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24 Bizarre Foods You Never Knew You Needed

Nothing like zombie poop to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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1. Zombie poop that belongs in your mouth, not your toilet.

This baggie contains a buttload of zombie poop, which are obviously shaped like bones.

Price: $5.99

2. Pickle freeze pops that provide a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Review: "People said these taste more like bread and butter pickles? Um, no. More like the most extreme dill you've ever had." —sophiaannem

Price: $12.98

3. Ant lollipops that come in blueberry, apple, banana, and watermelon flavors.

Promising Review: "Bought these for my nephews and got EXACTLY the reaction I wanted. From the boys AND my sister-in-law. BUY THEM and have a camera with sound, recording..." —D. lentz

Price: $10.44

4. Flavored soda that comes in bacon, sweet corn, and ranch dressing.

Review: "Tastes terrible." —Darin W. White

Price: $10.99

5. Pancake and maple syrup jelly beans that are a part of this balanced breakfast.

Promising Review: "My husband loved these. He is from New England; he loves maple syrup and only real maple syrup. He has his dad send a year supply for Christmas." —J Nymph

Price: $8.92

6. Bacon-flavored candy canes that laugh in the face of peppermint.

Review: "Bought these for a friend. She LOVES bacon. And Christmas. She sent me a photo of her making a horrible face with the caption, 'these taste like ass.'" —CatCurtis

Price: $6.49

7. Dehydrated zebra tarantula for you to *gulp* eat.

Review: "Overall not a bad edible spider just a couple of nit picky notes. First, putting it in a can is just gilding the lily as it already is dehydrated. Second, this zebra tarantula tastes suspiciously like the dehydrated striped-knee tarantula. Also a word of warning: It is unclear the number of cans one must consume to manifest the associated spider powers. Granted I learned of transformative powers from a Carlos Castaneda book and such claims are not found on the can." —M. Estep

Price: $24.99

8. Shrimp-flavored chips that puts Bubba Gump to shame.

Review: "How did they do this? They really managed to make these chips smell and taste like shrimp! I really enjoyed this snack. I just wish the flavor was a bit stronger. Red Lobster should have these in a basket the same way Italian restaurants have free bread in baskets." —Amazon Addict

Price: $5.75

9. Earthworm jerky for when you've had enough of beef jerky.

Review: "Forget bacon bits, these things are delicious as a topping on salads." —Jerry O.

Price: $14.99

10. Cotton candy with a minty kick that just seems wrong.

I imagine that peppermint-flavored cotton candy tastes like mouthwash on a piece of soft bread. (Does that make sense?)

Price: $20

11. Onion ring mints that give you a good clean feeling.

Review: "Without any exaggeration, these taste EXACTLY like that favorite appetizer. The tin is solid. They are reasonably priced. The "mints" (I don't care for that word here — there's NO mint taste at all) are small, there's plenty in the tin. These are GREAT, and I'll repeat: these taste EXACTLY like real Onion Rings!" –Craig & Kitty Powell

Price: $6.29

12. Ghost pepper nuts that are DA BOMB.

Review: "Love the extreme heat, but I hated the aftermath, which ended up being rancid farts. It was as if the stomach acid in my stomach fused with the powder to create sulfur (because that's LITERALLY what it smelled like: Sulfur)." —Wells

Price: $7.75

13. An meat bar that is perfect for dinner on-the-go.

Review: "If you want a protein bar that doesn't taste like a candy bar, Epic bars are perfect. They're actually made with meat, not protein powder. Delivery was on time & I'll definitely order again. (Be aware: the consistency is odd, but all the Epic flavors taste great once you get past the crumbled but moist jerky-ish texture.)" —Helene

Price: $27.54

14. A gummy brain that would horrify little children (and me).

Promising Review: "The picture looks pink but the brain we received was red. Like blood red. Oh well, I am sure my zombie loving niece will enjoy it anyway." —Cassi Clock

Price: $34.94

15. Gourmet beer brittle that has the perfect brittle crunch.

Review: "Your brittle is delicious, the best I've tasted in my 81 years." —Connie C Connole

Price: $17.88

16. Vampire blood hot sauce that is so hot, it's unholy.

Okay, you got me. It's hot sauce. Amazon sold out of the actual vampire blood.

Price: $8

17. Chocolate scorpions for when your sweet tooth is just out of control.

Not the horoscope.

Price: $16.99

18. Canned rattlesnake to spice up your dinner.

Review: "Bought this as a gift. Maybe it's my fault for not reading the product description well, but my boyfriend could not eat this because of all the bones." —Butterfly0054

Price: $23.99

19. Seaweed Pringles that are way better than sour cream & onion.

Why would anyone eat classic Pringles when they can eat seaweed Pringles?

Price: $24

20. Jelly beans that taste like a pub crawl.

Review: "They actually taste like cheap draft beer that has been sitting in a red Solo cup since Friday night, only now it is Monday." —Jessica K.

Price: $5.99

21. Coffee soda for when your Keurig breaks.

Review: "So gross. I love it. Can't tell if it's a joke or not. Either way, love it!" —Freddybear

Price: $4.49

22. Kit Kats that taste like strawberry cheesecake.

Review: "Subtle yet very "true" and definitely natural strawberry cheesecake flavor. Great with a cup of coffee!" —Ms. Annie

Price: $14.19

23. Unicorn farts that turn your otherwise terrible diet into a magical one.

Review: "Unicorns are my favorite thing in the world and I had no idea they farted! I bought this for a friend that was having a birthday party and it was a hit. My friend didn't share the cotton candy but that's OK." —Allison Starnes

Price: $9.99

24. Sponge cake that is not weird in the UK.

Review: "I have been a spotted dick fan for years and have had other varieties. I found this brand of spotted dick very tasty. I recommend this highly." —Letty Gingell

Price: $6.48

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