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    17 Dresses If You're Lazy But Still Want To Look Put-Together

    Without a modicum of effort.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A V-neck embroidered maxi I'd like to wear on a bike ride through the Italian countryside. That probably won't be happening anytime soon but I'm going to add this to my shopping cart in the name of hope.

    2. An off-shoulder maxi dress designed with the phrase wardrobe staple, the kind of number you can wear to weddings and birthday dinners *or* for a stroll along a beach boardwalk.

    3. A square-neck maxi available in a variety of hues, meaning, unfortunately, you won't be able to choose just one. The choice between lime green and red will feel all but agonizing, so take my advice: simply buy 'em all.

    reviewer wearing the pink dress

    4. A striped cap sleeve midi meant for frolicking in gardens ripe with tomatoes, tulips, lots of citrus, and potentially forest animals. I highly recommend wearing this in your studio apartment to trick yourself into the idea that your life is "cottagecore." It hurts.

    reviewer wearing striped midi dress

    5. An off-the-shoulder midi with puffed sleeves and a smocked bust for frolicking through vineyards in an ethereal "I was a fairy in a past life" kind of way. This is an easy one-and-done outfit that requires less effort than matching a top to your favorite leggings. Plus, the breezy material will feel lovely against your skin.

    6. A tiered maxi that has the word "layering" down to a science. Leather motos, denim jackets, plaid button-downs — the outerwear world is your oyster when combined with the neutral dress below.

    7. A maxi dress featuring the crème de la crème of fashion designs: pockets. Throw in super soft fabric and you've got yourself a recipe for perfection.

    8. A puff sleeve baby doll dress meant to be worn to the most glamorous event of your week, aka drinking pre-made mimosas from pitchers and eating fried chicken and waffles with your pals.

    reviewer wearing the dress

    9. A V-neck maxi dress for an easy, breezy, ~doesn't require pants~ outfit you'll want to slip on for every occasion. This is comfy enough to lounge in, stylish enough to picnic in. Cue Hannah Montana because 'tis the best of both worlds.

    reviewer wearing maxi dress in black

    10. A skintight maxi reviewers swear is an affordable alternative to *that* celeb-owned brand with *that* particular floor-length dress that is consistently out of stock.

    reviewer wearing the dress

    11. An off-shoulder maxi that had me humming the intro of The Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe In Magic?" as soon as I laid my peepers on it. That smocking! The mid-thigh slit! I officially believe in the existence of sorcery.

    12. A maxi shirtdress crafted from a blissfully lightweight material for those days in which the thermometer reads at Sweating-Profusely degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to look cute as heck without having to suffocate your sweat glands.

    13. A pleated midi dress that can truly fall anywhere in the fancy-to-casual spectrum depending on the accessories you decide to fish out of your closet. Pair it with sneaks for date night, heels for that small wedding ceremony, tomayto, tomahto, you'll look fabulous.

    reviewer wearing the green belted dress

    14. A puff sleeve midi reviewers describe as a total compliment magnet. The best part? It's perfect for any shoe, from sneakers to stilettos.

    15. A maxi dress that you'll wear with alarming frequency (think: every. single. day.) due to its lightweight material, versatile design, *and* the fact that it has pockets.

    reviewer wearing the dress in black

    16. A high-neck bodycon dress available in neutral colors that are perfect for daily wear, plus you can choose between three sleeve options: long, cap, or sleeveless. The latter is wonderful if you're feeling ready to let it all ~air out.~

    17. A bodycon pencil dress that looks so. damn. chic. And while the importance of owning the perfect LBD is no secret, it's likely you've had the same one for...decades (#guilty). I believe it's time we both level up.

    reviewer wearing the black midi dress

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