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    33 Gorgeous Pieces Of Jewelry That'll Make Perfect Gifts

    The older I get, the more I realize that I will NEVER have enough jewelry.

    1. Sterling silver cubic zirconia studs that look like a trillion bucks, but thankfully don't cost that much. Pretty rude of the universe to not have let me win the lotto yet...

    2. Zodiac-inspired 18k gold rings anyone would love ~to the moon~ and back. Looking for out of this world accessories? You've come to the right place.

    3. Cat stud earrings for folks who are still annoyed that Salem didn't have a larger role in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Netflix, you better FIX THIS.

    4. A gorgeous wristwatch with a super classic look. I guess you can say this thing is timeless, eh?

    5. A stretch bracelet gift set for folks who don't shy away from color. (Or they usually do, but are trying to break the "I only wear black" routine.)

    6. Dainty earrings because why carry angels on your shoulder when you can can carry 'em on your ears instead?

    7. A stretchy howlite gemstone bracelet, which is said to promote health, peace, and wealth. **buys 50 of them for myself**

    8. A nickel-free, 18K gold plating bee necklace to add some much-needed ~buzz~ to any ensemble. Dare I say this would be the most LOVELY gift for your honey...

    9. A sterling silver turquoise-accent ring that can be worn every darn day. Want to ~leaf~ a lasting impression on someone? Give 'em this.

    10. Sterling silver stud earrings that should be purchased with caution. They're known for being slightly uncomfortable. Really prickly, you know?

    11. An onyx stone, 14k gold pated ring that luxury retail would sell for $245. The price that Ana Luisa charges? $79 — plus an extra 15% off with an exclusive code. Gorgeous jewelry + reasonable prices = joy in my heart.

    12. A stainless steel stackable ring you can personalize with the names of your loved ones. *requests "Tom Hardy" to be engraved on a rose gold ring*

    13. A turquoise stone bracelet that would make the perfect "YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND" gift. Get yourself a matching one and BAM! Your BFF will never be able to get rid of ya.

    14. Dangle hoop earrings I am currently purchasing from myself, to myself. 'Tis the season of giving and I am giving to MYSELF.

    15. An enamel pendant you can customize with the initial of a loved one. Pick out the letter, engraving style, font, enamel color, and voilà! You have yourself a totally personalized gift.

    16. A necklace and earring set perfect for any fancy schmancy occasion. Weddings! Proms! Fancy work galas! You name it, this gorgeous set is here to turn some HEADS.

    17. A criss cross ring for anyone you need to ~cross~ off your shopping list last minute. Prime shipping = this gorgeous little thing will be at your door within two days.

    18. Triangle drop earrings that can make even ripped jeans and a band tee look like a sophisticated, put together, intentionally grungy look.

    19. An initial ring with a fully adjustable band, meaning you won't have to awkwardly ask what size ring someone wears in order to give 'em this.

    20. A Harry Potter-inspired necklace containing the ~Deathly Hallows~ — the Elder Wand, the invisibility cloak, and the resurrection stone. Such valuable things to be carrying around on your neck!

    21. Pearl stud earrings to add a touch of elegance to your "I just rolled out of bed and HAHA now I'm going to be so late to work" ensemble. These gorgeous things will help you feel at least slightly more put together.

    22. A digital display watch anyone will want to wear from now until forever. It'll never go out of style! I guess you can say it's timeless...

    23. Hoop earrings so gorgeous, it'll feel like a genuine delight to put them on every morning. Earlobes, say hello to your new daily uniform!

    24. Adjustable bangle cuffs that come in a set of four. These make the perfect presents for bridesmaids who will be present when you tie the ~knot~.

    25. A sterling silver ring sure to become a part of their daily wardrobe. Leaving their home without donning this accessory = fingers that feel naked.

    26. A choker necklace adorned with stars, because why not show the world what you truly are? All of Hollywood has nothing on you.

    27. A gift box set prettily packed with three gorgeous pairs of earrings. Will you want to keep this trio for yourself? It's very possible.

    28. Rose gold drop earrings worthy of their own museum exhibit. Such beauty needs to be on display to the public, am I right?

    29. A gold-dipped locket complete with a fortune tucked away inside. Want to personalize said fortune? Do it! My personal fortune would be — "Life is short, order sushi for the fourth day in a row."

    30. Druzy necklaces so unique, it's very possible they were sourced from Narnia. HEY MR. TUMNUS, where you at?

    31. A water-resistant leather watch best accessorized with an adorable dog or a fluffy cat. Undeniable proof, below.

    32. A stackable diamond ring that should be added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a visual aid for the word "dainty." So simple, so elegant.

    33. Splurge-worthy, London-made cat and star earrings to gift the museum-going, art-buying, probably fluent in three languages friend of yours who will always be cooler than us.

    Me, reacting to pretty much everything on this list...

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