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    39 Comfy Pieces Of Clothing If You're Actually *Gasp* Sick Of Leggings

    Never thought I'd be saying "I hate leggings" but here we are.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A floral print romper if you love the look of dresses but are terrified of sudden gusts of wind. This give you the silhouette of a short mini *but* the flowy shorts mean you can cartwheel in public without panic. *attempts a cartwheel at 26* *is in pain for a week straight*

    reviewer wearing a green floral romper

    2. An off-shoulder maxi dress designed with the phrase wardrobe staple on its lips, the kind of number you can wear to weddings and birthday dinners *or* for a stroll along a beach boardwalk.

    3. A racerback tank that has most likely been blessed by a fairy godmother, because this takes your basic cami and goes *poof*. An instantly chic upgrade is yours for the taking due this high-neck silhouette, perfect for denim shorts.

    Model wearing the brown top

    4. Medium-weight ankle pants that laugh in the face of business casual's past with a cinched waist, wide-leg silhouette. Translation: These are comparable to leggings in comfort but still allow you to retire those black slacks. *shudders at the thought of wearing them*

    model wearing the navy blue slacks

    5. A swanky spaghetti strap cami likely the muse behind Rihanna crooning ~where have you been all my life~. If you've thrown your entire wardrobe onto the ground in pursuit of a decent top, this bb is here to save the day because at long last — a perfectly versatile dressy top is now yours.

    6. A ruffle hem romper capable of making you swoon every time you pass a mirror. Ideal for casual and fancy affairs alike, this is bound to become your new favorite warm weather piece.

    reviewer wearing the white and pink floral romper

    7. A tank top dubbed the ~sherbert~ due to its delicious color scheme that rivals even the sweetest of Baskin Robbins pints. Designed with adjustable tie straps and an elastic band back, rest assured you'll feel comfortable for that Insta shoot due to the glove-like fit.

    model wearing sherbet inspired top

    8. High-waisted shorts designed with an elastic waist that means ::les gasp:: you'll actually be able to exhale without feeling cold metal dig into your belly button. These comfy hunks of denim mold to your curves perfectly for a glove-like fit.

    9. A smocked wide-leg jumpsuit crafted with a sustainable linen blend that won't leave you profusely sweating after a five minute stroll. Chic clothing that is breathable during warm weather humidity = a gift from the gods.

    model wearing the linen jumpsuit

    10. A midi skirt voted most likely to be worn by royalty. A delicious gold satin fabric coupled with a mid-thigh slit? I'm salivating. This is basically champagne and caviar converted into clothing form.

    11. A spaghetti strap sundress because in the year that won't be named (*ahem* literally the one we are living in now), the impossible has happened: we've gotten sick of leggings. This simple number provides all the comfort from our once beloved staple but looks far more put-together.

    reviewer wearing the navy blue dress

    12. A floral maxi skirt I demand to be wearing on vacation at an all inclusive resort in Mexico and yet here I am, typing away on my laptop from a very small apartment that gets little-to-no natural light. The world is cruel.

    model wearing white maxi skirt with floral design

    13. An off-shoulder jumpsuit because in the year that won't be named (*ahem* literally the one we are living in now), the impossible has happened: we've gotten sick of leggings. This simple number provides all the comfort from our once beloved staple but looks far more put-together.

    14. Seamless biker shorts for anyone who *does* want to break up with their leggings but, like, only for a season. These high-rise babies allows your limbs some fresh air and are crafted with a compressive fabric that won't expose the color of your undies.

    model wearing taupe biker shorts

    15. Vibrant skinny jeans voted most likely to star in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. These stretchy hunks of denim are praised by 5,000+ reviewers for comfort, versatility, and glove-like fit — plus, these are *truly* high-waisted. None of that fake "high rise" nonsense where you feel like your underwear is constantly on the brink of being exposed.

    16. A chic V-neck romper that'll have you thinking hark the herald because angels do sing — the front is self tying and adjustable, ergo you can tailor this for a customized fit.

    reviewer wearing the black cutout romper

    17. A lantern sleeve mini voted most likely to be worn by royalty because yes, absolutely, a Disney Princess would wear the below if their kingdoms were real and thriving in 2021.

    18. Elastic waist faux leather shorts that look so. damn. chic. Mama loves comfy clothes that fool the masses into thinking I'm trendy (mama in this context = me), and these provide just that.

    reviewer wearing the black faux leather shorts

    19. A waffle knit set to sweeten cozy weekends spent scouring Netflix for yet another true crime docu-series. Forensic Files coupled with hot coffee, some snacks, and this comfy hunk of loungewear? My definition of bliss.

