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    45 Low-Effort Ways To Have A More Polished Look

    I want to *look* put-together, but I don't want to *try* to look put-together. You know?

    1. Nip brassiness in the bud with the cult-favorite Fanola purple shampoo. The violet pigment in this formula works to wash away unwanted yellow in your 'do, meaning you can extend the time between salon visits meaning you can SAVE A TON OF MONEY. Easy + affordable? Someone pinch me.

    2. Give your favorite suede booties some serious TLC (and make 'em looking brand new) by way of this four-sided cleaning brush, which will make annoying scuff marks and salt stains all but vanish into thin air.

    3. The manicure you painstakingly complete today should not be chipped by *insert frustrated sigh* tomorrow. This Seche Vite base and top coat duo work in harmony to protect your nail beds from stains while also promoting a shiny, longer-lasting mani that won't be ruined within .5 seconds of wear.

    4. Wear some no-show socks to prevent clashing fabrics from peeking out over the top of your lace-up sneakers! These comfy bad boys even have a silicone backing on your heel which translates to 👏 no 👏 more 👏 slipping 👏 socks 👏.

    5. Slap on a hydrocolloid, tea tree, and calendula oil pimple patch to a) prevent picking, and b) speed up the ~draining~ process of said zit. Another ding ding we have a winner feature is that they're transparent enough to wear while running errands and I promise you that no one will notice.

    6. Opt for skinny jeans available in a dark wash, the kind that will immediately help you *look* put-together even if you rolled out of bed a mere five minutes ago. Bonus points: This particular pair is made from a soft, stretchy denim that will make even your leggings feel inadequate.

    7. Plain black leggings? Your old high school gym tee? Fancy it up by way of a structured blazer, here to make it look like you put actual effort into your appearance this morning. Snooze? Never heard of it.

    8. Avoid expensive trips to the cleaners and banish wrinkles to the pits of HECK with this Downy wrinkle release spray. Not only will it make that white tee look 1000x more crisp, it also eliminates odor if you've just sourced said shirt from the bottom of your hamper. (Which I never do hahahahahha.)

    9. Liquid eyeliner requires exact if you’re a beginner to the whole ~wing~ thing, opt for this L'Oreal gel liner instead! The brush applicator prevents you from picking up too much product, allowing for buildable shading you could smudge to perfection.

    10. Wake up with ready-to-go hair by sleeping in these flexible curling rods, which are pros at giving you the perfect waves...without subjecting your 'do to any more heat damage. My burnt split-ends are already feeling oh so grateful.

    11. Make like Evanescence and bring your hair back to life (😉) with this Neutrogena weekly treatment. This formula combines olive, meadowfoam, and sweet almond extracts to nourish overly-processed tresses and give an immediate dose of healthy shine. Who straightens/fries their hair seven days a week? Not you.

    12. QUIT SNACKING ON YOUR FINGERS. This Mavala Switzerland polish purposely designed to have a bitter taste, the kind that will make even the most chronic nail biter. Less nail biting = stronger nails, faster growth, healthier cuticles, and a longer-lasting manicure.

    13. With a pair of black flats, you’ll be able to throw on any hue/print/style without fear of being stopped by the fashion police — they're pretty much guaranteed to not clash with anything in your closet! I know I know, you usually wear black, but these are great to have just in case you decide to wear some fun colors.

    14. Running low on ~fancy~ things to wear? Transform your little black dress into something completely new (and something you can truly wear every single day) by simply changing up *how* you're wearing it — ideas include layering it with a chunky sweater or slipping it over a button-down.

    15. Exfoliate two to three times a week to prevent all gunk build-up! This vegan Acure brightening scrub (made with argan extract and chlorella) is gentle enough to exfoliate acne-prone skin without causing further inflammation or redness. It's also an absolute 🌟 superstar 🌟 at fading scars!

    16. Invest in a go-to pencil dress, preferably one in the most fabulous hue available on the market: BLACK. Prepare to slip this little black dress on for any heel-requiring occasion — from birthday parties to champagne toast galas.

    17. Use Hem tape to provide a quick fix for all your ~should've brought these to the tailor~ needs. These allow you to shorten long pants and skirts, no finger-pricking sewing needles required.

    18. Obtain the ballerina bun of your dreams by way of these Goody hair pins — just one pin can do the work of up to *20* hair pins. How does it work, you ask? Just secure your hair into a ponytail, pull it into a super tight bun, spin the pins into place, and BAM! You've got yourself the perfect updo.

    19. Prep your pout for bold lipstick with this Handmade Heroes coconut sugar scrub. Not only does it smell like summery deliciousness, but it'll exfoliate away all dry, flaky skin that would prevent you from mastering that classic red lip.

    20. Easily dress up even the plainest of outfits by adding some height to the mix! These heeled sandals are here to provide something that not many shoes can: comfort. Because what do we love? Looking like we tried this morning when we, in fact, did not try at all.

    21. Make an old sweater look like new with a Conair fabric defuzzer, here to get rid of accumulated lint and pilling. Have you already washed and worn this top 98 times? The world will never know because it now looks brand new.

    22. Start carrying an Invisibobble around your wrist ASAP. This genius accessory will keep your mane out of your face but won't cause any dents, meaning you’ll be able to take your hair out of your pony and BAM! It won’t look as if you had it in an updo for several hours.

