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    41 Genius Products That'll Help Fix Small (But Annoying) Problems

    We just want our homemade bread to stay fresh for a little longer.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lint remover capable of picking up every speck of dust, dirt, and pet hair plastered onto your furniture. Bliss = being able to sit on your couch with peace of mind knowing you won't be entirely covered in fur.

    2. As Seen On TV storage bags perfect for bulk purchases: These reusable babies keep food fresh for a longer period of time, meaning everything from bananas and strawberries to asparagus and romaine will stay ripe for up to nine additional days.

    3. Miracle-Gro food spikes you'll appreciate if you love plants, but a) weren't blessed with the advantage of a green thumb, and b) laziness is one of your defining features. These slowly release micronutrients into soil for up to two months, thus allowing indoor plants to thrive.

    4. A FlexiSnake millipede not meant for the faint of heart. Use this to easily de-clog every drain in your home, but prepare for the horror you'll experience as you dig up about one million pounds of hair and built-up gunk.

    5. An ingenious scrap collector with a wire rim that easily attaches to the edge of your countertop. Consider post-cooking clean-up a true breeze — simply scrape those potato peels and random morsels of rice right into this silicone bin.

    6. Reusable bamboo towels that are great at wiping up spills, saving you a ton of $$$ (they last for up to six months and can be thrown in the wash when dirty), and cutting down on waste because you won't have to purchase more paper. So in other words, a total win.

    7. A portable paw cleaner for when your good boy has decided to wander into the muddiest field on planet earth before trotting all over your freshly-washed living room floors. Just add a little water, put each paw inside to be scrubbed by the silicone bristles, and that's it! Clean paws within seconds.

    8. A leak-proof champagne stopper that will keep your favorite beverage as fizzy as the day it was popped. This built-in pressure pump preserves bubbles and therefore preserves champagne, meaning the entire bottle need not be finished on the day it was opened. Now without further ado, can I get a mimosa please?

    9. A double dipper clip guaranteed to become their favorite car accessory — that's right, presenting a handy vent clip to keep their favorite sauce within reach (READ: no more spilt ketchup on leather seats).

    10. An overflow drain cover for the Lush bath bomb aficionado who has yet to own a luxurious tub. You'll get that clawfoot one day, but for now? This nifty cover will add extra inches of water to your soak.

    11. Anti-vibration pads to prevent your floor from shaking whenever you do something responsible (I.e. actually do your laundry). Plus, this provides anti-skid protection which mean your washing machine won't budge when you slam its door with vengeance.

    12. An over-the-sink drying rack for my fellow city dwellers who understand the struggle of limited countertop space. This hunk of collapsible silicone-coated stainless steel can store everything from pans to cutlery up to 50 lbs, but can easily be folded up and stored away when not in use.

    13. A non-abrasive Bar Keepers Friend cleansing and polishing powder that will destroy years of icky build-up on all of your porcelain, copper, glass, tile, stainless steel, plastic, and brass. Time to grab your cookware set, folks, because the "after" photos are about to get GOOD.

    14. A rechargeable personal blender great for anyone with limited storage space *and* minimum patience when it comes to breakfast. Simply dump in your favorite ingredients, press the blend button, and BAM! A delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie is yours in seconds.

    15. A tiered tray, because we'd *like* one of those fancy knife blocks but — alas — we haven't got the space. This space-efficient organizer will keep knives in place and help maintain their sharpness.

    16. A four-sided cleaning brush to give your favorite suede booties some serious TLC (and make 'em looking brand new). This magical tool helps annoying scuff marks and salt stains all but vanish into thin air.

    17. A genius Invisibobble that will keep your mane out of your face but won't cause any dents, meaning you’ll be able to take your hair out of your pony and the 45 minutes spent straightening won't have gone to waste.

    18. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets to quickly remove all that funky, gross, probably-starting-to-smell build-up in your favorite water bottle. These are biodegradable, chlorine-free, and require absolutely NO effort or scrubbing.

    19. A dryer vent cleaning system because YES, that vent needs to be cleaned once in a while. Clogged vents = longer drying times = higher utility bills = less money in your bank account to put toward, say, food delivery.

    20. A no-tie lacing system that is durable, adjustable, and conforms to your foot for a personalized feel. If you're sick of messy laces that come untied after exactly three steps, presenting the ultimate foolproof solution.

    21. An adjustable duster brush great for air conditioners, fans, and window blinds because YES, those need to be cleaned on occasion (the amount of dust that can accumulate there is *cough* genuinely disgusting).

