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    35 Easy Ways To Throw Yourself An At-Home Spa Day

    Frankie says relax.

    1. First, set the mood with the right background noise. Spotify has awesome ~calming playlists~ that range from classical piano solos to the sound of rain, or you can head on over to YouTube and listen to an hour of calming rainforest sounds. The options are truly endless here.

    Spotify playlist labeled "rain sounds"

    2. You can also opt for a sound machine to totally drown out honking cars and screaming matches (aka, the inevitable background music that comes with being a city-dweller). This option fits compactly on your nightstand, has great volume control, and offers 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noises.

    hand-sized white sound machine

    3. Make like a couple's spa day by following these surprisingly easy massage techniques — nothing like a few trapezius pulls to finally rid your back of those pesky knot(s).

    4. If you lack the patience required for the above (or your hands are prone to cramping), I hear you loud and clear: so does this portable massage ball. This provides 360-degree rotation and is comfortable to hold, which means giving your partner (or yourself) a massage will have never been so easy.

    reviewer holding blue massager

    5. It’s okay that you don’t have a clawfoot tub at the moment — you’ll get there one day. For now, rely on a tub stopper that allows for a deeper soak by allowing extra inches of water! Pair it with a cupholder caddy for your glass of vino, and voila. Ultimate relaxation is yours.

    6. Eucalyptus is known for its ultra relaxing scent, so adding a eucalyptus bundle to your shower is an easy (and foolproof) way to add a bit of aromatherapy to an otherwise boring ritual. This one is even wrapped with natural twine so you can easily hang it from your shower head.

    twine-wrapped eucalyptus hanging from shower head

    7. Follow along with John Davisi (a mindfulness life coach, teacher, and speaker) for a 10-minute guided meditation that may help ease anxiety and allow you to unwind.

    illustration of person sitting cross-legged labeled "10-minute meditation"

    8. Scalp massages = surprisingly easy. Add a silicone brush whilst shampooing for a more thorough cleaning (it's said this leads to speedier hair growth) or go for a Kikkerland copper massager if your hair is already dry; both methods are said to improve circulation.

    9. A tried-and-true aromatherapy ritual: Light a damn candle. This Maison La Bougie option uses a wax and perfume oil blend of ylang-ylang, tuberose, lemon, lavender (mmm relaxation), jasmine, and cyclamen that smells delightful. Plus, you'll totally want to upcycle this packaging.

    candle with image of cacti against pink wall labeled "Maison La Bougie cactus"

    10. If you love dim lighting but hate heavy scents, no worries! Simply DIY a citrus peel candle or opt for flameless LED tea lights, the latter of which comes in a pack of 12 and has a battery life of up to 150 hours.

    11. Join Sundays nail studio for at-home manicure class. This nontoxic polish brand is offering virtual courses that cover everything from basic upkeep and gel removal to nail art and hand care. *looks at cuticles* *signs up immediately*

    hand holding light purple nail polish bottle

    12. If gel manicures are your jam, the time may have come for you to *gulp* finally attempt one yourself. You'll need to adopt a few supplies first: We suggest a Sally Hansen gel polish that costs $5+ and is loved by 1,000+ reviewers, plus a UV light (on the expensive side at $63.99, but totally worth it considering how pricey gel manis can be).

    13. Make like a high school sleepover and DIY your own face mask using stuff that's already in your kitchen. Be sure to focus on formulas that tackle your specific skin concerns: For example, canned pumpkin + brown sugar + vitamin E oil = great for soothing red, blotchy skin.

    four clear containers containing green, orange, light brown, and dark brown liquid

    14. Perform your own expensive peel at home — for less than $8! The Ordinary peeling solution is packed with quality ingredients (think glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid) to remedy your biggest skincare concerns: acne and excess oil. The time to break up with breakouts has arrived, my friends.

    on the left, former BuzzFeed Writer Jamé Jackson  with more oily skin labeled "how oily I used to get" and on the right, Jamé with matte skin labeled "how oily I get now"

    15. The phrase "spa day" is synonymous with infused water, and I refuse to hear otherwise. A fruit-infused pitcher allows you to easily throw in ingredients like lemon, cucumber, blueberry, lime, and more to make your H2O feel way fancier.

    clear water pitcher with cover filled with berries and ice

    16. Prefer a hot beverage? Try one of these nine calming tea recipes instead: We're talking hibiscus lattes, allergy relief blends with peppermint and nettle, or a cinnamon chai sleepy time milk.

    17. Everyone loves to rag on underwire. I love to rag on underwire. It hurts. But if your breast friends want some support without having to compromise comfort, this seamless T-back bralette feels like a second skin and imitates the feeling of going bra-less.