    23. Turn your wrinkled white tee and ripped denim ensemble into one you wouldn't mind flaunting on Instagram. How? Slap on this beautifully-constructed Daniel Wellington watch — the kind of splurge-worthy accessory you'll pass down to your children.

    24. Hasta la vista, pillow smudges! You'll no longer be ruining my carefully applied polish thanks to these OPI drying drops, which layer your mani with jojoba and vitamin e. This creates a barrier that both nourishes and protects your nails whilst they're still drying!

    25. Banish blemishes, redness, and dark circles to the pits of Hades with this LA Girl Pro concealer. The coverage is crease-resistant, long-lasting, and absolutely flawless...but it still manages to look lightweight and natural. Repeat after me: Owen Wilson WOW.

    26. No time to style your hair? Swipe it all up into a neat ponytail via these seamless Burlybands hair ties. They won't stretch, break, slip, OR damage your mane, nor will you have to halt your workout to fix your ponytail because this band will actually stay in place. If you have super thick locks, meet your new accessory soulmate.

    27. Perfect for any time, any place, any location, this basic v-neck jumpsuit is here to get rid of all "BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR?" scenarios. Aside from being gorgeous, it's also made of a snazzy wrinkle-resistant fabric that will constantly look as it were just picked up from the cleaners.

    28. No polish = no problem with this buffer block, which is capable of turning your nail beds into a clean, stain-free canvas. It takes just three easy steps; file, smooth, and shine. The result is heathy, glowing nail beds that look like they were given a fresh coat of clear polish (and probably drink a ton of water on the daily).

    29. Give your complexion a mid-afternoon pick-me-up with an alcohol-free Thayers toning mist. Thanks to an effective blend of rose petal, witch hazel, and aloe, just one spirtz can reduce redness, tighten pores, and control excess oil...all while leaving your makeup perfectly in tact.

    30. Try out an enzyme-based Puracy spot remover that's tough on blood, armpit sweat, and tears. So your favorite top has yellowed in the dreaded underarm area? No worries. This cruelty-free concoction will brighten it up in a jiffy.

    31. For anyone trying to extend time between salon visits *or* anyone trying to nix salon visits all together, this John Frieda brunette-enhancing glaze will become proof that not all heroes wear capes. This weekly treatment focuses on maximizing shine for a mirror-like effect while bringing out your natural brown color (and covering up grays).

    32. Combo skin is the worst of both worlds: you suffer from both dry *and* oily concerns. But thankfully, this Garnier gel-cream will give the dry patches on your skin some sweet, sweet relief, alllll while balancing out the excess oil on your t-zone.

    33. For your nine to five (*hums to the tune of Dolly Parton*), your pants should feel like they're tailored specifically for you — which is why these high-waisted skinnies belong in your wardrobe, like, yesterday. These are available in petite, regular, and tall sizes to ensure that they fall *right* at your ankle.

    34. Create the *chef kisses fingers* perfect part with this pin tail comb. Long gone will be the days of zig zagging, criss crossing lines on your scalp that look as if the wind had no mercy.

    35. Condense your many brushes into one product — specifically into a blending sponge. This squishy BB can be used for everything from concealer to setting powder, all while providing a natural finish that is (*IMPORTANT*) not blotchy. It truly blends everything to perfection so that you don't have spots of cake-y, oompa loompa orange scatted across your cheekbones.

    36. Get rid of those dreadful white marks with this deodorant sponge, a nifty tool that only requires a few quick swipes to make your black tee will look fresh out the dryer. Deodorant: so necessary because we smell, so annoying because it stains everything it touches.

    37. Turn your favorite bra into one that won't be visible under your racerback top with these adjustable clip holders. They'll even keep your straps from slipping off your shoulder AND gives your breast friends some extra lift.

    38. Enlist the help of this leather cleaner to save your favorite purse from looking like it's been worn approximately one million times (even if it has, in fact, been worn one million times). This easily gets rid of surface stains and thankfully doesn't require a ton of elbow grease.

    39. Upgrade your lash game with a clump-free, smudge-proof Vivienne Sabó volumizing mascara. One coat gives you the whole "your lashes but better" look, but two coats? Everyone will just assume you're wearing falsies. It's that good.

    40. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, throw this wine stain remover into your purse. Accidents happen, and you don’t want to spend the rest of dinner stewing in the remnants of your favorite glass of red.

    41. Turn razor burn into ancient history with Proraso shaving cream, which contains eucalyptus and menthol to tone, purify, and refresh your skin. Talk about smooth sailing toward a smooth shave.

    42. Take yourself from bedtime ready to professional chic by layering this removable collar under any comfy old sweater. So simple, so transformative, and the gorgeous embellishments give you just a hint of sparkle.

    43. Is your hair dirty? Sure! Fine! But if you throw it up in a ponytail and tie it up with this patterned scarf, the world will remain oblivious to the last time you showered.

    44. Use Solaroil to banish the bane of your existence — weak and brittle nails with cuticles that look like they were mauled by a wild animal. Just massage this oil into your nails and cuticles every night before going to bed and, with daily use, your nails will begin to grow and strengthen.

    45. Nix sagging jeans AND outfit boredom with a fun statement belt, here to keep your high-waisted denim in place all while adding a pop of western-inspired metal.

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