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    24 Places From "Emily In Paris" To Add To Your Parisian Itinerary

    Yes, hi, hello, bonjour, is Savoir hiring?

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies as you're planning any future trips.

    If becoming a PR wiz who traipses through cobblestone streets with a pain au chocolat in hand is your dream... welcome to the club. Emily in Paris is the best thing to grace our laptop screens in years, and we said what we said.

    1. La Boulangerie Moderne

    La Boulangerie Moderne

    2. Palais-Royal Garden

    Palais-Royal Garden

    3. Le Flore en l'Île

    scene from Emily in Paris

    4. Café de l'Homme

    emily in front of the eiffel tower

    5. Pont Alexandre III

    Pont Alexandre III

    6. Faust

    scene from the show

    7. Palais Royal Restaurant

    Palais Royal Restaurant

    8. Hotel du Grand Veneur

    a scene from the art gallery

    9. Le Grand Véfour

    Le Grand Véfour

    10. Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

    the scene from the show

    11. L'Atelier des Lumières

    Emily and Gabriel at the installation

    12. Hôtel d'Evreux - Potel et Chabot

    scene from the show

    13. Moulin Rouge

    Moulin Rouge

    14. Carousel of the Eiffel Tower

    Carousel of the Eiffel Tower

    15. Colonnes de Buren/Les Deux Plateaux

    Colonnes de Buren

    16. Rue de l'Abreuvoir

    Rue de l'Abreuvoir

    17. Café de Flore

    the cafe

    18. Lulu La Nantaise

    the restaurant

    19. Palais Garnier

    Emily at the opera house

    20. The Pavillons of Bercy - Museum of Fairground Arts

    scene from the party

    21. Hôtel Plaza Athénée

    the hotel room with the Eiffel tower view

    22. Château de Sonnay

    the house

    23. Ralph's Paris

    the restaurant

    24. Monnaie de Paris

    the fashion show scene

    Us after watching Emily in Paris: