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    22 "Get Well Soon" Gifts That'll Bring A Smile To Their Face

    Fun little pick-me-ups guaranteed to put a smile on their face. (READ: hand-crafted brownie pops.)

    1. A gift box filled with a booklet and plush sloth to help the recipient "hang in there".

    the sloth box

    2. A greeting card for the friend who appreciates the good things in life. Puns, to be specific. This card is really just the bees knees, isn't it?

     the get well soon card

    3. A huge teddy bear reminiscent of the ones you've tried to win at street fairs and carnivals.

    the teddy bear

    4. An interactive journal that encourages writers to take a a few moments every day to self-reflect. Sometimes, we need to remember to just take a deep breath.

    5. A rose and sunflower bouquet because I DO NOT CARE if flowers are a basic "get well soon" gift. I would still want the damn flowers, okay?

    the flower bouquet in a glass vase

    6. OR! Gorgeous pink tulips cut the day before delivery AKA they will be super fresh upon arrival and won't wilt in a matter of 11 seconds.

    the pink tulips

    7. A basket from Gift Tree (they deliver a wide range of gorgeous, reusable ones). We're talking baskets filled with everything from fresh fruit and chocolates to gourmet tea and skincare products.

    8. Fluffy suede slippers to give the gift of pure comfort and joy. Dear toesies, you are so welcome.

    9. OR! Incredibly fuzzy socks because having cold feet — and not the metaphorical, nervous kind — is a serious struggle.

    the socks in purple, blue, yellow, and pink

    10. A balloon bouquet that is hand arranged and delivered. PLUS! You have the option of adding chocolates or teddy bears to each bundle.

    the balloon bouquet

    11. A gift box filled with 100% natural, chemical-free, handmade "me time" products. This can turn someone's home into a much-needed spa day.

    a get well soon kit

    12. A coloring book inspired by the movie roles of the great Bill Murray (for example, Moonrise Kingdom, Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation, etc.)!

    the coloring book

    13. And of course, ultra-smooth colored pencils to go along with the above Bill Murray book. Or for doodling! I love a good doodle.

    14. A varie~tea~ of tea bags because there is nothing worse than drinking the same cup of chamomile over and over again until you feel better.

    the variety of tea packs

    15. A body pillow to make the doctor's orders of "TAKE IT EASY AND REST!" as comfy as possible. This thing makes it feel like you're constantly being hugged.

    model holding the pillow

    16. An all-natural soy candle available in 55 (!!!!) different scents. This baby has a burn time of 55+ hours, as well!

    the candle

    17. A gift assortment of Popbar hot chocolate sticks that'll upgrade their favorite winter beverage and holiday tradition into something slightly more luxe than Swiss Miss (no shade to Swiss Miss). It's not the iconic cup they get at Bryant Park every year, but it's close.

    the Popbar hot chocolate sticks

    18. A travel-inspired Paint by Sticker book to unleash their inner artist (in a way that doesn't require expensive canvases, messy paint, and — no offense — real artistic skill). This book contains foolproof templates that let them recreate Deco portraits inspired by Venice, Monaco, Moscow, and more. Add a bottle of wine and it's the perfect booze-and-art class.

    19. A delicious macaron available in variety packs *and* individual flavors, of which there are a ton: think colorful circles inspired by animal crackers, birthday cake, cookie butter, honey lavender, and more.

    reviewer holding up macaroon

    20. A three-tiered tabletop fountain for some extra rest and relaxation. A warm glow makes for a cozy environment, plus this mimics the ~tranquility~ that is the sound of flowing water.

    reviewer photo of the fountain with running water

    21. A pair of wireless sleep headphones for anyone who can't fall asleep in less-than-perfect conditions. This plays a steady ~stream~ of white noise or music of their choice in soft headband form, which means even side sleepers won't have to wake up with sore ears.

    A model sleeping with the headphone band around her ears

    22. A 60-sheet customized journal that looks super expensive, but in reality costs less than a New York City lunch. Luxe personalized items + an affordable price tag = the perfect thoughtful gift.

    the customized journal

    You, arriving to your flu-ridden BFF's house with balloons and get well soon chocolates like: