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30 Cheap Things That'll Make You So Excited For Fall

You'll FALL for everything on this list. Wink.

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1. A carving kit designed to turn you into an expert sculptor. The Picasso of pumpkins, if you will.

FunWorld / Amazon / Via, Marina Gerges / Amazon User / Via

This kit includes two carving tools, a marker, a pumpkin gut scooper, and ten carving patterns to make your pumpkin extra spooky.

Promising review: "I love this! The punch-out stencils are super helpful. The whole set was great, and the small knife was perfect for detailing!" —Michelle

Get it from Amazon for $5.10.

2. A string light garland guaranteed to ~leaf~ your home feeling more seasonal than ever before.

YUNLIGHT / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "Is it too early to put up fall decorations? I think not! I put these up in the foyer of my house and they look fabulous. They're so welcoming and look lovely when lit. I absolutely love these!" —Annette

Get them from Amazon for $12.99.

3. A plaid shirt perfect for apple picking trips, haunted hay rides, pumpkin patch hopping, happiness, etc.

Zeagoo / Amazon / Via

Be still, my heart.

Promising review: "Autumn in Chicago is wonderful because it gives me the opportunity to be stylish AND comfortable at the same time. This plaid shirt fits my fall style agenda perfectly! The material is thicker than I had expected, which is nice for colder weather, and it has a boyfriend-style fit that's loose and comfy." —Noelani

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+. Sizes: S-XXXL. Available in 11 colors.


4. A chalkboard sign you can customize with your name, age, favorite candy, and Halloween costume.

Mud Pie / Nordstrom / Via

From the photo, I think it's intended for children, but I might buy it for myself. And if I can do it, you can do it.

Get it from Nordstrom for $18.

5. A candy apple kit to trick people (and yourself) into thinking you just came back from a fantastic fall festival.

Concord Foods / Amazon / Via, Kiana / Amazon User / Via

Because nothing screams "FALL FESTIVAL" like a good, juicy candy apple. This handy dandy box contains ten skewer sticks and candy apple mix.

Promising review: "This is great! I was able to make candy apples that look like they just came from a street fair!" —Faithful Amazonian

Get it from Amazon for $5.50.

7. A set of cookie cutters that'll definitely rake in a ton of compliments. Hello, edible maple leaves!

R&M International / Via, Sarah B. / Amazon User / Via

Promising review: "I bought these to decorate my pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving. The edges are sharp — not too sharp to handle, but just sharp enough to give really nice edges to the leaves. These cookie cutters do a great job and made my pie look gourmet!" —Patricia

Get a set of five from Amazon for $9.59.


8. Nail decals to add a touch of magic to your fingertips. Your manicure will look absolutely bewitching.

Moon Sugar Decals / Amazon / Via

This assorted pack comes with 36 decals!

Promising review: "I love these! They're perfect for Halloween and are super easy to put on." —Leslie H.

Get them from Amazon for $4.49.

10. A dark lipstick to celebrate the long-awaited return of dark lipstick season. GOODBYE, LIGHT PINK SHADES.

Manic Panic / Via, Lynn Church / Amazon User / Via

*** "Here Comes the Sun" plays in the background ***

Promising review: "This is my new favorite lipstick. Often, lipstick dries out my lips and I have a hard time finding ones that don't leave them feeling chapped. This one feels very dry and matte upon application, but does NOT chap my lips. This is better than other $20+ lipsticks I've bought in the past. My mom saw it on me and asked that I order her a tube!" —Delila Gott

Get it from Amazon for $10.94. Available in 15 shades.

11. Leg warmer cuffs you can pair with riding boots, because nothing says "fall outfit inspo" quite like this combo.

FAYBOX / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "I love these so much! They look so cute with my boots. I'm so happy with them that I bought a pair for my daughter, too." —Ema

Get them from Amazon for $6.95. Available in 11 colors.


12. A pillow case driving itself to your shopping cart right this very second. It doesn't even need GPS.

JMacleanStore / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "This was a great find and an inexpensive way to decorate! The best part is that, since it's just a pillow case, I don't have to store away an entire pillow at the end of the season." —Jamie Price

Get it from Amazon for $2.99. Available in 30 colors.

13. A twin sweater for best friends, significant others, or soul mates who are attached at the hip. Literally.

Boohoo / Via

Double double toil and trouble, amirite? ***

Get it from Boohoo for $20.

