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26 Beautiful Dresses Under $30 To Wear To Any Fall Wedding

Dresses for both casual weddings and fancy schmancy shindigs.

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5. A tulle dress you'll be twirlin' in on the dance floor.

6. A lace dress that comes in the perfect fall color.


8. A midi dress that'll make you feel like a witch.

10. A simple gray dress you can't go wrong with.

11. A navy dress that's "tulle" pretty to resist. Hehe.


12. This dress that can be worn with heels for a wedding or with booties for a casual day. WOO.

13. This wine red dress that's perfect for a wine-filled night.

14. A mockneck dress that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

15. This casual off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for more low-key functions.


17. This little black dress that will literally never go out of style.

19. This dress that ties around your waist.


21. This evening dress that's perfect for fancy gatherings.


24. The perfect velvet dress for chilly fall weddings.

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