    20. A surplice dress available in solid colors and a snazzy leopard print, the latter of which I personally intend on purchasing in preparation for my eventual Disney vacay (inspired by the below reviewer).

    a reviewer in a cheetah print dress at disney world

    21. High-waisted bell bottoms because in the year of TikTok, it's been made abundantly clear that the time has finally arrived to retire ankle-hugging denim. Reviewers swear these babies are stretchy, comfy, and look fantastic on ye old 🍑.

    22. A sleeveless T-shirt dress to replace the leggings you've been wearing since, oh, last October. This equally comfortable option won't retain humidity and allows your limbs to feel some breeze.

    reviewer wearing black sleeveless dress

    23. A calf-length A-line dress so lovely, I actually gasped aloud and stopped scrolling. I do not pretend to understand the meaning of / live my life to the "cottagecore" aesthetic but, oh my word, this has me contemplating a life filled with forest animals and hand-picked berries.

    model wearing white dress with floral prints

    24. Baggy overalls (with pockets!) for anyone who detests having to scrounge up a matching top and bottom, plus wants to look peak Instagram-worthy in their loungewear — all you'll have to do is slip this on over a bralette *or* a sleeved tee.

    reviewer wearing the black jumpsuit

    25. A ruffled V-neck mini you'll find yourself gravitating toward for any occasion. It all lies in the power of shoe choice: Pair this with heels for tasting course dinners in which you leave starving, and sneakers for that ~aesthetic~ coffee shop you found on Instagram.

    26. A stretchy crewneck mini for a spring- and summer-approved extension of your favorite tee (although you can wear it any season with the right layers, tbh). Raise your hand if you're ready to ditch the WFH joggers and give your shins a chance to breathe.

    reviewer wearing the black dress with sneakers

    27. Elastic waistband shorts that are a hot weather staple if I ever did lay my peepers on one. The quality linen fabric ensures your thighs won't be slick with sweat, plus they look super casual chic to boot.

    model wearing the nude linen shorts

    28. A bodycon mini that looks perfectly lovely on its own or layered over a sleeved tee and tights for a full 365 days of wear. And if you're not wild about the Cher Horowitz vibes, rest assured that there are a ton of other colors and prints available.

    29. A high-neck bodycon dress available in neutral colors that are perfect for daily wear, plus you can choose between three sleeve options: long, cap, or sleeveless. The latter is wonderful if you're feeling ready to let it all ~air out~.

    reviewer wearing olive green high-neck dress

    30. Lightweight bottoms dubbed the ~fancy pants~ which, wow, yes. These are elegant, comfortable, and the perfect thing to slip on when you're in a time crunch but want to look put-together.

    31. A striped cap sleeve midi meant for frolicking in gardens ripe with tomatoes, tulips, lots of citrus, and potentially forest animals. I highly recommend wearing this in your studio apartment to trick yourself into the idea that your life is "cottagecore." It hurts.

    reviewer wearing striped midi dress

    32. A longline padded tank that reaps the versatility of a tank with the sweet, sweet support of underwire thanks to a body-hugging fit. TL;DR: going braless will have never felt so secure.

    33. High-waisted jean shorts part of Express' new curvy collection, aka these hunks of denim are cleverly designed as to hug your curves and contour perfectly to your waist. Translation: No more gaping. Throw away your belts in celebration.

    model wearing high-rise denim cutoffs

    34. A shift dress appropriate for literally every. single. thing. you have coming up in the next decade. From socially distanced family gatherings to trips into the office, consider this reliable number the new holy grail of your wardrobe.

    reviewer wearing the blue mini dress

    35. A high-waisted pleated skirt guaranteed to make you feel ~trendier than thou~ strutting to your corner deli. Available in neutral and vibrant hues alike, throw on any simple top to make it look as if you didn't snooze through your alarm this morning.

    reviewer wearing black pleated skirt

    36. A strapless floral maxi that feels like it should come with an all-inclusive resort package because, wow, this is a vacation dress if I ever did see one. Slipping this on will make afternoon Zoom calls feel as if they're taking place somewhere tropical.

    37. A gauzy cotton lounge romper I fully intend on wearing whilst padding around my 400-square foot living room, a sneaky way to trick my mind into thinking I'm yachting in the Mediterranean instead of....working from my couch. Currently adding this to my cart in anticipation of an eventual vacay.

    model wearing the purple linen romper

    38. A pocketed jersey T-shirt dress purposely designed with a longer hemline, which means your undergarments won't be on the brink of exposure with every sudden gust of wind.

    reviewer wearing the black dress

    39. A flowy tank dress made from a super soft and lightweight material. TL;DR: If you want to feel like you're wear pajamas in public without the likelihood of running into someone you know, consider this your new style soulmate.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.