    22. A 3-in-1 OXO avocado slicer that can pit, split, and slice avocados like there's no tomorrow. I guess you can say that this time-saving tool truly ~guacs~ at turning your avocado toast breakfast dreams into a reality.

    23. Arm & Hammer moisture absorbers here to keep musty scents at bay in your closet. These hanging bags combine chloride crystals and baking soda to neutralize odors and keep your clothes smelling fresh for a longer period of time — meaning that sweater you washed three months ago will still smell as if it was freshly-plucked from the dryer.

    24. A naturally anti-microbial linen bag that will keep bread fresh for a longer period of time. For an easy way to extend the shelf life of your favorite paired-with-butter food, you'll want to ba-get this immediately.

    25. Food grade mineral oil, because your trusty cutting board could truly use a little (or a lot of) TLC. This odorless formula helps restore and protect wood and bamboo surfaces, plus gives it a good deep clean.

    26. A leather hole puncher to customize the fit of your belts and bags because a) a bag that’s too long will flop around your hips and feel uncomfortable, and b) a belt that does not properly fit will sometimes just hang there between one belt loop and the next. In short, invest in this hole puncher. It is truly worth it.

    27. A wire basket ideal for tiny, amoeba-sized closets. This provides extra storage for clothes and accessories, meaning no more stuffing scarves and beanies into already-packed drawers because you don't know where else to put 'em.

    28. A dishwasher-safe handheld scraper that will get all the burnt-up food crisps permanently off your very expensive cookware set. (This handy gadget is also great at removing gum and stickers, because we love a product that boasts versatility.)

    29. Drop Stop car gap fillers (as seen on Shark Tank!) with all of your late-night McDonald's runs in mind. French fries falling into the abyss that is the cracks in your seat? No longer a problem with this genius neoprene invention.

    30. An OXO peeler that I'm surprised my orthodontist never recommended because, frankly, this would have felt miraculous during my braces years. I sigh when I think of all the corn on the cob I could have eaten.

    31. A Conair fabric defuzzer here to quickly get rid of accumulated lint and pilling. Have you already washed and worn this top 98 times? Maybe, but it'll at least *look* brand spankin' new.

    32. A Cuisinart salad spinner that can be used for salad, sure. But it can *also* be used to "hand wash" your delicates, extend the life of your underwire, and prevent your most expensive pieces of clothing from shrinking, losing their color, or just getting straight ruined when you try to launder it.

    33. A mini skillet large enough to make your favorite meal, but small enough to easily store in even the most cramped kitchens. Plus, this won't take up your entire sink when you don't feel like rinsing it right away (always a mood).

    34. A bedside caddy because your nightstand is slightly too far, it's a mess containing coffee mugs and random scraps of paper, and you have no idea where the remote is. This convenient storage solution ensures that your nighttime essentials are actually within arm's reach.

    35. A repair kit for all the jeans, purses, and jackets in your wardrobe that have been cursed with faulty zippers. This set comes with everything you need to fix 'em; 11 replacement sliders, six top stops, and four bottom stops in different colors to ensure everything matches.

    36. Goody hair pins to give you that perfect ballerina bun in a jiffy because just one pin can do the work of up to *20* hair pins. How does it work, you ask? Just secure your hair into a ponytail, pull it into a super tight bun, spin the pins into place, and that's it! That up-do is done.

    37. A shoe cleaning kit for when the time has come to take your kicks and give them a good scrub-a-dub-dub. This duo takes your saddest sneakers from grossly dirty to sparkling new with just a few seconds of gentle polishing, saving you a ton of money that you would have otherwise spent on a new pair.

    38. A toothpaste holder complete with a toothpaste squeezer to make sure you get every last minty drop trapped in that damn tube. (One reviewer even describes this as ingenious and TBH, they are not wrong.)

    39. A batter dispenser that will turn the mess of baking (READ: take a moment to picture all the cupcake mix droplets scattered around your kitchen counter) into a much easier process. Simply pour in the batter, squeeze the lever, and all of your baking mixes (everything from pancake and brownie to to crepe and muffin) will have been dispensed in a pinch.

    40. Battery-operated LED lights perfect for those basement stairs that lead into your laundry room, which doubles as a dark abyss that's possibly the home of a ghost. These puppies are equipped with motion sensors — meaning they'll turn on the second your toe hits the ground. (Every family starring in a horror movie needs these installed ASAP.)

    41. A metal container to store your most troublesome kitchen necessity: container lids. This three compartment organizer keeps them all stacked in one neat place, which means no more opening a cupboard to be attacked by a million little pieces of plastic.

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