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    Here's How To Have A Perfect Weekend In Atlanta, Georgia

    Biscuits, brews, botanical gardens, bicycle tours. Oh, and very tiny doors.

    PSA: Atlanta needs to be added to your travel bucket list. From bookstore cafes and city markets to speakeasies and *gulp* blueberry cobbler popsicles, it's a place that SHOULD NOT BE MISSED.

    Which is why we've decided to compile a super helpful travel guide. Just for you!

    We’ll break down everything you need to know for your trip: where to eat, where to drink, where to lay your head at night, and — OF COURSE — all the bucket list checkmarks that no ~Hollywood of the South~ trip is complete without.

    Comfy beds. Delicious breakfasts. A newly-renovated lobby complete with a swanky bar (the kind you’d see in, say, a Gossip Girl: Atlanta spin-off). These can all be found at The Whitley, a boutique hotel that feels equal parts trendy and welcoming.

    Scour Airbnb for a place that best suits your needs (and party size). The ~tiny house~ below comes equipped with a hidden bedroom, a loft bedroom, one bathroom, a ping pong table out back, and decor that looks like it came hot off the Pinterest express.

    Browse more hotel options at Trip Advisor, Hotwire, Expedia, or

    Be prepared to fall in love with the Atlanta Botanical Garden — even if you don't have a green thumb/can't keep a succulent alive/kind of hate the outdoors. Known for the 25-foot sculpture dubbed the Earth Goddess (fabulously pictured below), this 30-acre garden is home to gorgeous exhibits and displays that will genuinely take your breath away.

    Atlanta = the ~Hollywood of the South~ because so many movies and shows are shot there. Book a filming location highlight tour or opt for itineraries that cater to specific fandoms, the latter of which would probably appeal to Stranger Things and The Walking Dead devotees.

    Tiny Doors ATL (started by artist Karen Anderson Singer) is an initiative that installs 7-inch doors throughout Atlanta, strategically placing them to encourage exploration throughout the city. They are so fun to find, so fun to photograph, and my only regret is not seeing all 15 of them.

    Make sure you don't 👏 miss 👏 anything 👏 by way of a guided bike tour. Highlights of said tour include stopping at the Victorian Garden Cemetery, Krog Street Tunnel (known for stellar graffiti art), the Jackson Street Bridge, and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

    Books. Coffee. Pastries. Cozy Chairs. It can all be found at Read Shop Atlanta, which is *the* place to relax whilst sipping your morning espresso and chewing on a croissant. Oh! And they also carry Stumptown chocolate cold brew, which is a caffeine fix sure to delight your taste buds.

    Brunch at Buttermilk Kitchen = a stairway to heaven in the form of fried chicken and waffles, vegan cereal bowls, lobster omelettes, and delicious biscuits that actually melt in your mouth. Wash it all down with a ~salty dog~ drink: prosecco mixed with house-squeezed grapefruit juice and lime. Or opt for a mimosa! You can never go wrong with a mimosa.

    For fine dining, please sprint to Lazy Betty. An open kitchen allows diners to see their food being prepared and, while the menu is constantly changing, you can expect to feast on delicacies such as pekin duck, charred Spanish octopus, and blood orange sorbet. *cue stomach grumbling*

    Indulge in a sweet treat at the Inman Park King of Pops window! While we can spend all day talking about which popsicle flavor is best, here's just a sampling of the ones I'd gladly eat every day: coconut chocolate sea salt, blueberry cobbler, blackberry ginger, and grapefruit mint.

    Converted from the historic Sears, Roebuck & Co. building, Ponce City Market serves as a gathering place for delicious food and experiential shops — at Topstitch, for example, you can learn how to sew. Oh! And be sure to head on up to the roof for drinks, games, a massive slide, and unparalleled views of the Atlanta skyline.

    Escape the bustling city by way of the 180-acre Piedmont Park, a huge plot of greenery located right in the center of Atlanta. The park is always hosting fun (and free) events, so be sure to check out their calendar for a detailed list of happenings!

    Joystick Gamebar combines drinks, light bites, and arcade games that only cost one quarter (!!!!) per play. If "divebar" best suits your aesthetic, you've come to the right place.

    To my fellow speakeasy connoisseurs, Red Phone Booth is a must! With an extensive list of craft cocktails and a cigar menu for the ultimate prohibition experience, this nostalgic spot won't leave you disappointed.

    And with that, I bid you goodbye! Enjoy your trip to Atlanta and please enjoy a King of Pops popsicle (or two) in my honor.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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