9. A hooded parka with a cinched waist to give you an oversized fit that's not too oversized.

    10. A dolman sleeve pullover best accessorized with jeans, booties, and a pumpkin spice latte. Hot or iced! Whatever you prefer!

    11. A crossbody bag to add a pop of color to the sea of black, white, and grey that is your wardrobe. Would it KILL YA to add some variety?

    12. High-waisted skinnies that'll have your leggings quivering with fear. These jeans are made from a soft stretch denim that make 'em — DARE I SAY — even comfier than leggings.

    13. A knot front tee you can pair with any freakin' bottom. Jeans! Leggings! Skirts! Shorts! Culottes if you can pull them off because I certainly cannot!

    14. A ruffle-trimmed slipdress you'll want to ~slip~ into your shopping cart immediately. How can you resist that lipstick red? That tried-and-true black?

    15. A shoulder bag that makes the word "sleek" come to mind. It looks like something a young Audrey Hepburn would carry around with her.

    16. A crewneck sweater you can throw on when you're running late to plans you were hoping would get cancelled. This feels super cozy while still looking put together!

    17. A moto jacket that will make any outfit seem significantly more badass than it is. I'm looking at you, old Minnie Mouse tee that I have yet to throw out.

    18. A textured-crepe blouse with a Peter Pan collar know for being extremely stubborn. It absolutely refuses to grow up.

    19. A lightweight parka to keep you warm when it's chilly out, because the air is no longer hot and humid. Thank the HEAVENS ABOVE.

    20. High-rise leggings you'll want to be in a monogamous relationship with for the rest of your life. I wish you guys a beautiful life together.

    21. Lace-up sneakers capable of going with the flow. These kicks can be worn with any outfit, no questions asked.

    22. A plaid shirt with a peplum hem that screams "lumberjack, but make it Pinterest-worthy."

    23. A chunky open-front cardigan you'll want to wear on your next pumpkin picking expedition. Remind me again why anyone gets upset at the end of summer? Good riddance.

    24. Wide-leg trousers you can wear with some pumps. The result? Legs that appear even longer than Gigi Hadid's.

    25. A floral wrap dress featuring a "fall foliage" color scheme that is accelerating my heartbeat. Just the phrase "fall foliage" makes me want to do something crazy! Like, IDK, bake a pumpkin pie!

    26. A strappy bodycon dress for the nights that you (unfortunately) need to go out. I know that leaving your bed past 10PM is awful, but at least you'll look good.

    27. A knit blazer to fool your boss into thinking that you did NOT just roll out of bed. This blazer + a tee + dark jeans = the epitome of put together.

    28. Almond toe booties featuring a cut-out design and a bit of a shy personality. They're going to want everyone to ~cut it out~ with all the compliments.

    29. A brushed plaid coat you'll want to wear whilst stepping on the crunchiest leaves you can find. It's the little things, am I right?

    ✨ Apple picking outfit inspo ✨

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