***Does anyone else remember that Mary Kate & Ashley movie?!

14. Personal pie kits that let you make your very own berry, pumpkin, or apple slices of heaven.

Modern Gourmet Foods / Via

"Bye bye, personal apple pie." —me, singing to to the pie before I devour it.

This adorable kit comes with pie crust mix, cinnamon sugar spice mix, and a ceramic pie dish you'll use over and over again.

Promising review: "This was so much fun to make! It was super easy, and it smelled like fall when it was baking in the oven. For such a small pie, it is packed with flavor. Plus, you're able to reuse the dish!" —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $12.99. Available in three flavors.

15. A hooded denim jacket to throw on when the weather begins ch-ch-changing.

Allegra K / Via

Promising review: "I love this jacket! It's cute, stylish, and perfect to wear over a cute top with leggings when it's a little cool out." —Ashley

Get it from Amazon for $27+. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in five colors.


17. A blanket scarf that signifies, "Ah yes, the beloved season of chunky sweaters and all-things-plaid is upon us."

Spring Fever / Amazon / Via


Promising review: "I just received the umpteenth compliment on this scarf today, so I thought I'd leave a review and tell you how warm, pretty, durable, versatile, and soft it is. This is such a great piece to have!" —Just Me

Get it from Amazon for $12.99. Available in 13 colors.

19. A three-wick candle that smells like fresh pumpkin, warm caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. My mouth is watering.

Bath and Body Works / Via

Promising review: "I bought two or three of these last year and was super happy to see the scent return this year. The caramel note makes it so rich and sweet. My husband always thinks I'm baking cookies when I burn it! If you like bakery-type smells, definitely give this one a try." —MyhotStylist2015

Get it from Bath & Body Works for $22.50.


20. A pumpkin-infused sleeping pack perfect for your fall beauty routine. It'll detoxify and exfoliate your skin overnight! / Instagram / Via

Promising review: "This is such a good sleeping mask, I can't even begin to explain it. I have dry skin overall, and this helps me wake up with an amazingly hydrated, soft base for the day." —Singing Seoul

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

21. Cut-out booties to replace your summer fling. Goodbye, dear Old Navy flip flops.

Room of Fashion / Via

I won't miss the heat or humidity, but I will miss you.

Promising review: "These are super cute and very comfortable. I love them so much that I don't want to take them off! They fit true to size and I'll definitely be buying them in other colors." —Missi

Get them from Amazon for $14.99+. Sizes: 5.5-11. Available in 18 colors.

23. A faux fur blanket to celebrate the end of the humidity and heat torture often referred to as "summer".

Chanasya / Amazon / Via

This blanket has 1,808 reviews — and 85% of 'em are five stars.

Promising review: "I met this blanket on Thursday, we slept together on Friday, got married on Saturday, and haven't been apart since! I love it so much." —Randy A. Cascino

Get it from Amazon for $27.99. Available in 12 colors.


25. A candle holder that seems really frail and bony, but is actually quite strong! It can hold any tealight with ease.

Yankee Candle / Via

Promising review: "This is a really cool votive holder! It's got a nice weight to it and has really intricate detailing. The lenses of the goggles have an opaque, pearly marble look to them that gives an added dimension, and I really like all the gold detailing and the antiqued finish." —MadeInTheUSA

Get it from Yankee Candle for $12.99.

26. A decorating kit so adorable, everyone will gobble up the cupcakes within about .5 seconds of them being ready.

Wilton / Amazon / Via

This kit includes 12 cupcake toppers and 24 cupcake liners, as well as candy eyeballs and beaks.

Promising review: "This is an awesome activity! It's especially great for children." —Ria Lutchmeesingh

Get it from Amazon for $4.59.

27. A graphic tee for the person who would like to argue that Halloween is, in fact, the greatest time of year.


28. Single-serve cups that'll instantly give you the warm, delicious goodness that is hot apple cider, right in your Keurig.

Grove Square Hot Cider / Via

My mouth is watering at the thought of it.

Promising review: "After having four or five cups of this delicious cider, I ordered another box. It's relaxing, delicious, and even better than I expected." —Lady Prof

Get a pack of 24 from Amazon for $12.34.

30. A double feature DVD for the nights you want to hang out with your favorite magical family, the Cromwells.

Disney / Amazon / Via


Promising review: "I am 26, and these Halloween movies still rule my heart. Marnie and her family will forever live in the hearts of children and early Disney Channel adults everywhere." —E&E0715

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.