    18. For skin smoother than that of a baby seal, it's time to enlist the help of Cirepil hard wax — reviewers claim it's actually less painful than other soft waxes on the market. Just prep your skin with a bit of oil, apply the wax, wait for it to dry, and quickly pull it off like a bandage. Huzzah! Each hair will have been taken out from the root.

    a reviewer's leg with fine hair on the left, the same leg with blue wax in the center, the same leg with no hair on the right

    19. Bring dry tresses back from the dead with this Neutrogena weekly treatment, a mask that combines olive, meadowfoam, and sweet almond extracts to nourish over-processed hair and give it a much-needed deep conditioning.

    hand holding plastic tub with orange cap labeled "Neutrogena triple moisture deep hair recovery mask"

    20. Exfoliate sensitive skin with gentle ingredients like papaya and pineapple enzymes found in this Bliss jelly peel exfoliator, which lift away dead skin cells to reveal a canvas smoother than any baby's bottom. Talk about leaving only the good stuff ~behind~, eh?

    21. A relaxing soak doesn't *feel* so relaxing when you have to rest your head on straight porcelain. The solution? A two-paneled, padded foam pillow with ultra-strong suction cups that will actually stick to your tub.

    white two-paneled pillow on tub

    22. Oh, let's discuss your uniform: a teddy bear robe and plush slippers. That's it. I feel relaxed just looking at the product photos.

    23. ~Treat~ yourself to a delicious treat and whip up these dairy-free lavender lemon scones in advance. The recipe takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and is best served with a cup of hot tea. Please excuse the growling of my stomach.

    five lavender lemon scones on purple towel

    24. Massage a blend of jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, vitamin a, vitamin e, and tea tree oil into your nails and cuticles with this vanilla-scented Kiss nail pen. This is step one in kicking hang nails and mauled cuticles to the curb.

    25. Presenting an easy way to groom your brows if you're done with the pains of plucking and expense of waxing: the Schick dermaplaning razor. This gentle tool rids stray hairs and unwanted peach fuzz, all while removing the dead skin build-up complexion on your complexion.

    on the left, reviewer with stray hairs around eyebrows and lip and on the right, same reviewer with noticeably less hair

    26. If you have yet to uncover the sheer *bliss* that is a jade roller, there is no time like the present. Aesthetics aside, it promotes lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, and increases the effectiveness of all your skincare products — plus, it's basically a facial massage!? One can't go wrong.

    27. Elevating your Netflix binge is as easy as one-two-spritz! This plant-based This Works pillow mist is infused with lavender, vetivert, and chamomile to really help you unwind and forget about *all* of those unnecessary emails you had to respond to this week.

    hand holding white bottle labeled "deep sleep pillow spray"

    28. DIY a ~mermaid bath bomb~ for a pastel soak that is so relaxing, you may even forget to 'gram it. If you share in my lack of patience for DIY activities, these black bath and rainbow-shaped options are equally as fun.

    29. Add extra exfoliation to your daily cleanser via a Grace & Stella spin brush. This waterproof, rechargeable brush ~spins~ away dead skin cells and removes all the built-up gunk trapped in your pores — the kind you wouldn't be able to get rid of with just your hands.

    model using the white facial brush

    30. Nip brassiness in the bud with a cult-favorite Fanola purple shampoo. The violet pigment in this formula works to wash away unwanted yellow in your 'do, meaning you can extend the time between salon visits meaning you can SAVE A TON OF MONEY. Easy + affordable? Someone pinch me.

    three photos of reviewer hair showing the loss of brassiness from left to right

    31. Combine 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of walnut oil, 5 drops of vanilla essential oil, and one-half cup of dried rose petals. Mix it all up! Store it in a jar with a seal-tight lid! And voila! You've got yourself a fancy body scrub. *contemplates opening an Etsy shop*

    32. Ditch your phone and delve into a book of poetry instead. Reach for The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, which chronicles love in all forms: from the very worst to the very best. Prepare to highlight your favorite passages and reread them about, oh, a hundred million times while lying in bed all damn day.

    page from book

    33. Conquer Korean beauty rituals with *takes deep breath* this 10-step routine. Sounds excessive! I know! But it's easy to follow and tackles everything from dullness (cc: Cosrx snail mucin essence) to acne (and hello to you too, Mediheal tea tree sheet mask).

    pink chart labeled "The Korean Skincare Routine"

    I mean, what do we love? Results.

    side-by-side photos of BuzzFeed Editor Essence Gant labeled "Week 4 (no makeup, just brows + liner + mascara + gloss)"

    34. Whip up your own wellness shots! These recipes aid in everything from hangovers to calming inflammation and, along with infused water (cc: #15), no drink screams "spa day" quite like a turmeric, cayenne, black pepper, orange juice, and lemon juice elixir.

    35. Detox your scalp with Act+Acre oil treatment, because the amount of built-up dry shampoo that has become permanently lodged in your scalp = yuck. This cold-processed blend of moringa oil, basil leaf, amaranth oil, and baobab oil will remove impurities while promoting faster hair growth, reversing UV damage, and delivering some much-needed, non-greasy moisture that your mane will thank you for.

    hand holding grey plastic bottle with white nozzle labeled "Act + Acre cold processed scalp detox"

    Me, on my way to do yet another face mask:

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    blue illustrated gift boxes

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