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    Nasty Gal's New Collection Is A Dream And It's 50% Off Right Now

    Everything is hand beaded AND 50% off. I'm sweating.

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    Nasty Gal just launched their own vintage-inspired studio collection — and my oh my, is my wallet very upset about this news.

    Nasty Gal

    The 20-piece collection is a glamour aficionado's dream: beautiful, intricate embellishments combined with dramatic silhouettes and bold colors, basically they're the perfect special occasion outfits. I'm looking at you, holiday parties and New Year's Eve.

    Everything is hand beaded AND 50% off.

    Warner Brothers

    Yes, that's right. Every single intricate detail on the swoon-worthy rompers, tops, bodysuits, and dresses below has been added by HAND. Pretty crazy stuff.

    And it's all 50% off with the code GET50.

    Here's a look at some of the disgustingly, gloriously beautiful clothes from this collection, below:

    1. A maxi dress for anyone trying to embody the style of Daisy from The Great Gatsby. The 2017 version, of course.

    Price: $125 (originally $250) / Sizes: 2-8

    2. An intricate romper you'll potentially lose a few friendships over. Why? You'll refuse to let anyone borrow it.

    But honestly? This romper > your friends.

    Price: $100 (originally $200) / Sizes: 4-10

    3. A gorgeous mauve top guaranteed to have you saying OMG: Oh Mauve God.

    Price: $60 (originally $120) / Sizes: 2-8

    4. A mini dress that'll make you want to reorganize your closet. This dress will need a shrine in there, after all.

    Price: $110 (originally $220) / Sizes: 2-8

    5. A maxi dress worthy of it's own museum exhibit. Say it out loud for me: G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

    Price: $125 (originally $250) / Sizes: 2-8

    6. An intricate bodysuit you can pair with any bottom for the ultimate ~trendy~ look.

    Price: $50 (originally $100) / Sizes: 2-8

    7. An embellished romper so gorgeous, it almost hurts my heart to look at it. I'd happily wear it in spite of the pain, though.

    Price: $110 (originally $220) / Sizes: 2-8

    8. A tiered maxi dress specifically designed for royalty. (READ: tiara unfortunately not included.)

    Price: $140 (originally $280) / Sizes: 2-8

    Anyways, here's a picture of my wallet right now:


    Want to see the rest of the collection? You can check it out here.

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