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    24 Gifts For People Who Love Fishing

    These are guaranteed to be a hit. No de-bait about it.

    1. A three-tray box to organize your tackle. Dare I say, it'll help you tackle every upcoming fishing trip.

    2. A hand stamped lure for the fishing expert you've already lured in with your love.

    3. A powerful, cost-effective spinning reel your wallet won't be ~reeling~ about buying.

    4. And another hand-stamped lure to remind your significant other about what a great catch you are.

    5. A handy dandy multi-tool to help you filet your fish with ease. It even has a built-in sharpener...

    6. A punny t-shirt guaranteed to get a good chuckle out of any fishing pro.

    7. A practical guide for learning how to tie specific knots that'll improve your chances of getting a good catch.

    8. Super-absorbent microfiber towels perfect for cleaning up bait, blood, guts, and everything in between.

    9. A coffee mug designed to replace your current favorite mug. There's nothing to de-bait about.

    10. A spinning reel combo guaranteed to turn you into a professional fishing guru in no time.

    11. An underwater LED light that's like a big "we have free food samples!" sign for fish.

    12. A fishing pole roaster to hold your marshmallow above the campfire. Bonus? You'll be able to easily reel it back in.

    13. A pack of 500 hooks perfect for fresh water AND salt water. The super sharp barbs make it difficult for fish to get away.

    14. An electronic scale to settle all "who caught the bigger fish?" debates. This handy tool will weigh them for you.

    15. A large poster featuring all 900 freshwater fish found in America. It's shore to look great on your wall.

    16. A wide brim hat to protect your noggin on hot, sunny days spent exploring the great outdoors.

    17. Spinnerbaits in bright, vibrant colors sure to attract even the most hard-to-get fish.

    18. An alarm indicator to let you know that — yes — the rod did just move and that — yes — you may have just caught a fish.

    19. An art print so nice, it won't even have to bother fishing for compliments. It'll get them naturally.

    20. A cooler and dryer box to keep your catch cool, calm, and collected. Mostly cool and collected, though.

    21. A practical guide for learning how to catch fish. Think of this book as a school of fish, if you will.

    22. A monthly subscription box that sends supplies straight to your door. You can even customize them for specific fish.

    23. A service spool made from strong, abrasion-resistant materials that'll hold up over time.

    24. A rose pink rod and reel combo so pretty, maybe I'll start a "dream fishing trip" Pinterest board.

    Me, every single time I go fishing with my dad.

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