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    30 Cheap Things That'll Make You So Excited For Fall

    You'll FALL for everything on this list. Wink.

    1. A carving kit designed to turn you into an expert sculptor. The Picasso of pumpkins, if you will.

    2. A string light garland guaranteed to ~leaf~ your home feeling more seasonal than ever before.

    3. A plaid shirt perfect for apple picking trips, haunted hay rides, pumpkin patch hopping, happiness, etc.

    4. A chalkboard sign you can customize with your name, age, favorite candy, and Halloween costume.

    5. A candy apple kit to trick people (and yourself) into thinking you just came back from a fantastic fall festival.

    6. A coffee mug with a huge attitude problem. It is SUCH a nightmare, especially right before Christmas!

    7. A set of cookie cutters that'll definitely rake in a ton of compliments. Hello, edible maple leaves!

    8. Nail decals to add a touch of magic to your fingertips. Your manicure will look absolutely bewitching.

    9. Pumpkin Spice Oreos you'll want to dip into your pumpkin spice latte. #PSLforever

    10. A dark lipstick to celebrate the long-awaited return of dark lipstick season. GOODBYE, LIGHT PINK SHADES.

    11. Leg warmer cuffs you can pair with riding boots, because nothing says "fall outfit inspo" quite like this combo.

    12. A pillow case driving itself to your shopping cart right this very second. It doesn't even need GPS.

    13. A twin sweater for best friends, significant others, or soul mates who are attached at the hip. Literally.

    14. Personal pie kits that let you make your very own berry, pumpkin, or apple slices of heaven.

    15. A hooded denim jacket to throw on when the weather begins ch-ch-changing.

    16. An enamel pin perfect for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. But not Wednesdays.

    17. A blanket scarf that signifies, "Ah yes, the beloved season of chunky sweaters and all-things-plaid is upon us."

    18. Black cat socks you'll want to wear all the time. You could even say that they'll become your style mews.

    19. A three-wick candle that smells like fresh pumpkin, warm caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. My mouth is watering.

    20. A pumpkin-infused sleeping pack perfect for your fall beauty routine. It'll detoxify and exfoliate your skin overnight!

    21. Cut-out booties to replace your summer fling. Goodbye, dear Old Navy flip flops.

    22. A t-shirt dress you shouldn't wear to ghouls night out. There's lots of tension between them and the werewolves right now.

    23. A faux fur blanket to celebrate the end of the humidity and heat torture often referred to as "summer".

    24. A pajama set for nights you'd rather skip the BOOze and have a cozy movie marathon instead.

    25. A candle holder that seems really frail and bony, but is actually quite strong! It can hold any tealight with ease.

    26. A decorating kit so adorable, everyone will gobble up the cupcakes within about .5 seconds of them being ready.

    27. A graphic tee for the person who would like to argue that Halloween is, in fact, the greatest time of year.

    28. Single-serve cups that'll instantly give you the warm, delicious goodness that is hot apple cider, right in your Keurig.

    29. A powder blush to make your cheeks look naturally flushed from the chilly, chilly weather.

    30. A double feature DVD for the nights you want to hang out with your favorite magical family, the Cromwells.

    How I feel about the arrival of pumpkin spice, Halloween, and cozy sweaters: