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Here's Why Montreal Will Steal Your Heart

The city of amazing bagels and beautiful staircases.

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Hi Montreal, nice to meet you. Mind if I live here in the amazing city of sweet bagels and pretty staircases?

Galina Barskaya / Getty Images

What's that? I can't? Well okay, I guess I'll just have to plan a cheap trip instead.

Here's how to see all the glory of Montreal when you have like a 5 second break from work.

Via Flickr: caribb

Flights from New York starting at $163.81.

Flights from Chicago starting at $234.30.

Flights from California starting at $368.84

Flights from Washington, DC, starting at $260.99.

Book a room at the Auberge Bishop Hostel and basically stay in a castle.

I'm a queen, folks. Just missing my crown. Rooms starting at $15 a night for dates 12/07/16—12/14/16.

An Airbnb that is described as a "cozy pad" near Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Serious question. Where can I buy that sofa?! Rooms starting at $34 a night for dates 12/07/16—12/14/16.

The M Montreal hostel is the definition of good ambience.

Basking in the ambience... Rooms starting at $15.17 for dates 12/07/16—12/14/16.

Go to St-Viateur and see delicious bagels prepared fresh in front of your eyes. 👀

"Warmth, sweet chewy texture, and simple taste. Completely delicious. Officially one of the best bagel's I have ever eaten --and this is coming from someone who has eaten bagels since in diapers. I had to run back to the line and repeat my order to see if the whole thing was real. It was. Paying it forward on the advice front: order the sesame (warm!) bagel and grab some cream cheese. Repeat." —Rachel H.

Visit St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal, the largest church in Canada.

Head to Le 4e Mur if you like speakeasies with secret entrances and great cocktails.

"I love speakeasies because of their hidden entrances, relaxed atmosphere, and creative drinks. Le 4e Mur (which means "the 4th wall" in French) has a hidden brick wall entrance located behind a detective agency door front. Find the brick to open the wall and reveal the staircase to the bar!" —Jing "jade" X.

Give your eyes a feast at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Flickr: avdezign

PSSST. Get admission to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, as well as 23 other attractions and public transportation, with the Montreal Attraction Pass.

Visit the Notre-Dame Basilica, founded in 1642.

Stockphoto24 / Getty Images

Experience four different ecosystems at the Biodôme de Montréal.

Admission to Biodome is included in the Montreal Attraction Pass.

Poutine, meet everybody. Everybody, meet poutine, a Canadian specialty made from french fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

Sweetbabeejay / Getty Images


Get the above drool-worthy dish at Patati Patata.

Flickr: peebot

"...let's talk about the poutine. The fresh french fries are smothered in squeaky white cheese curds and smothered with brown gravy and topped with a single kalamata olive. It's delicious and wholly satisfying, especially after a long night drinking and before a long flight home. The staff were friendly and accommodating and the price was less than I thought it was going to be. A really great place, and I would definitely come here again. Magnifique!" —Justin M.

Take a stroll through Plateau Mont-Royal and waste what little storage you have left on your phone.

Flickr: maxime_fort

What do you mean my camera roll is taking up all my phone memory, Apple!?

Get photographic proof of the wrought-iron, winding staircases that Montreal is known for.

Marc Bruxelle / Getty Images

Now add *have cool staircase in my future living space* to your bucket list.

Claim your gold medal at Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

... pretend to, anyway.

This is me, on my way to Montreal.

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