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30 Pieces Of Lingerie That'll Make You Question If You Even Need Real Clothes

You and your breast friends are in for a treat.

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4. Cheeky undies to match your cheeky personality. Or, as your mother might call it, your attitude.

6. A longline bra designed by an artist who specializes in watercolors. Currently on display at The Met.*

*I didn't fact-check that, but it's entirely possible.

Get it from Bravissimo for $42. / Sizes: 28DD—38J. / Also available in a floral print.


10. Green and orange balconette bras for anyone planning to perform in a burlesque show.,

OR just for anyone who can appreciate a gorgeous bra.

Get them from Layne Brant for $48.50 (left) and $46.50 (right). / Sizes: 36C—46DDD.


12. A sheer bralette for when you want to wear your heart on your...boobs

15. A mesh bralette and undies that you'll basically want to live in.


16. A padded bralette for lazy and luxurious nights in bed. And yes, those two words go together.

Laziness and luxurious go hand-in-hand. Both words start with an "L", don't they?

Get it from Aerie for $20. / Sizes: XS—XL. / Available in six colors.

17. Lace boyshorts that are revolutionizing the world of corsets as we know it.

Get them from Frederick's of Hollywood for $4 each. / Sizes: S—L. / Available in three colors.

19. A lingerie set that is too sexy for your clothes, if you want me to be totally honest with you.


21. A full-coverage bra with corset detailing that'll make the rest of your undergarments jealous. You've been warned.

"Why do you get so much attention?" —my gross old bra to this one, probably.

Get it from La Senza for $25. / Sizes: 32C—38DDD.


26. A triangle bralette that's simple and stunning. Simply stunning.

27. A bralette and undies for anyone planning to have an 80s-themed movie marathon. "Pretty in Pink," to be specific.


28. A longline bralette with the word "comfort" embroidered on on the back.*

30. An underwire bra with delicate floral embroidery to spring you forward into the warmer months.

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