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    Just 10 Of Our Favorite Glossier Items

    Gel-cream blushes, brow gels, hydrating cleansers, etcetera.

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    1. Boy Brow keeps your brows in place while subtly filling them in, immediately giving your ensemble an air of ~I am put together can’t you see my brows look good~. The best part? It's so easy. No expert drawing skills required (unlike your regular brow pencil).

    before: editor anamaria glavan with light eyebrows after: eyebrows are now filled in and defined

    2. Milky Jelly Cleanser because you'd love to double cleanse, but you lack the energy. That's okay! This gentle-but-effective cleanser will literally ~melt~ makeup, oil, and gunk off your face — just add a few pumps to wet skin, cue mini facial massage, rinse, pat dry, and go to sleep. Only about .5 seconds have passed.

    3. Skin Tint is known for having a breathable formula that blurs pores and lightly covers redness without feeling feeling like your typical foundation — in other words, this doesn't feel like you're wearing a layer of product. In fact, it feels like nothing at all.

    4. Lash Slick provides the *look* of lash extensions without, well, the hassle of actual extensions. It lengthens and volumizes with a water-resistant — which means it won't create the dreaded panda eye effect during the day, but won't require vigorous scrubbing at night.

    5. Cloud Paint carries eight gorgeous shades, from sunny corals to brownish nudes. Blush is tricky because just one swipe can result in an unnaturally Barbie pink cheek, which is where this gel-cream formula shines: it’s got a buildable formula that allows you to manipulate the color to be as subtle or as prominent as you want.

    6. Brow Flick is a brush-tip detailing pen that makes filling in sparse brows a summer breeze. The smudge-proof formula is sheer but buildable, here to help you create a natural (or dramatic) look depending on your preference.

    before and after photo of BuzzFeed Senior Editor Maitland with and without the brow product

    7. Generation G has a buildable formula to a) give your pout a blotted finish or b) a bold color ready for a night out on the town. Love lipstick but hate putting it on? That's where this easy-to-apply product comes in.

    8. Stretch Concealer tackles dark circles and blemishes without looking too obvious. It's *the* perfect thing to slap on when you don't want a full face of makeup, but also did not get enough sleep last night and want the world to think you did.

    before and after of BuzzFeed staffer wearing concealer on left and not wearing concealer on right

    9. Lidstar creates a shimmery work of art on your eyes with just a quick swipe and no fancy brushes or steady hands required. Plus, it's crease-resistant, lasts for hours, and comes off très easily.

    10. Lip Gloss is packed with vitamin e and jojoba oil for maximum shine and moisture, but thankfully *none* of the typical stickiness (#ew) that comes along with most glosses.

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