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    Need A New Wardrobe? You Simply Must Check Out This Nasty Gal Sale

    Up to 50% off everything?! *stocks up on floral dresses, comfy tees, and leather skirts5

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    BONJOUR! Spring is here, and my wardrobe is (sadly) not. BUT THAT'S OKAY because Nasty Gal is having a huge sale — almost everything is up to 50% off!

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    We're talking floral dresses, gorgeous pumps, basic tees, crop top and pant sets, polka dot shirts, and a whole bunch of other items to give your spring wardrobe a major refresh.

    AND! You get free standard shipping on orders over $60, or half-priced EXPRESS shipping on orders over $150. And if you're a student? You get an ~extra~ 10% off your purchase — because the best part of taking those finals is being able to get the occasional store discount, am I right?


    Here are a few of our favorite Nasty Gal picks, below:

    1. A striped tee you can wear with just about anything. Jeans! Shorts! Leggings! Sweatpants! Pajama bottoms! The options are endless.

    Price: $14 (originally $24, available in sizes S-L)

    2. Slip-on platform sneakers that are what *most* people are referring to when they say they would like to "slip into something more comfortable."

    Price: $22 (originally $36, available in sizes 5-10)

    3. A crochet midi dress, because it is SPRINGTIME baby, and it's time to retire those skinny jeans — until next year, that is.

    Price: $44 (originally $88, available in sizes 2-8)

    4. A bejeweled crossbody bag with a detachable strap. Want to carry it around like a mini briefcase? Go right ahead.

    Price: $30 (originally $50)

    5. A crop top to make you say, "My quest for a new favorite shirt is over! I've found it!"

    Price: $26 (originally $40, available in sizes XS-XL)

    6. A satin pajama set so your next Netflix binge seems more luxurious. Give that go-to ragged old t-shirt of yours a rest, will ya?

    Price: $22 (originally $26, available in sizes 2-8)

    7. High-waisted ruffle trim shorts with a gorgeous floral print. The best part? THESE florals won't begin to wilt after only a week.

    Price: $22 (originally $36, available in sizes S-L)

    8. A graphic tee you'll want to spritz with some perfume. Apparently, it smells like teen spirit.

    Price: $22 (originally $36, available in sizes XS-L)

    9. A spotted button-up sundress that is truly adorable. I guess you could say that it's as cute as a button.

    Price: $36 (originally $56, available in sizes XS-XL)

    10. A high-waisted vegan leather skirt for a look that says "Why yes, I am a badass. Thanks for noticing!"

    Price: $30 (originally $50, available in sizes S-L)

    11. A leopard print bikini set you should be careful about purchasing. It's been known to bite....

    Price: $26 (originally $40, available in sizes 6-10)

    12. A pleated midi skirt featuring gorgeous gold and royal blue accents. "Royal" being the key word — because this is so gorgeous, Meghan Markle would want to wear it.

    Price: $30 (originally $50, available in sizes 2-8)

    13. Iridescent heels that any self-respecting, fashion-forward mermaid would want to wear. If they had legs, that is.

    Price: $30 (originally $50, available in sizes 5-11)

    14. A crop top and wide-leg pants matching set to eliminate all does this top match with these joggers?–induced headaches.

    Price: $36 (originally $60, available in sizes 2-8 and in two colors)

    15. A peplum cami top perfect for nights out on the town. Just add some heels, some cool jeans, a fun pair of earrings, and you are stylin'.

    Price: $20 (originally $36, available in sizes 2-8)

    16. A vegan leather belt to ensure that those high-waisted denim shorts don't turn into mid-rise shorts, am I right?

    Price: $12 (originally $20)

    17. A vegan leather moto jacket that's better than a trip to Paris. Why fly to France when you can pretend to speak and understand French?

    Price: $50 (originally $100, available in sizes S-L and in two colors)

    18. A mesh and ruffle bralette and panty set for underwear drawers that need a little extra oomph.

    Nasty Gal

    Price: $22 (originally $36, available in sizes XS-L)

    19. A square neck, fit-and-flare mini dress guaranteed to add a bit of ~flair~ to your spring wardrobe.

    Price: $22 (originally $36, available in sizes XS-L)

    20. Sequin sneakers designed by the infamous ROY G. BIV, whose fashion house is known for its love of bright, vibrant colors.

    Price: $26 (originally $40, available in sizes 7-9)

    21. A shirred top available in your favorite colors — the ones that represent Christmas, of course. Not even the Grinch could steal the magic of these colors.

    Price: $12 (originally $20, available in sizes XS-L)

    22. A gorgeous lace bodysuit known to be an inspiration behind several emoji symbols. One example? "😍"

    Price: $26 (originally $40, available in sizes S-L)

    23. Vegan suede heels with a nice block heel design, aka these won't hurt your feet after .5 seconds of wear. Woo!

    Psst, these babies are also available in black!

    Price: $30 (originally $50, available in sizes 5-11)

    24. Hoop earrings to give your 'lobes some bling. You'll want to wear these pretty little things every 👏 darn 👏 day 👏.

    Price: $6 (originally $10)

    25. High-waisted denim shorts tired of being asked "what's wrong?" Just because they look distressed doesn't mean they are distressed, okay?

    Price: $26 (originally $40, available in sizes 6-10)

    Check out the rest of the Nasty Gal sale!

    My wardrobe, after I finally get myself some nice spring clothing:


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